Treasures of Midriac 1:
Setting the Stage

by Fur and Fantasy
NC-17 for M/Herm, M/F and Kinky M/F, M/Herm, F/M/Herm
R for F/F and M/M
PG-13 for Violence
full contents and notes located at the bottom of the file

"Do you have any questions about our mission?" Master Kiris asked his Padawan as the neared the outer rim world of Midriac.

"I don't think so, Master," the younger Panther said as they watched the approached on board the diplomatic transport. "Not about the mission, at least. It seems simple enough."

"Do you have questions about something else?"

"I'm not entirely sure about the people," he admitted. "Diplomatic missions usually means having to be on your best behavior, and I'm not entirely sure what that is around here, even after reviewing the cultural primer."

"Is there a particular issue that has confused you?" Kiris asked evenly.

"The slave issue, mainly," he admitted. "How you're supposed to act towards them, when you're not supposed to ... that sort of thing."

"Ah, yes," he nodded slightly. "It is a complicated issue. It is best to treat them according to their duties. The Vizier is a cat of great power and rank and should be treated as such. This one is freeborn, but through much of their history, a slave of the Shah or senior prince has held the position. The respect they rate does not change. Servants may be free or slaves, but are not generally spoken too unless you want something or they are doing something wrong."

"So treat them according to rank, rather than status," Fenrik nodded. "And keep my mouth shut if anybody raises the issue of it being right or wrong."

"Yes," Kiris nodded, the fractional tension along his jaw the only hint of just how strongly he felt about the matter. "Particularly that."

"I will, Master," Fenrik nodded. "At least it's not as bad as Hutt space, according to the files."

"No, it is not," he nodded fractionally. "I have met those who have visited Midriac and never realized it is a world where almost a full third of the population is in slavery and clearly on display if you know what to look for. It will not be as straining to look past."

"I understand, Master," Fenrik nodded. "I won't do anything that might affect the mission negatively. What are my duties, at this point?"

"To be a Jedi presence at the talks. We have no specific duties at this time."

"Understood," Fenrik nodded as the engine sounds shifted to the whine of landing. "I wasn't sure if we had instructions beyond that."

"Not as of yet," Master Kiris said and lifted his hood to maximize the Jedi mystique that was critical to this mission. "Come Padawan, it is time to join the diplomats."

"Yes Master," Fenrik nodded easily, raising his own hood and following to stand almost invisibly during the talks, a silent but potent reminder that this was not just your average trade agreement to the Republic.

"Master Kiris," a tall Tiger dressed in the uniform of a Republic diplomat said respectfully, inclining his head.

"Baron Wynn," he returned the brief greeting, one that hardly let on they actually knew each other, much less than the Baron has requested this particular Jedi for the mission.

Fenrik waited quietly behind his Master as the transport touched down, easily slipping into the barely seen and not heard mode that was his standard even when they were there as negotiators and not simply protection.

"Let's hope this stays simple," the Baron said quietly as the airlocks hissed and started to open, a platform extending to the landing pad and the gaudily dressed party of local Tigers and Panthers gathered to welcome them.

"Indeed," Master Kiris agreed quietly enough that their hosts would not hear. Baron Wynn stepped out first with his small team of three assistants, the Jedi leaving the ship last, all their senses alert for trouble.

Fenrik was deeply aware of the status this group had; they weren't local rulers or people of rank, they were the power of Midriac. It was like a member of the Council or one of the Chancellor's direct aides being with them. Everything in their manner and bearing practically screamed that they were nobles of the highest order.

Yet for all that inherent rank and status, they were extremely polite and gracious and the hospitality they offered even the 'lowly' Jedi was not the least bit grudgingly given. They were proud to invite these strangers into their grand palace home and very honest when they said that all that was theirs was at their visitor's disposal.

Fenrik had to admit; it was definitely impressive. The garb, the architecture, the artwork... he wouldn't say it was unique, but it was definitely on a par with the architecture of Coruscant, or even the Senate building itself.

Eventually, they made their way to the Shah's palace, easily a match for any building the young Panther had seen before. It wasn't as large as the Temple or Senate building, but it was clearly a masterpiece of design.

Once they were inside, he became increasingly conscious of the ostentatious, almost gaudy decorations. Bright colors, silks, jewelry... for somebody who had grown up surrounded by simple robes and decorations, it was a little unsettling, though he didn't show his internal response.

Eventually he was led to his own rooms, next to Master Kiris'. He had few doubts that they were 'small', but the only part of the grand suite of rooms, any one of them larger than most homes he knew, that wasn't uncomfortably luxuriant was the incredible view of the palace gardens out the windows and carved stone balcony.

"Your bath is ready, Master." A soft feminine voice spoke shortly after he sensed her enter the room, smelling of sweet oils and steam.

"Bath?" He asked, turning to the attractive feline of indeterminate heritage a few years older than him. "Thank you," he said politely, nodding towards her and standing as she waited politely, her manner submissive. The corner of his eye caught the steel ring hanging from the center of her ornate choker that marked her as a slave. Even so it was hard to miss that she was content in her life here.

He started into the bathroom, trying not to think about her status, or ask himself how she could be content with it. It really wasn't something he needed to get himself wound up in right now. He was almost ready to drop his outer robe when he realized she had not only followed him in, but was already letting her rather skimpy silken outfit fall to the ground.

It certainly gave him something else to think about as he watched her precede him into the bath. He hesitated just long enough for her to notice it, and his apparent discomfort with the situation.

"Would you prefer a male assistant?" She offered easily, her manner flawless even though it would cause her a minor problem.

"No, I'm just ... not used to company when I'm bathing," he admitted, slipping his robes off and joining her in the hot, fragrant waters.

"You do not have servants where you are from?" She asked, her curiosity honest as she lifted a pitcher to wet his upper body.

"No," he answered easily as he accepted her help. It gave him something to think about other than the next logical point in his mind; they didn't have slaves, either, at least not legally. "Some people have servants, but not members of the Order, typically."

"Is it against your beliefs?" She asked him very quietly, her concern clear to him for all it was nowhere in her voice or body language.

"You're not doing anything wrong, if you're worried about that," he said with a slight smile and felt her relaxed slightly as his fur was wetted by hands that knew what they were doing. "It's just that we're taught to take care of ourselves, most of the time. It's hard to bring servants along on a mission," he pointed out with a bit of a chuckle.

"I expect so," she agreed easily, though she really had no clue. Her fingers were gentle and sure as she massaged shampoo into his fur, working to ease tight muscles at the same time. Her extra attentions earned a slight groan of pleasure from the young Panther. He decided to try broaching the subject; at least with her, he wasn't likely to offend anybody.

"Are you really content with your life here?" He asked her.

"What is not to be content about?" She paused for a moment, very much at a loss where such a question could have come from. "We eat well, have fine clothes to wear, beautiful rooms and soft, warm beds. We are the envy of servants all over Midriac."

"Don't worry about it," he said, shaking his head slightly and allowed himself to simply enjoy the simple physical pleasure of skilled hands working his fur and muscles. He wasn't honestly sure how to explain what he meant here. Not without leaving himself with exactly the same answer he already knew about; one that wasn't really helping him to justify the collar ring she was wearing.

"*What is bothering you, Padawan?*" Master Kiris asked silently as he entered Fenrik's quarters where the young Panther was attempting to meditate instead of pace after a day standing silently by the negotiation table.

"A great deal, Master," Fenrik admitted, extinguishing his lightsaber. "Do you feel it's not safe to talk?" He asked as the door closed behind the older Panther.

"*Silence is always preferable when you need to speak of things that are likely to upset any listener that may hear.*" He said simply.

"*Granted,*" Fenrik nodded, shifting to speak with his master telepathically with some difficulty. "*It's... awkward, trying to keep quiet. Particularly here,*" he admitted.

"*I know,*" Kiris nodded. "*At least they are treated well so we do not have to remain silent though beatings and worse.*"

"*True,*" Fenrik nodded. "*It's just ... to know what they are, to treat them like servants, it feels like I'm agreeing with it, rather than just declining to object.*"

"*Yes, it does.*" He agreed silently and allowed his Padawan to feel how much it frustrated and troubled him for a moment. "*But to do anything else would insult our hosts, endanger the slaves and the talks. It is the best choice we have here.*"

"*I know,*" Fenrik said, sighing audibly. "*What's even harder, the slaves seem perfectly content with their lot. I don't know if it's because they don't know anything better, or ....*"

"*They were raised to see themselves as privileged and see what they have, instead of what they do not.*" Kiris supplied. "*Upbringing can make many things seem normal and right.*"

"*And many things seem wrong, alien,*" Fenrik said, trying to explain the conflict. "*It all seems to work so well here, leave everybody content ... it makes me wonder, in a way, if they're not really wrong.*"

Master Kiris stilled, regarding his Padawan and the conflict he was in to choose his words carefully. "*It may even be that what is called slavery here is not what we would think of as slavery. Much as Master means something different to us than to them.*" He said quietly, levelly. "*I have done some research. I cannot agree with it, but slaves here enjoy a great deal of legal protection and owning a slave incurs many responsibilities to the owner that I have not seen on other worlds. But for all that, they have to do what they are told, go where their owner tells them, can be separated from their family, beaten and raped without recourse by their owner. Those here have settled into a comfortable understanding with their owner. It is not always the case.*"

"*That's almost comforting, in a strange way,*" Fenrik admitted. "*Not that that is the case, but that it isn't without some of the usual flaws.*"

"*No system is flawless, Padawan, not even ours.*"

"*As the Senate so often proves,*" Fenrik chuckled slightly. "How do you think the talks are progressing?" He asked, switching to talking as he changed topics. Speaking through the Force for so long usually did a great job of giving him a headache, and his line of thought hadn't been helping any.

"Practice and experience will decrease the strain," Master Kiris told him quietly. "I believe they are progressing well. They are not ready for admittance into the Republic, but they do not wish it yet. It is likely that these talks will end successfully to both sides."

"That's always good to hear," Fenrik smiled slightly. "It tends to be painful when negotiations start to break down."

"Very true," he nodded. "I came to inform you that you have an extra duty for the talks. The Vizier is concerned for his daughter's safety and has requested that you protect her when she leaves the palace."

"Me?" Fenrik asked, raising an eyebrow curiously. "All right. I don't suppose they told you anything about her, or her habits, that I should know before I get started?"

"It seems she enjoys dressing down and going into parts of town a young noblewoman has no business being in without an armed guard. You were requested as you can actually keep an eye on her without alerting her that she is being guarded."

"Nobles," Fenrik sighed, rolling his eyes slightly. "I'll keep her safe, Master. I assume I should get some rest now, in case she decides to go wandering tonight?"

"It would be to your advantage," he smiled fractionally. "Try not to get caught while you are out there."

"Master," Fenrik smirked slightly, "have I ever been caught when I was trying not to be? Except by you, of course."

"You are entering a new kind of hunting field, Padawan." He actually chuckled. "You may not have noticed her, but she had definitely noticed you."

"Hmm?" Fenrik cocked his head slightly. "What do you mean?"

"As a lover, perhaps more." He explained easily. "You are physically mature enough, as I'm sure she knows by now, for her to be interested in you without it being inappropriate."

"This is going to be exceedingly awkward, isn't it?" The younger Panther asked rhetorically.

"Most likely," Kiris nodded. "You have apparently made quite a favorable impression on her already."

"I was hardly trying to, Master," Fenrik said a little defensively. "I don't suppose there's any graceful way to avoid this, if she does spot me?"

"Insisting that you are not interested in females yet should stop her for a while," he considered the possibilities. "You could also tell her that it is inappropriate since you are here on a mission. But no, there is not a way around this that will not be awkward at best."

"I'll just have to keep her from spotting me then," Fenrik nodded. "At least for the time being. Should delay it at least. Master... did the Vizier really ask you to have me keep an eye on her, or is this something more convoluted?"

"I suspect that she is the source of the request," he admitted. "I can not be sure yet."

"And people wonder why Jedi don't like to get mixed up in politics," Fenrik chuckled slightly. "I should go rest up for tonight. I have a feeling this mission is about to get ... interesting."

"Most likely," Master Kiris smiled fractionally before he turned to leave. "Though there are far worse ways to be interesting than having the attentions of an attractive Panthress."

"True," Fenrik admitted, blushing a bit beneath dark fur. "Thank you, Master, I'll see you later."

Fenrik stood up quietly as he heard Lady Afet's door slide open. He turned into the hallway as she started walking down it, moving silently as he tracked her.

He had to admit, she was trying. Her clothes were far more subdued than her normal finery, but they were still several steps above the people she was planning to mingle with, if just in quality. He followed her out into the courtyard, then back out through the servant's entrances to the palace.

True to what he'd been told, she headed into town and easily wound her way through the streets and allies to the rougher, poorer sections that she had no business being in.

The similarities between the poorer streets and Nar Shaddaa on a bad day were striking. Buildings were made of simple daub and plaster, the sheer number of beggars disturbing. Even the people who were dressed reasonably well looked thin and hungry.

He was beginning to see why the slaves in the palace thought they had it well off.

As they made it further into the city, he became keenly aware that most of the people were armed with a vibroblade at the least, most of them carrying blasters or heavier weapons.

Definitely Nar Shaddaa on a bad day. Add a Hutt or two and he'd have thought they were on the wrong planet.

She turned and darted into a rough looking tavern a block ahead of him, and he quickened his step, grateful that he'd changed into something a little more subtle than Jedi robes before he'd started watching her room. One look inside and he knew it was going to be a long night. He looked nearly as out of place as she did, except that she had already found company in the form of a one-eyed feline of indeterminate breeding that was easily old enough to be her sire.

"Please tell me she's not looking for what I think he is," Fenrik murmured to himself, taking a seat near a corner where he could watch what she was up to and ordering coffee from the serving girl who came by to take an order, grateful that this world had a traditional drink that wasn't alcoholic.

And that he'd been given a small amount of the local currency for minor purchases like this.

He'd barely gotten his coffee, strong and bitter in the steaming heat that smelled very good, when Lady Afet and the tom left the bar, his arm around her and the way she was nuzzling him leaving no doubt what was in their plans.

This was not going to be pleasant.

He drank the coffee without hurrying, knowing that he had to look like he wasn't actively following Afet and her 'boyfriend.' He paid for the drink, and inquired about a room.

A few coins later, he was walking up to a room that would be near Lady Afet's, settling in on the sleeping mats and starting to meditate, focusing on extending his consciousness far enough to see what was going on in her room.

After all, he had to make sure her 'lover' didn't try to hurt her, or worse.

This wasn't his best skill, but he was sure he'd know a lot more than he wanted to by the time she left.

That his first impression from her room was a lusty growl from the male and moan of pleasure from her did nothing to shake that idea.

His impressions became stronger as he focused; the room was nearby, and with a little effort he was able to start picking up visual cues. Lady Afet was on her back on the mat, her companion on top of her as he thrust powerfully between her spread legs. The pleasure from them both was hard to miss; at moments he swore he could smell it too.

Fenrik focused on keeping his attention less on what they were doing, and more on what was going on, staying ready to intervene if necessary.

A pity his orders hadn't included keeping her from questionable bed partners.

It was also a pity they weren't more quiet, or that something, anything was around to keep his attention away from their rutting and roars and the musk of sex he expected would take days to get out of his nose.

And that was in his room as much as hers, as he found when he pulled his senses back into his own body slightly.

Damn, why did he have to end up assigned to a sex-crazed noblewoman?

And why did it have to be affecting him like this? He shifted a little so his own arousal wasn't quite as noticeable to himself, still smelling the two felines in the next room, and tried to return his mind to a state where he could keep an eye on them.

With any luck, she'd go back home after the first round.

"Master Kiris, if you're ready I can give you my report on last night," Fenrik said after the next day's talks after the door closed to Kiris' quarters. Fenrik was remarkably calm, for as much as he had disliked the night's vigil.

"Then report," he said easily and settled on a large pillow on the floor to watch the activity in the gardens below.

"As expected, Lady Afet did leave the palace grounds last night. She had tried to disguise herself, though she still stood out where she went, the Eel's Lash, a tavern that seemed to be very seedy, in the more crime-ridden part of the city. There, she ordered a drink, and finished it in the company of an older male feline. The two of them went up to a room; I spent the night in the next room ensuring that nothing else happened. She seemed familiar with him; I don't doubt that this wasn't her first time there."

"Most unlikely," he nodded. "What is the likelihood of her getting into serious trouble?"

"Very slim, unless something changes," Fenrik said. "As much as I can't imagine her father approves of her choice in bed partners, the fact that she's been doing this without getting in trouble means it's not too likely to happen soon. I will, of course, continue to keep an eye on her, just in case."

"Good," Master Kiris said. "How are you doing?" He asked more gently.

"I understand why the slaves here feel they have it well off," Fenrik admitted. "There are places in the slums of Nar Shaddaa where the people would be worse off if they moved here instead. And not the better places."

Master Kiris nodded. "I am not surprised. Is that what has disturbed you?"

"Uhm... no," Fenrik admitted. "It's less 'disturbed' than really wishing there was a way to watch her where I didn't have to actually watch her...."

"Ah," he nodded with an understanding chuckle. "You are not a voyeur by nature. There is nothing I can help with there."

"It feels... wrong, almost," Fenrik admitted. "Though I understand why it's necessary. As unlikely as it might be, I wouldn't put it past anybody in there who knew who she was to try something."

"Including the one she bedded?" He barely asked.

"Definitely not," Fenrik agreed. "He has the feel of somebody who'd sell his own kin if he thought it would be worth it to him. I can only imagine he doesn't know who she is, or thinks she's more worthwhile as a bed partner than anything else, for now."

"The second is more likely, given her skill at disguise," he nodded thoughtfully. "At least if he has most of his grey matter intact. It does bear watching."

"Which I will do," Fenrik nodded. "Though I may only listen, if you feel that would be sufficient?" There was no trace in his voice of the hopeful feelings that only his Master could sense.

"If you believe it will be sufficient to detect a threat, that is acceptable," Master Kiris nodded.

"For the majority of it, I believe it will be," Fenrik nodded. "With the occasional visual check to be sure."

"Very well. Is there anything else you wish to discuss?" He offered an open board for anything, truly anything, that Fenrik wished to talk of.

"What do I do if she does notice me, or notices me without recognizing me?" Fenrik asked after a moment.

"You have her father's permission to follow her, so unless she has you attacked, I doubt you will have any problems keeping track of her. Use your best judgment based on what she does."

"Very well, Master," Fenrik nodded, hoping his best judgment would be good enough if the time came.

Fenrik mentally breathed a sigh of relief that the talks were over with for the day and progress was still being made. He'd become increasingly aware of Lady Afet's interest in him over the course of it, and now he wanted little more than to disappear into his rooms for a few hours before he needed to start his watch again.

He waited a few minutes until it would be polite to leave, then started making his way towards the door and the freedom of his quarters where the only 'surprises' amounted to when the three servants assigned to see to his needs would show up to see to them. At least it was always the same three. They had already come to an understanding of sorts between what he was used to and what they really were expected to do least the Shah think he did not approve of the offered help.

"Padawan Aren," a sweetly smooth female voice caressed his ears only steps from the door to his quarters. "Walk with me?"

He quietly prayed that Lady Afet wasn't a telepath as he turned to look at her with a polite smile that didn't betray the tension he felt inside.

"Certainly," he nodded; turning to look at the slightly older Panthress in her best finery for the talks she was little more than a silent witness to.

She smiled, her dark green eyes glittering as she tried to see within the darkness of his robes that concealed every bit of fur on him when he didn't need to use his hands and stepped off easily to guide him deep into the palace to places he hadn't seen yet.

"I understand you have not been shown around properly," she said with an honest apology in her voice that came just a little too easily.

"More my fault than your family's," he apologized just as easily. "I'm afraid I've neglected the offer so far. This is truly an amazing place," he added, a little more at ease. Maybe this would work out well after all.

"Yes, it is." She agreed with a smile. "Do you mind me asking something?"

"Go ahead," he said easily, reaching up to fold his hood back. It wasn't necessary right now, and he did feel more comfortable able to see all the way around him without having to reach out.

"Why do you wear such heavy clothing in such heat?" She tried to be polite. "It seems as if it would be most uncomfortable."

"They're not as heavy as they look," he explained. It was true; they were wearing lighter robes than normal for just that reason. "The heat's also less of an issue for me; my training helps deal with it."

"Then it is true that Jedi can control their bodies far more than most people?"

"It is," he nodded. "It's usually one of the earlier parts of training. The practical uses are usually fairly obvious," he chuckled slightly.

"Yes, especially if they insist on you wearing those robes all the time." She said with a bit of sympathy as his nose caught the first muted whiff of something that went strait to his groin.

"Not insist, but they do have their purposes," he chuckled slightly.

For example, hiding the reaction any teenager would be having to the heavy scent of sex, male and female alike.

"If you don't mind my asking, where are we going?" He looked her, though he had a sneaking suspicion he knew full well.

"We can hardly claim to have shown you proper hospitality if you have not been shown our harem." She explained easily. "It is the finest on Midriac."

So much for this going easily.

*Why did he have to be the subject of this girl's interest? This would have been such a simple mission otherwise.

"I am sure you do." He said agreeably, at a loss to anything else to say and not daring to ask if this harem were slaves. Though it was beginning to seem preferable to trying to ignore what the smell of this place was doing to him. And it was only getting stronger the closer they got to it.

He uttered a silent prayer that this would just be a tour, though he doubted it greatly. It just didn't seem to be her style.

"Do you have a preference in partners?" She asked as if it was the most normal question in the world.

"I don't honestly know," he admitted easily. It was certainly true enough. Maybe she'd lose interest at that; she certainly seemed to prefer partners who were more experienced.

Instead it raised an eyebrow and her curiosity. "Surely they do not expect you to remain celibate?"

"It's not required, but it is generally encouraged," he explained. "Especially at this stage of my training."

Afet stopped and shifted to look at him, her expression somewhere between pity, apology and stunned shock. "Why would they want you to miss out on such a core part of life?"

"Sex, or mating, kits, the rest of it?" He asked her, not quite sure which part she was referring to, if not all of it.

She blinked a few times, her eyes going a bit wider. "Not even Amunethit's Priests have such demands put on them."

"There is a reason for it," he said easily, figuring he might as well explain both. "All Jedi are very sensitive to the Force. Strong emotions can have dangerous repercussions, so we're encouraged to avoid them for the most part. And having family can sometimes conflict with a Jedi's duties, emotional issues aside. We can be missing for a long time on missions."

"So what's wrong with sex?" She asked, understanding the reasoning so far, at least to a point, though it wasn't an easy sell.

"It's prone to creating emotional ties and bonds," he explained. "It's not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just that we're encouraged to avoid it for the most part. Keep in mind," he chuckled slightly, "most of us grow up and are trained in the same area, with the same people, and most of them Jedi, students, or former students."

Afet looked at him strangely. "I can't say that makes any real sense to me, but it must work to produce such fine warriors."

"It usually does," he nodded. Maybe she'd lose interest after this. He could hope at least. After a few moments he realized the reason for the awkward silence and what she was scrambling for with little success.

"I'm not offended, Lady Afet," he said with a bit of a smile. "You didn't do anything wrong."

"It is ill-mannered of me to be so ignorant of a guest's beliefs," she bowed politely, her relief evident even in her scent as she got back into the groove of hostess. "Is there some way I can make this up to you?"

"I am interested in the tour, if you would still like to give it," he smiled. "There's no need to... ah... sample the services, correct?"

"No," she managed a flawless smile for him despite how rattled she was inside. "Only if you find someone interesting enough to want to."

"After you, m'lady," he smiled, nodding his head politely and followed her further into the palace to where the architecture shifted to a more light and airy feel in whites and pale blues, yellows and greens with a decidedly erotic bent in the fine mosaics, carvings and statuary. It was a little too soon before the sounds of pleasure mixed with the scent of it in an erotic assault on his senses.

He was definitely glad for the robes he was wearing. His body would only be controlled up to a point, and he was past it.

As they continued in, he noticed that most of the people back here really were very attractive, male and female alike, and of a variety of races, though the majority were feline. Not that that was surprising; after all, it was a harem on a feline-dominated world. He just hadn't quite been expecting them to have the effect on him they were. Seeing that the majority of them were wearing slave rings on their collars helped him to focus a little less on the effect they were having, but not nearly enough.

It didn't help him at all when his eyes landed on two females without slave-rings; a Rabbit eating a blue-skinned twi'lek out while the twi'lek had one of her head-tentacles smoothly fucking the Rabbit. They were both making an unconscious effort to give their visitors a sensual display of ass, pussy and breasts.

They were doing an excellent job of it too; he couldn't help the way his eyes lingered a bit longer on them before moving on to a trio of male felines, two Tigers and a Panther, involved in a threesome that had him trying not to think too hard about the obvious muffled moans of the Panther in the middle.

He drew in a slow, invisible breath meant to calm him that only managed to infuse the smell of sex into his nose and looked somewhere else in the room.

He really should have known better. It introduced him to a slender Caracal tom that had stretched back on a large pillow bed that offset his golden-orange fur exquisitely well, as did the translucent yellow silks he was wearing that neither concealed nor covered anything of importance.

Fenrik almost shivered at the inviting look the tom was giving him as he slowly stroked his full erection, playing with the barbs that went all the way down to his sheath in a display of both his eagerness and physical maturity despite his relatively small size.

This place practically defined temptation on several levels, not the least of which was the Caracal's obvious willingness.

Fenrik had to wonder, in the back of his mind, just what his Master would be doing right now. Probably not standing there, trying to decide between going along with his training or going along with the local customs. For now, training was winning out.

He wasn't convinced it would for long.

"Would the Master care for a little relief before choosing?" A seductive feminine voice purred from his right.

"Probably not the type of relief you're thinking of," he said, trying not to blush as he looked over at the older Panthress. She had a slave ring on her collar, but her bearing, and the reactions of the other members of the harem who looked at her, said she was clearly of rank here. Just one more example of a slavery system that was just plain weird. In the back of his mind he wondered how they would react to the Hutt style of slavery that was so much more common along the Republic's boarders. "Thank you," he added politely.

"Of course, Master." She bowed easily and moved off to find a playmate.

Fenrik looked over at Lady Afet, who was watching him and the other playmates throughout the harem. He was starting to wonder if there was a graceful way to get out of here without picking a bed partner for the night....

Part of him even wondered if he wanted to leave alone. They obviously knew what they were doing, and emotional involvement was unlikely to be an issue for any of them. They simply didn't associate it that way. Sex was for pleasure and little else.

There would certainly be worse ways to learn....

He was still debating with himself, and getting more and more turned on by the mind-boggling array of carnal arts on display, when he realized that Afet had moved off slightly and was talking to two of the harem felines, a male and female, who nodded and quickly left with the Panthress after she excused herself to Fenrik with wishes for a pleasant evening.

He quietly thanked whatever force had been behind her decision; if she was spending the night with some of the harem members, she wasn't likely to wandering off to see one of her less ... savory ... partners. And it made his decision for now a lot easier too.

He took one last look around the harem, seeing a white-furred Rabbit fem about his age standing off a little bit playing a flute. He started towards her, wondering just how to do this. He was almost startled when she smiled warmly and seductively as she stood to walk towards him, apparently able to read his intent despite not being an empath as far as he could tell.

"What would Master enjoy?" Vespa asked softly and easily, instinctively putting her body on display for him.

Of course, it wasn't like he was all that good at hiding what was going through his mind when it wasn't necessary. She could probably read him like a book.

He mentally forced his nerves back under control before he said anything.

"Would it be possible to go somewhere a little more private?" He asked her with a bit of a blush beneath his dark fur. He had no doubts that she could tell just how little he knew about what he was doing.

"Of course, Master." She smiled easily. "There are private rooms, or I can entertain you in your quarters."

"My quarters, I think," he smiled. "Follow me?" He asked, stepping back slightly.

"Yes, Master," Vespa smiled with a graceful bow and followed, though it quickly became clear she knew which room they were going to.

Fenrik was devoutly grateful that they didn't run into anybody from the mission on the way back. Despite the fact that he knew the assorted diplomats from the Republic were taking advantage of the Midriaccan hospitality, he still didn't particularly want to explain this.

Especially not to Master Kiris... not right now, at least.

"I'm a little lost here," he admitted as the door closed behind them. Talk about the understatement of the century.

"Do you want pleasure, or to learn to please another?" She asked him easily in turn.

"Both," he answered with a slight chuckle, his blush deepening. "Receiving first though, if that's all right ... I think I'll be able to give a bit better once I'm more relaxed."

"It would be easiest if you would remove your robes and lay down, Master." Vespa smiled gently but did not touch. "I will make you feel very good."

He did as she said, his robes falling to the ground to reveal his darkly furred, well-muscled body, a stark contrast to her own in every way. Predator and prey, black and white, male and female, warrior and pleasure-giver....

Any thoughts he had about their differences were quickly driven down as she drew close to him without fear or concern, the master of skills in this situation.

"You are a very handsome Panther, Master." She crooned and slid down next to him, her hands moving gently along his chest to lightly touch the pleasure points hidden under his thick fur.

"Oooh...." He groaned, the pleasure she was giving him going straight to his already hard shaft. He reached out to rub her back lightly, more on reflex than anything else.

Vespa smiled and slid her hands down his body to take his heavy shaft in one hand to stroke him, paying extra attention to the handful of slender barb hairs just below the soft head and the tiny nubs the rest of the way down.

His breath caught, and he squeezed his eyes shut as he let out a deep groan, his dark fingers curling in her white fur slightly.

"Fuck," he groaned even as her touch changed, her fingers sliding along his cock instead of stroking him as she considered him for a brief moment.

Without a word she shifted to kneel on the polished marble floor between his legs and took him into her mouth in a single smooth motion. It cocooned sensitive flesh in a silken wet heat that hit every mating instinct he had as her long ears flopped down across his hips.

He thrust upwards on sheer instinct, before forcing himself to back off and let her work. Even so, he stroked her head and long, soft ears tenderly, his breath fast as he opened his eyes and watched her bobbing head intently. He couldn't stop the rumbling growl that escaped his throat as his balls tightened from the stimulation that made memories of jerking off pale.

"N-not long," he gasped, his legs drawing close to the bed as his orgasm drew near and past the point he could have stopped it even if he'd wanted to.

He could feel how at ease, and pleased, she was to hear that, and a sense that she knew well before he'd said anything.

He groaned deeply, his head rolling back as his balls pulled up close to his body, spraying his seed into her hot, wet mouth and felt it quickly swept away as she swallowed it, licking it from his pulsing shaft as he tried to catch his breath.

"Something a little more advanced now, Master?" She nearly crooned, her body hot and wet for what she had in mind.

"What ... do you have in mind?" He asked, catching his breath quickly.

"To sink that hot, hard cock of yours into my pussy." She smiled seductively at him from over the organ in question.

"Mmm... only if you don't mind if I repeat that later," he grinned shyly.

"Not at all," Vespa licked her lips and got on the bed, her hands working his body to keep him hard and turned on. "How would you like to take me?"

"You on top?" He suggested. It was the best way he could think of to keep her in control for now. He felt her surprise, though it didn't show in her manner.

"It is easier for you if you are completely on the bed, but it is more intense like you are." She informed him easily, giving him the choice of how to be.

"Like this?" He requested, smiling at her and holding his arms out towards her invitingly as she moved to straddle his body, the hot wetness of her readiness smearing his fur as she moved off the support of the bed, leaving her entire weight to be supported by his hips and thighs.

She shifted forward, leaning down over him to put enough distance to shift his cock-head against her slick opening, and then eased herself back up with a groan of pleasure as he spread her body wide.

He let out a groan of his own, his cock enveloped in her tight, wet heat, twitching inside her body as he leaned up to wrap an arm around her, kissing her hungrily, if inexpertly. He felt her surprise even as she flawlessly kissed him back, offering him a taste of himself mixed with her. She began to work his cock with her body, rippling them up and down, then squeezing alternating sides as he thrust what little he could.

He groaned into her mouth, the barbs at his tip raking her insides with each short thrust into her body. It was easier to stay in control this time, having already gotten off once. Even so, her skill was doing a lot to make that not matter in the least. He focused a little on controlling his body, drawing this out as long as he could.

Vespa wrapped her arms around his neck as they kissed to use his broad shoulders to lift herself up as he pulled out and pressed her full breasts against his muscular chest to rub their entire bodies together as they moved and he pushed her close to an orgasm.

Fenrik shifted, licking at her neck, running his powerful fingers down her back as she lowered herself onto his shaft again.

"Tell me how to pleasure you," he rumbled to her, nipping her shoulder lightly.

"Wh-what you are doing now." She let a groan escape and buried her face against his shoulder. "Gods this feels good."

He worked on doing just that, his pleasure mounting at the knowledge that she was enjoying this too. The tips of his claws slipped out, raking her skin lightly, though not enough to hurt her.

He felt her shudder, the first peak of her orgasm making her cry out against his fur and clutch him as tightly with her body around his shaft as her arms around his shoulders. He roared again, letting go of his own arousal, his seed rushing to fill her sex as he came hard inside of her and with her, his own pleasure heightened by hers.

"Will Master take me on my back?" She murmured throatily between deep breaths and shivers of pleasure at their minor movements and the heat of his seed deep inside her.

"With pleasure," he purred, kissing her deeply before he let her go. "You mind if I take a little bit to explore first though?" He asked her, looking into her dark blue eyes, his expression somewhere between shy, hopeful, and eager.

"You may do anything you desire," she crooned throatily; eager for whatever he came up with.

"Make yourself comfortable," he purred, leaning forward to kiss her lightly, black-furred fingers scratching down through her white fur as she debated relaxing here on his lap with his cock so deep inside her, or moving to stretch out on the bed where he could see and touch a great deal more.

Comfort won out over staying where she was and she gently disentangled herself from his body to display her well-fucked body, his creamy seed oozing from her bright pink lower lips as she stretched out for him, her legs spread and knees raised a bit to give him a nice view.

He purred deeply, something about the sight hitting every chord inside him. He climbed up on the bed next to her to kiss her tenderly, supporting the back of her head with one hand. His other hand went exploring her body as he drank deeply of their mixed tastes in her mouth.

He used all his senses as he explored her full, round breasts and the nub of exposed skin of her nipple, then down to the swell of her belly, her sides, every inch of downy fur he could reach, he did, learning the feel of her body as well as what seemed to work for her pleasure. He was ready for the whimpering cry of pleasure when his fingers slid between her legs and ghosted over the hard nub peaking out of her wet, slick lower lips.

He ran his fingertips around the nub, shifting to graze her neck with his teeth and felt her shuddered in an excited surrender to his body and wishes. He moved over her body, letting her head back to rest on the pillow, supporting himself as he nuzzled and licked at her breasts.

She spread her legs further, inviting in her desire to have him inside her again with her body and voice as she rubbed his ears and shoulders in encouragement.

He worked one nipple with his lips for a few moments more, rubbing her clit and the sensitive flesh beneath it. Finally, he brought his fingers up, tasting her juices and shifting to rub his shaft against her slick pussy, pressing his tip up against her hot entrance.

"Ready?" He asked her, moving up to look into her eyes.

"Yes," she groaned softly and shifted to make his entrance as smooth and deep as possible.

He pressed into her with a groan, sinking as much of himself as he could into her wet, silky warmth. He started to thrust, pressing deeper every time he drove into her, his balls swinging forward into her ass, and she tightened her body around him each time he pulled out to intensify the experience for him.

He bit down lightly on her shoulder, letting instinct take over as he started mating her, thrusting faster and searching for the spots in her body that felt best and was rewarded by cries of pleasure and the incredible rush of it across all his senses as well as through his keyed up body.

It wasn't long before he came hard, his hot seed pouring into her keyed-up body as he pressed in as deeply as he could, his dark-furred sheath pressing up into her hot sex slightly. She cried out in pleasure and hugged him tightly against her, her body milking him dry even as he kept thrusting until she whimpered and shuddered again, her body tiring despite the pleasure being no less intense.

Fenrik slowed down, panting hard, kissing her neck, then her lips, catching his breath ... and gradually became aware of the distinct feeling of being watched.

He flushed deeply beneath his fur as he looked over to see his Master watching from the door.

"*Where is Lady Afet, Padawan?*" He rumbled with a distinct note of disapproval and disappointment in his mind-voice, though his face was stonily unreadable.

"*In her room, Master,*" Fenrik told him, before he realized that there was a good chance she wasn't if Master Kiris was asking that and focused the brief moment it took to confirm that she was. "*With two of the members of the harem. I made sure she was before this,*" he added, knowing that he'd still made a serious mistake disregarding his second mission.

"*Yes, you have.*" Master Kiris softened slightly, though there was no mistaking he was quite disappointed with his Padawan. "*Exploring pleasure is acceptable if you wish. Doing so at the cost of disregarding your duties is not.*"

"*I understand, Master,*" he nodded slightly. "*I would not have done this if I hadn't been sure she was going to be occupied,*" he added, not defensively, but clearly in his own defense. "*I'll clean up, and return my attentions where they belong.*"

"*Very well, Padawan.*" Master Kiris nodded slightly and turned to leave. "*I trust you will not neglect them again.*"

"*I will not, Master,*" Fenrik promised mentally.

"Sorry," he said to Vespa apologetically, pulling out of her body. "You were incredible ... but I shouldn't have done this; I have my own duties that I forgot about."

"Are you in much trouble?" She looked up at him worriedly.

"I don't think so," he said reassuringly, kissing her lightly. "Not as long as I'm presentable and on-duty soon. Thank you," he smiled.

"Anytime you are free, Master." She said easily with a warm smile as he walked into the bathroom to clean up. He did so thoroughly, rather glad that he was on his own for this.

When he was presentable again, he returned to his bedroom, finding his bedmate long gone even as he realized that he didn't know her name. He pulled his robes on, and smiled a little bit.

That had definitely been fun.

With that thought, he hurried out of his quarters, grabbing his lightsaber just in case he'd need it. Fortunately, he expected tonight to be mercifully dull.

Fenrik groaned inwardly as he realized Lady Afet was headed out once again. This would make six times in less than two weeks, with the remaining nights spent with harem members or the occasional off-duty guard. Even keeping as much distance as he could, he was living with a nearly perpetual hard-on and it was getting very irritating. The girl thought of nothing but her pleasure when they weren't in a meeting.

He had to give her credit for keeping her mind on business when there was any, but after that it was back to her pleasures.

At least she spent most of the time indulging them more safely. Tonight she would be returning to the slums....

He sighed again, shaking his head. He was half-tempted to let her know he was following her, maybe try and talk her out of this... but no. Of course her father had done that already. It wouldn't do any good to repeat it, even as a concerned outsider rather than family. In all likelihood, she wouldn't stop until something went even more wrong than they had with her previous captures and assaults that the palace guards had gotten her out of.

And so, as he had for the past two weeks, Fenrik was tracking her to make sure that if it happened while they were there, he'd be able to help. This time she went to a new location, though it was still in the section of the capitol that he would not have voluntarily visited even with his training. She certainly had a taste for slumming.

And ... females? He stopped short; sure he was seeing Lady Afet hiring a female prostitute.

Well... she had brought women from the harem back to her quarters before... he shouldn't be too surprised. At least she looked more appealing than her usual one-eyed bed partner. A well-built female Leopard, not quite as lean or subtly seductive as the people of the harem, but attractive nonetheless. Decidedly commanding as well, especially given her apparent profession.

The pair made their agreement and went into what was a fairly well-build multi-room building for the area, one that he wouldn't have nearly as easy a time of getting a room in himself, at least without company.

He should have known she'd be going to a brothel ... this was going to be awkward.

He looked around... none of the nearby buildings would be any better to get into, and while the rooftops would work, he couldn't get there all that easily.

He sighed, moving into a nearby alley and looking around. He spotted one of the ubiquitous beggars in this part of the city, and started forming a plan in the back of his mind.

"Hello there," he said quietly, sitting down near one of them.

"Wh'ch'u wa't?" He muttered back, suspicious of this stranger that wanted to talk.

"Help for both of us," Fenrik explained quietly. He hoped this would work. If it didn't ... well, he'd figure something else out. "My Mistress thinks her husband is cheating on her," he lied, "wants me to watch for him down here. Would you be willing to trade for those robes of yours? I stand out a little bit," he admitted with a bit of a chuckle.

The beggar looked him up and down, at the quality of the robes and their warmth compared to his own, and the increased difficulty he'd have getting money wearing something so nice. "Add 5 quith and I will."

"Deal," he nodded. Explaining this the next day might prove... interesting... but at least he had more than one set of robes back at the palace. He pulled out the money first, five heavier silver coins.

The beggar nodded and took them, then led Fenrik into a shadowed alleyway to make the exchange, something both sides accomplished quickly.

Fenrik returned to the street shortly, the beggar gone, his Padawan's robes replaced with the beggar's torn, ratty, smelly ones. He settled in, adopting the beggar's posture with one difference. Rather than clutching a bowl to his chest, he held his lightsaber beneath the thin cloth, ready in case trouble started.

That done, he focused on splitting his attention, seeking Afet's bedchamber out and keeping a minimal amount of attention on his own surroundings. It was not difficult to track her, he was familiar enough with her now to home in on her almost instinctively, but when his senses opened in the room she occupied, he was almost on his feet before it registered that she was a willing participant in the bondage and pain being inflicted on her.

He settled back down, on edge, being very attentive to make sure it stayed willing.

And here he'd thought that tonight would be less disturbing.

"What happened, Padawan?" Master Kiris asked quietly as he entered Fenrik's bathroom where the teen was doing his best to get rid of the infestation that had invaded his fur over the course of the evening. The yellowish shampoo he was working into his black fur was helping, but even that would take time to work.

"Lady Afet spent the evening with a rather... exotic... prostitute," Fenrik explained. "Unfortunately, they went into a brothel, so I had to watch from the outside." He winced slightly as one of the fleas he'd picked up bit him, almost as if in vengeance for the chemical scrub he was trying to get to it with.

"Hence the trade of clothes," he nodded seriously. "It was not just sex this time, was it?"

"No," Fenrik agreed, finishing working the shampoo in and sitting for a few minutes to let it work. "Domination, pain... sex was a part of it. She has some odd pleasures."

"Yes, some people do," Master Kiris nodded. "Try not to let it disturb you so much. She is clearly aware of her choices from her mental state."

"I know, Master," Fenrik nodded. There was clearly something else that he was thinking about, but he sank beneath the water of the pool to rinse off the shampoo and fleas he'd picked up the night before.

"*Ah,*" his Master spoke silently with ease. "*I can see how that would be disturbing. Are you sure you are responding to what was happening, and not to Lady Afet's responses?*"

"*I'm not sure,*" Fenrik admitted, breaking through the surface of the water, wiping his head fur and eyes clear. "It could be either, or just her partner last night, but it seemed to have more of an ... effect ... than usual."

"Try to put aside your disturbance and conceder what you felt and when," he crouched to be closer to his Padawan's eye level. "What about the scene appealed to you? And is it interesting enough that you might wish to explore it?"

The younger Panther paused, considering it for a few moments.

"The dynamic," he answered after a bit. "The exchange of power and trust. But I don't think it is, not without major changes at least."

"Changes in what?" He asked gently.

"I wouldn't want to explore something like that with somebody like the prostitute Lady Afet chose," Fenrik explained. "Or the submissive counterpart. If I was going to explore it, it would be with somebody I already had that level of trust with, one who was also interested."

Master Kiris nodded and considered his Padawan. "That is a very wise choice, Fenrik. Your desires are fairly common, and like all desires, it is how you act on them that is the most important." He paused, considering his words carefully. "Do not be hesitant to speak of such things with me. I am not so far from my own experimenting to have forgotten what it is like."

"Thank you, Master," Fenrik nodded. "I'll keep it in mind," he added with a bit of a smile. "How obvious is it that I spent the night cleaning fleas out of my fur?" He asked, climbing out of the pool and moving to turn on the fur-dryers, hoping the chemical smell wouldn't be too strong. Showing up at the talks smelling of flea-wash would be almost as bad as having them.

Kiris stood with a smooth motion and stepped closer to sniff Fenrik's shoulder, his nose wrinkling. "It is not too bad, but it would be best to use some of their perfumed shampoos in the morning, at least two complete cleaning cycles. You might not smell much like a Jedi afterwards, but you won't smell like a pest bath either."

"Which is far preferable," Fenrik chuckled. "It's not usually good manners to show up like that - especially not when the implication is that you picked up fleas in the home of such accomplished hosts. Thank you, Master," he said, finishing drying and pulling on a fresh set of robes, looking back at the tattered, and now disinfected, ones nearby. "I may have those cleaned up a bit... they might prove useful if she sticks to her current partner for the next few weeks again...."

"Quite true," Kiris nodded. "They are unlikely to make it past room cleaning as they are."

"And likely raise several eyebrows among the people handling the cleaning," Fenrik chuckled. "Normally, I have to say I'd agree with them, but.... Master, may I ask a question?"

"Of course," he focused on his Padawan.

"Do you believe my actions were appropriate last night?" Fenrik asked.

Though it barely showed, he could tell the question surprised his Master quite a bit.

"Yes, it was." Kiris nodded easily. "It worked and it did not cause a problem in doing so. That is the definition of success."

"Well, you do keep telling me to think of whether or not there was a better option," Fenrik smiled. "I wanted to see if you'd thought there was."

"Other options, certainly, but none that are necessarily better." The older Panther nodded easily as he turned to leave. "You showed a great deal of skill in your perceptions that you recognized what was happening was consensual." He added casually, though it was a fairly serious bit of praise.

"Thank you, Master," Fenrik nodded. "It was definitely ... surprising. I'll see you in the morning, Master."

"In the morning," he agreed and lifted his hood for the short walk to his even more sumptuous quarters. He hoped his Padawan had not caught what he had almost said, even more that his shields had kept the mental image of that moment inside his head and carefully away from the young Panther.

The last thing any Padawan needed was to realize his Master desired him. To have it be with such domination involved was so far beyond acceptable that Master Kiris had no expectations of sleep tonight.

At least his desires had waited for Fenrik to be sexually active and interested in Dom/sub activities to manifest, but it was disturbing on a level he hadn't experienced since he had first realized he found such sexual games so appealing, and then that his Master shared them. It had made his third sexual experience the most intense of his life when he surrendered to his former Master for one final lesson.

Lady Afet walked into one of her usual out-of-palace haunts, dressed well enough to catch the eye, though still far below what she was used to. She looked around quickly, sizing up the assorted possible partners there tonight. An unconscious purr started deep in her chest as she spotted somebody new.

Like her, the mature Panther was dressed a just little too well for the area, but everything about him screamed of a powerful warrior and an authority to contend with ... and that he was on the hunt, like her.

She moved over towards his table quickly, hoping to get there before anybody else made a move. He would've been a reasonable potential mate, if he had the breeding. To judge by how he was dressed, he just might have ... but that wasn't something to worry about tonight. All that mattered was that he looked like he'd be interested. She could do, and had done, far, far worse.

"Hello," she rumbled, taking a seat at his table.

"Hello," he returned the greeting casually, though his dark eyes were far from lax as they raked over her much younger body, her full breasts, her manner and dress in an instant. "You are not from this area."

"Neither are you," she observed with a smile, ordering a beer. "Though I'd wager we're both here for the same reasons."

"At least if you are in the mood to play rough," he took a long pull of his drink. "I'm not interested in the basics."

"Mmm...." She took a long, slow drink from her own mug once it arrived. She usually didn't go for 'rough' two excursions in a row, but this fine example of Panther masculinity would be well worth breaking that little rule. "I think I can handle rough better than you'd imagine," she winked.

"That would be a benefit," he rumbled deeply and stood. "I have a room here."

"Well, you've been thinking ahead," she grinned, draining her glass and standing after him, walking up close behind him, pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable even here as she pressed against his powerful back to feel the corded muscles just below his simple robes. "Show me the way, handsome."

"I will show you to all new levels," he promised throatily and pulled her around to walk in front of him to the second story and his simple room there in the first show of the dominance that would define the night.

"Lofty promises," she chuckled, letting him guide her up, taking every chance to brush up against his body. "I'm not entirely new to this, you know."

"Yes, I do." He rumbled and closed the door behind him, only to spin them around and pin her there for a kiss that consumed all her attention.

She groaned into the powerful contact, practically melting against his body and into his control as her clothes were stripped away with little care for their future usability. He grinned and let her mouth go as he sunk three fingers of one hand into her tight sex while his other squeezed her full, rounded breasts.

She gasped, spreading her legs and leaning back against the wall for balance at the painful fullness.

"Mmm! You don't take long, do you?" She asked, groaning again as he started working his fingers in and out of her hot, wet body that was quickly adjusting to the intrusion.

"No reason to." He rumbled as his teeth grazed her throat as he removed his fingers, sliding them over her clit as he pressed her to her knees and his full cock against her lips.

She took his shaft into her mouth hungrily, savoring the scent of another Panther's arousal as she suckled his length and licked at his barbs. She rubbed his legs through the pants he was still wearing, considering pulling them the rest of the way off of him.

His rumble of approval came with both hands on her head, alternating between rubbing her velvety ears and holding her still as he began to thrust deeply without much care for what skill she may have as her mouth was used as nothing more than a hot, wet hole to thrust and come into.

She rumbled deeply, purring as she did what she could to make this better for him even when he held her in place. Her senses were filled with his arousal and all she could think about right now was tasting him, and what he would feel like between her thighs later. It was something he apparently had little intention of making her wait for as his body tightened quickly, his thrusts harder as pre poured out into her mouth to be followed by the first gooey rope of cum with a rattling roar.

She barely got the chance to finish swallowing when she was pulled to her feet and thrown to the bed, chest down and rump in the air as he drove into her with all the abandon of an orgasm not quite finished.

She cried out, the last of his semen dribbling down her chin as she felt more pumped into her sex, thick and hot. He thrust into her eagerly, his powerful body driving her into the mattress.

"Take me!" She begged him, her fingers clenching the sheets as her body tightened around him every time he drew his barbed length out of it.

She whimpered at the result of her words; when he grabbed her wrists and pinned them down, then grabbed her scruff in his jaws to pull her body back against each thrust with ruthless strength, fucking her without any care for her pleasure, or even acknowledgement that she was a living thing that existed for anything more than a warm place to pleasure his thick cock.

As little effort as he was making to pleasure her, she was definitely enjoying her treatment. Everything he did seemed to make her want to submit to him even more. She tried to pleasure him to the best of her ability, her juices dripping out around his cock as he pummeled her body with it, her voice lost to pants, groans, and the occasional cry of pleasure as he drove her closer and closer to an orgasm.

They both shook the thin windows when she went over the edge, her body spasming around him as he followed a moment later, her pleasure added to his own as he let her wrists go to hold her hips, his claws digging into her fur and skin as he emptied his balls deep into her.

"YES!" She screamed lustily, her body milking him hungrily, drawing his seed deep into her sex until she was spent and lax in his grip, panting for breath and only absently able to protest with a weak sound when he let her go and pulled out to strip down.

Then she was hauled to her feet by her wrists in a powerful grip, her body rubbing against his bare one for the first time to send a shiver through her as it sunk in just how much bigger he was as a full grown and powerfully built and muscled male Panther. She only barely noticed when she was locked into place by a set of manacles attached to the ceiling and her legs spread by a pair attached to the floor and her ankles.

She knew he was just getting started. His cock was still rock hard, and he didn't seem to be the least bit tired yet. She was going to ache by morning, and she was going to love every second of it. She didn't even know who he was; something about the anonymity, the danger, made this even more appealing.

Afet shuddered with a low moan as his hands ran over her body possessively, taking in every curve of her youth before he slipped a leather collar around her neck and locked her tail into place against it to expose her completely to his eyes and wishes. She was utterly helpless now, and it made her even wetter, her juices dripping down her legs along with his seed.

He seemed pleased with his work as he walked around in front of her and closed his jaws around hers before he drove into her again, her entire weight supported by his hands on her ass as he pounded into her cunt with a rumbling growl.

She wanted to cry out, but his jaws around hers made it impossible. Instead, she whimpered submissively, letting him take her totally and completely until she couldn't take the pressure on her clit and the raking of a full, hard cock deep in her body and screamed her orgasm, driving her jaws apart and into his sharp teeth, which mercifully parted enough not to mark her face.

"Naughty girl." He rumbled and pulled out, letting her shoulders and wobbly legs take her weight again as he moved to get a tight muzzle and locked her jaws closed tightly enough that nothing more than a mumble would escape again.

She whimpered slightly through the muzzle fixed around her mouth, getting the feeling that she was well and truly in over her head this time. Even so, when his hands touched her again, possessive and oh-so-sure of their actions along her chest as he pressed against her back to graze her neck below the collar with his teeth she shuddered in the intense pleasure of his domination.

"So innocent and sweet, all tired up and enjoying my pleasure." He rumbled throatily in her ear as his hands slid smoothly along her breasts to tease the hard nipples there with his claws. "I did tell you I'd take you to whole new levels."

She nodded slightly and pressed back against his body, hungry for the contact. He was unbelievable in so many ways!


In a nearby room, Fenrik was thoroughly disturbed by what he was seeing. It wasn't the dominance; it wasn't even seeing Afet in a situation so close to one he'd have to interfere with.

What was bothering him was her lover ... he'd recognized Master Kiris all too well the moment he saw her sit next to him. He couldn't tell if his Master was trying to make a point, to her or to him, or if this was just coincidence leading the two of them together ... but he could tell that the older Panther wasn't acting like himself. If he kept this up ... Fenrik might just have to intervene.

That was an idea unsettling on a level it almost rattled his concentration right out of the room. Not that he would have minded not having to experience this ... he'd almost wished he'd gone with his first reaction and left her to his Master's care when they went upstairs together. After all, who would be safer for her to be with than his Master?

Then the door shut and he felt the Force ripples from them both and just couldn't turn away.

Something was wrong ... off ... and he couldn't figure out what it was.

Whatever it was, it was giving the younger Panther a headache. He had to wonder if his Master had been indulging this particular... kink... for a while. Probably not, but it was a side of him he hadn't seen before.

No ... that wasn't quite right. He had seen this before. It was disturbingly like the handful of times they'd been involved in a prolonged fight. Only that the force and violence was revealing itself while he was having sex....

Fenrik shuddered and whimpered to himself as a multi-tailed whip lashed across Afet's back with exactly the right touch to make her whimper in pain that turned her even more on.

He winced with the next blow, shifting uncomfortably. He was torn between his loyalty and trust in his Master, and the knowledge that he was hurting the person Fenrik was supposed to be protecting. He wanted to interfere, honestly... but he knew Afet seemed to be enjoying it.

But then... how could she say otherwise?

"*Master!*" He protested mentally as the third blow landed, Afet's scream muffled by the muzzle.

He felt how startled the older Panther was at the voice in his head, then even more surprise when it registered who it was.

"*You're still watching ...*" Master Kiris seemed to fold part of himself away almost instantly. "*I would not push her past her limit.*"

"*What would you say if I wasn't?*" Fenrik pointed out. He wanted to trust his Master to keep her safe... he knew he should. At the same time, he wasn't entirely sure he could, in these circumstances.

There was a long pause on the other end. Too long for Fenrik's nerves.

"*Save your headache and come in.*" Master Kiris offered evenly.

"*That will tell her both that she's being followed, and who you are,*" Fenrik said, shaking his head slightly in real life. "*I just need to know that if she needs you to stop, that you will... and that she'll be back at the Palace safely afterwards.*"

"*I will, and she will.*" He said simply.

A few moments passed, Fenrik's uncertainties facing off against his belief in his Master, the Panther who'd trained one full Jedi before him, and brought him to this point in his own training. In the end, with a silent prayer that this wasn't some sort of test, his trust won.

"*I'll return to the Palace,*" Fenrik said, standing up and starting out of his room. "*I'll see you in the morning, Master.*"


Back in the other room, Afet was wheezing through the muzzle, unable to pant. She'd recovered from the third whip blow a few seconds ago, and was wondering what was keeping her Master for the evening from delivering a fourth. She looked back over her shoulder at him, a questioning expression in her eyes as she saw he was very much focused elsewhere.

It didn't last long though, and the fourth blow, while much softer than previous ones, landed on the swollen and sensitive flesh between her legs, one tip of the whip landing squarely on her hard clit.

"Mmmf!" She tried to pull herself up by her arms, instinctively wanting away from the pain at the same time she desperately wanted the pleasure that followed it. After a brief surge upwards, she sank back down, ready once again for anything the Panther behind her wanted to do.

Well... ready physically, at least.

She heard him move around, then a length of cloth was put over her eyes to blind her and an experienced hand was between her legs, teasing the tender flesh the pulsed and twitched against them.

She whimpered softly, pressing into the contact, wincing a little as he touched the red marks the whip had left over her tender flesh. It turned into a muted groan as his fingers slid into her again, teasing her body for a moment before his presence was gone.

She whimpered needily, trying to find where he was from where she was tied, but he was silent in his movements.

Then he was back and a hard, slick object was pressed into her unprepared ass.

She let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a whimper, accepting the length into her body. She whimpered again, her nerves on fire from the sense of being stretched unexpectedly by the large feline dildo. Her entire body shuddered when it began to warm and vibrate, moving the barb-hairs against her body walls as he set it where he wanted it.

Then her muzzle came off and his mouth was on hers again with a kiss that could claim her soul if she wasn't careful. She parted her lips, letting him plunder her in every way he wanted, giving herself over to his every desire as he pulled her up to sink into her well-used pussy again, his hard cock rubbing against the thick dildo inside her body as she was fucked within an inch of her life and so exhausted she could barely hold her head upright.

Finally, her lover undid her wrists and ankles, moving her to the bed in the room and laying her down on it.

"Sleep now," he rumbled, a Force-backed command she followed happily, purring raspily as she dozed off, her ass still twitching lightly around the dildo still in it, her pussy dripping with Panther-semen as he double checked that no one was in the immediate area so he could go find the young Panther tom he'd actually come down here for.

"Master, if I could have a few words with you?" Fenrik asked softly, politely, as the talks for the day ended and the two hooded Panthers left the room.

"Of course, Padawan." Master Kiris said easily as they made the distance to his quarters in silence.

"What happened last night?" Fenrik asked, throwing his hood back as the door closed.

"I indulged myself with a willing partner." He answered simply; his own hood sliding back easily to reveal that he really was calm about it.

"Master, that was more than just indulging ... you could have hurt her. She could have been begging you to stop, and you wouldn't have known while she had the muzzle on ...."

"Padawan, I am not so mind-blind that I can not tell when it is too much." He pointed out firmly. "I promised to take her to her limit, and I did no more than that."

"To judge by today, you definitely did that," Fenrik agreed. "Do you plan on any repeats of last night?"

"On this planet, unlikely." He answered simply. "Before you are a Knight, most likely. It is something I do every couple years."

"I'd meant with Afet, but I'll take that as a 'no,'" Fenrik nodded, relaxing a bit. "I honestly didn't know what to do last night," he admitted.

"It was that disturbing, Padawan?" Master Kiris asked more gently.

"The idea that my mission might mean having to do something to stop you?" Fenrik asked him softly. "It shouldn't have been?"

"That idea is very disturbing," his Master nodded. "I am rather surprised you considered your judgment better than mine over what she could take, and what she wanted."

"What would you have expected me to do if it hadn't been you, Master?" Fenrik asked him. "I typically trust your judgment, but I had no idea that part of you existed, that you enjoyed doing things like that. It seemed singularly... atypical."

"I would have expected you to pay attention to her state of mind, just as I did. If it had gone any further than it did, I would have expected you to interfere." He locked eyes with the younger Panther. "You did not know I do those things because you have never cared to find out. I learned how to handle those desires from my Master, as he did from his. Just as Jolith learned from me once he passed his Trials. An understanding of such desires and how to satisfy them without going too far is what I offered to teach you yesterday."

"That's a lesson I'll be putting off, I think," Fenrik said, trying with some success to conceal his reaction to having that suspicion from the last night confirmed. "I'll trust to your judgment in the future though," he added, inclining his head respectfully.

He could tell his Master silenced a sigh.

"Whoever you choose to learn from, be sure they care about you." Kiris said more gently than usual. "It does not have to be like what you have witnessed."

"I understand, Master," Fenrik nodded, a statement that was at least mostly true. "Just... I'm not ready for that yet."

Especially not with the man who'd practically been his father as well as his teacher for five years now.

"Good," Master Kiris actually smiled, a bit of relief evident in his manner. "You are much younger than I would like to see get into what she has already."

"Master, I didn't decide to be interested in sex until a week ago, if that," Fenrik chuckled weakly. "She has quite the head start on me in that department."

"True, you are as much a late bloomer as she is an early one." He chuckled and squeezed Fenrik's shoulder gently. "I will watch her for the next few nights." He said seriously. "You have much to think about, and possibly explore."

"Thank you, Master," Fenrik nodded, suspecting he had some idea what he was talking about. "Not to jinx it, but I hope that if anything does go wrong, it's in the next few nights," he chuckled slightly.

"I prefer to hope nothing goes wrong, and expect it will every night." Master Kiris chuckled. "Now go get some rest ... if that's what you want."

"For a while," Fenrik nodded, blushing slightly as he started out of his Master's quarters and towards his own nearby.

Fenrik was grateful to finally sit after a very long day of talks, and even more grateful that he got turn out almost all of the small talk that happened over the evening meal. He had to admit, the food was good, and it wasn't entirely because he was hungry. It was always a spicy, meaty and plentiful main course with as much fruit, sweet and savory breads, fruit juices and wine as one could eat. His Master didn't even chastise him for indulging his appetite; compared to everyone else, he still ate lightly and kept the wine to a minimum.

Of course, he was also expected to indulge himself here. The first couple nights he'd tried eating normally until one of the diplomats pointed out, discretely of course, that he was about one more passed dish away from insulting the cooking.

He couldn't fault the entertainment either; most nights they had something new and exotic compared to most of the Republic, whether it was music, storytelling, or dancing, and it was frequently all three or a combination of them. These people definitely believed in enjoying every moment they could.

Tonight there was going to be something special, though he hadn't quite caught what.

His breath nearly caught when the youth entered the space inside the horseshoe of diners. Despite his age, barely old enough to even have his first nubs, the grace and exotic beauty of the boy was enough to make his heart race for a moment before he caught it. Sleek muscles moved with a dancer's grace under Panther-black fur with matte-black tiger stripes and a truly unique mixture of heritage that struck every nerve in the young Jedi's mind. It was nearly enough to make him miss the slave-ring attached to his collar.

Fenrik had to wonder what he was going to be doing. Here, it could be just about anything. Including some forms of 'entertainment' that made his cheeks burn and the harem area look tame.

"The first public dance of my Caspar," Vizier Asadel Shia-Agil spoke up with real pride in his voice. "The first mapri born to the generation."

Fenrik wondered what the word meant, but left the question to be answered later. He was fairly certain it would be clear soon enough. He thought the Vizier's pride in his slave's first dance was unusual, but chalked it up to one more oddity about the local system.

On the other hand, the graceful kit was skilled enough to be proud of. His movements were sensual and erotic, but not so blatant as some of the females were with their breasts. It had a good deal more of an effect between Fenrik's legs to.

Enough that the teen was incredibly grateful for the general noise of the dinner that covered his gasp when the kit spun in a circle with his tail and leg raised, giving all a very good view that behind his balls and in front of his ass was a slit where the female sex would be, and was.

He was equally glad for the hood that hid his startled reaction... not that it was a bad one, just very surprised.

He'd never met anyone who had both sets of sexes. At least not that he'd known about. Maybe that was what mapri meant. Such a rarity would be valuable after all, maybe enough to rate a name of it's own.

And being the first one in the generation would definitely be a rarity, a piece of property to be proud of. Fenrik took a glass of juice, taking a sip to get some moisture into his dry mouth. As much as the boy's appearance appealed to him, the idea of him being just a curiosity, even a well-treated one, made him feel mildly sick.

"*He is more than a curiosity,*" Master Kiris told him, his mind tight with constrained distaste. "*He is the pride of the harem.*"

It helped him focus enough to keep from letting his reactions show to anybody but his Master, but it wasn't too much consolation. Knowing that the boy, younger than he was, was a member of the harem instead of just a dancer, offset any benefits.

He was vaguely curious enough to wonder why he hadn't seen him there before, but it wasn't enough to bring his interest back to the kit's movements.

Fenrik stretched languidly as he woke, his morning stiffness quickly fading. His rounded ears twitched slightly as he heard Tel, the bath servant who'd been assigned to him, working in the other room.

He climbed out of bed, starting into the bathroom at a slightly more leisurely pace than normal. He had plenty of time this morning; the diplomats on both sides had agreed to one thing at least, that they all needed a bit of a break before they returned to hammering out the trade agreement.

With his Master still watching Afet for trouble, he had no actual requirements on him for the day or night; his first actual day off in most of a year.

He wasn't exactly used to having a surplus of spare time, but this was more than welcome. At the very least he usually was doing more than just standing in place mostly silently.

"Good morning, Tel," he smiled as he slipped into the bath with the nude female.

"Good morning, Master." She smiled back and began what had become their morning bathing ritual by wetting his fur down, unaware of the shift in his thoughts in the past week.

He'd done as his master had suggested ... most of his evenings had been split between 'exploring' and meditation, working to keep himself centered despite the relatively new urges and impulses he was acting on.

Among other things, the growing awareness of just how attractive the young woman who was helping him really was. It was more than her well-groomed fur and supple curves, though the curves were definitely a big part of it, it was the easy grace in how she moved too; the way a female moved when she were completely at ease and comfortable with her body, her sexual appeal, her very well put-together femininity and where she was. But it was also that she wasn't so blatant about her sexual appeal. It was there, but it wasn't her purpose, it was simply part of the overall package.

It was a part of her as a person, rather than something she pushed. And that made her all the more desirable, despite the slave-collar she wore. But then, she wasn't a harem slave ... it wasn't something she was expected to do, so she could refuse if he asked and she wasn't interested.

He was snapped out of his reverie by the feel of her skilled hands slipping around to wash his sheath and balls, finding his fully-hard shaft. This wasn't the first time, that had been an excruciatingly embarrassing event, but it was the first time when he was thinking about what he might do with her to work it off.

"Would you like me to summon Vespa for you?" She asked politely and easily as she rinsed the sensitive flesh.

"Mmm ... unless I could convince you to join me instead?" He asked her hopefully, not that surprised by the surprise on her face.

He briefly saw a completely different side to her, one that was not the obedient servant, but the woman who could make her own choices and was considering him and his offer on its own merits.

"I have heard you are quite the considerate lover," she purred softly and ran her fingers up his jaw to guide him into a passionate kiss that he returned gladly, wrapping his powerful arms around her.

"I do my best," he rumbled as their lips parted. "Is that a 'yes'?" He asked her, kissing her neck as his fingers worked through her short cinnamon fur.

"Yes, it is." She purred as her hands ran down his chest with a decidedly different quality to her touch.

"Good," he rumbled, running his own hands down her back as he kissed her hungrily, his fingers kneading the firm globes of her ass, playing around the base of her tail lightly.

"Mmm, I know you know how to play with femmes," she rumbled as her hands closed around his shift, teasing the barbs just below the head and squeezing the nubs along the rest.

"Mmm ... something a bit more like this?" He rumbled, moving his hands around to cup her breasts and turn her so her back pressed against the edge of the bath as he kissed her again, squeezing the firm mounds gently.

"Yes," she let out a purring sigh as her arousal seeped into the air around them and she moved her hands down to fondle his balls.

"Good." He purred deeply, squeezing her nipples, letting one hand trail down her body to stroke her sex under the hot, fragrant water, his own sex rock hard at her attentions.

"Fill me," Tel whispered with a throaty sigh of pleasure and reached her arms up to embrace his neck while she kissed him.

"With pleasure," he purred deeply, shifting his hands to lift her up slightly, pressing his shaft into her sex with a deep, lusty groan as he pulled her hips against his and she wrapped her legs around his hips, her weight supported partially by the water, partially by her arms around his shoulders and partially by his arms around her.

"Oh, yes." She moaned and kissed him lustily as they worked together for a shared pleasure.

"So good," he groaned, kissing her jaw line, then her neck, thrusting into her sex, the water keeping him from going any faster than a comfortable, leisurely pace that would probably keep them both going for a while.

"Yes," she moaned in agreement and did her best to tighten her body around him, adding to his pleasure and her own.

Fenrik's claws popped out slightly, prickling her rump and back as he bred her, shifting his thrusts occasionally to try and make her moans louder with a fair amount of success.

"Such a hungry tom," she shuddered and rested her head against his chest, enjoying the ride immensely as the first twinges of an orgasm built between her legs.

"Nnngh... I don't hear you... complaining," he rumbled, kissing her ear. "Not much longer," he groaned, his balls twitching, close to his own climax. In response she tightened the muscles in her thighs, shifting her body slightly as she cried out in pleasure and closed around his shaft to milk it through her orgasm.

He let out a half-controlled roar, his balls pulling up to his body as they spilled their load into her hot, hungry sex that kept demanding more and more.

"Mmmm, a very nice start," Tel murmured and nuzzled him.

"Do you have anywhere you have to be?" He asked her, licking her neck softly as he caught his breath.

"Not for many hours," she gave his still-hard cock a squeeze.

"Want to move this to the bed?" He asked her with a deep rumble, raking his fingers down her back.

"Works for me," she purred deeply and hugged him, uncertain if he wanted to stay inside her for the short walk or not.

"Come on," he rumbled, pulling out of her with a reluctant groan. "Let's get dried off and back to enjoying ourselves."

He climbed out of the pool, offering her a hand out and walking over to the fur dryers. He kissed her as they started, the warm air blowing over their fur as he ran his fingers through hers, fluffing it up a bit and starting to trail kisses down her jaw line while she returned the favor, her arousal an intoxicating musk in his nose even as her hands and body reinforced that it was for him.

He reached down, fondling her sex as he nuzzled her breasts, then kissed his way down until he was kneeling in front of her. He lapped at her slick, wet, fragrant sex hungrily, tasting himself mixed with her arousal.

Tel moaned and spread her legs as her hands dropped to his head to rub his soft ears, shuddering as his rough tongue ran over sensitive flesh keyed to respond to exactly that texture.

He rumbled deeply, rubbing her hips and buttocks as he spread her lips with his tongue, running the back of it down from her clit to the hot entrance to her body, then running the rough surface around the tight orifice, slipping it in slightly to tease her most sensitive flesh that he'd been enveloped in so recently, and would be again soon.

"Ohhh, yes," she let her head fall back and leaned against the wall slightly for support as he worked her body with his tongue, it's roughness so much more satisfying than his almost-smooth cock, for all being full of the hard flesh was what she desired most.

He pressed his tongue in deeper, shifting one hand to rub her clit as he plundered her sex with his tongue, sharp teeth pressed against her body. He looked up along her body, slowly working his other hand up to fondle her breasts as her pleasure washed over him in her moans and in the Force.

He was ready when her moans turned into a trembling cry, right on the edge for a moment before she plunged over with a scream of raw intensity as her body tensed, her physical control lost to her pleasure.

He drank in the taste, scent, and intoxicating rush of her pleasure eagerly, her juices matting the fur of his muzzle as he continued to lick at her spasming, twitching sex until she shuddered one last time, her legs unwilling to support her for a moment.

"Ohh, you have been practicing." She gasped out softly.

"I take it that it paid off?" He asked, grinning up at her and standing to let his own fur dry off better.

"I think so," she rumbled with a slight shudder and reached out to stroke his hard cock. "Now how anti-productive to bed games would a returned favor be?"

"Mmm... not at all," he grinned, kissing her as her touch sent shivers of pleasure up his spine. This felt so much better than it did with the harem members; more honest, like she was honestly enjoying what they were doing.

"Good," Tel grinned and knelt to take the tip of his cock into her mouth to swirl her rough tongue around the spongy head while her hands moved down to roll his balls between her fingers.

It wasn't long before he was groaning, his hands on the back of her head as he fought the urge to thrust into her mouth. He leaned into the wall she'd just been pressed back against, spreading his legs on reflex to give her more room as she took him in up to his barbs so her tongue could work those, swirling around his shaft in no hurry to make him come.

"Oh Tel," he groaned, rubbing her pointed ears lightly. "Mmm ... you've been practicing too, I guess," he grinned down at her.

"I like guys," she winked up before taking him almost all the way into her mouth to suck and play with his nubs.

"Oh fuck," he groaned, leaning his head back, screwing his eyes shut as she teased him in every way that felt best. She knew what she was doing, though she didn't have as much skill as the harem members, it felt even more incredible because she was doing this because she wanted to.

Ironic, really. That his first partner he knew was involved of her own choice was actually a slave. He started to thrust lightly into her mouth, pre-cum dribbling from his length as he came close and she put even more effort into pushing him just a little harder.

It wasn't long before her efforts were rewarded with a roar and explosion of come into her mouth to be partially swallowed, the rest dribbling out of the side of her mouth.

He panted, rubbing the back of her head, and then drawing her up for a kiss that tasted strongly of each other's sex, flavors that quickly mingled in their mouths.

"Bed?" He asked with a throaty purr.

"Yes," she murmured and turned the blowers off before following him into the main room and his large bed.

This time, he was definitely making no bones about taking the lead. He pulled her down onto the bed with him with a hungry, fiery kiss, rolling over on top of her once they were on it entirely and relished in her responsiveness when she spread her legs for him and kissed back with equal heat.

He propped himself up on his elbows, gripping her shoulders as he shifted to kiss and lick at her neck. He sank into her body with a groan, his cock throbbing as his few barbs raked the insides of her sex, sending shivers of pleasure up both their spines. His eyes closed briefly when she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his hips, her ankles and calves adding strength and rhythm to his thrusts that went deeper into her tight body than he realized was possible.

"Ohhh, Fenrik." She moaned deeply and wrapped her arms around him so their entire bodies rubbed against each other as he thrust.

"Nnngh ... Tel ... incredible," he grunted, his velvet-furred balls swinging up against her ass every time he hilted inside her. He'd have to start cheating pretty seriously if he wanted to keep this up for much longer. The pleasure offered by her own free will was something he'd never expected to be so much more intense than the skilled touch of those who did it for their living.

He started to do just that. He focused on holding his impending orgasm off, letting his senses drift to how she was responding to his efforts as he searched for the spots that had felt so good in the pool. It wasn't difficult either. Her body welcomed his, pleasured by almost every touch and excited by his moans and shudders almost as much as if she was empathic and feeling them too.

He could feel how she shifted, just little movements he barely noticed physically, that would made him rub and press all the right spots as long as he kept his movements steady.

He did just that, growling lustily as he bit her shoulder lightly, his cheek rubbing her neck as he thrust faster, his tail lashing behind him. He tuned out her collar against his cheek even as his breath came faster, her pleasure amplifying his own as she squeezed down around him. He nearly choked on the intensity of feeling her orgasm start, the pleasure from three distinct places and types coalescing into an all-consuming bolt of energy that tightened every muscle in her body with a sharp cry.

He came with her, his balls pulling up close to his body as he lost control and sprayed her pulsing, twitching insides with his seed. His jaws tightened around her shoulder, not quite enough to break the skin but painfully enough to get her attention when she had a bit of muscle control back.

"Shu," Tel murmured and brought her off hand up to stroke his hair and ears gently, trying to get him to relax his grip on her shoulder. "Relax, Fenrik."

For a moment, she thought he wouldn't. Then something seemed to click in his mind, and he released her shoulder quickly, his expression slightly panicked.

"I am so sorry," he murmured.

"It's okay," she continued to stroke his ears and rubbed her legs along his hips and butt, bringing a jolt of pleasure to the hard flesh still between them. "Just a bit more force that I prefer there."

"I didn't hurt you, right?" He asked, nuzzling her neck more gently.

"Not enough to complain," she chuckled softly and scritched the base of his ears. "You just get a little excited. Something to work on, but not bad."

"Good," he murmured, kissing her on the lips. "Thanks for letting me know."

Tel smiled up at him, her body still lazily milking his hard cock so deep inside her and considered him a moment. "Have you spaced out like that before?"

"No," he admitted, groaning a bit as her body worked to keep his hard. "Not that I've had that much time to, but I should've been more careful."

"How about a position that isn't so demanding on you keeping tabs on those sharp teeth?" She winked up at him and squeezed down before rippling the muscles along his length in a wave of pleasure similar to mating her.

"Ooh ... any suggestions?" He asked her.

"Get off me and I'll show you," she grinned playfully up at him.

"I dunno," he said with a half-sheepish grin. "This is kinda comfortable." His words aside, he did pull out of her with a groan, rolling off to the side and watched her rounded form as she rolled over to her elbows and knees to put her rump in the air and a lusty look for him across her shoulder.

"Scruff is meant to take that kind of bite, and have it feel good." She rumbled and flicked her tail up invitingly.

"I'll remember that," he rumbled, rubbing her ass lightly as he got onto his knees behind her. "By the way, Tel... thank you, for agreeing to this." He shifted to press his powerful body against her back. "It's good to know what it's like with somebody who has a real choice in it."

"Mmm, I can't believe a young stud like you can't get a date when he wants," she moaned as he pressed into her soaked and stretched body and tightened around him and all the new places he rubbed in this position.

"Mmm... I haven't really 'wanted' before," he groaned, supporting his weight on one arm and using the other to fondle her breasts. "Only been with members of the harem so far," he added.

"You could do a lot worse for playmates, first or otherwise," she murmured, then moaned deeply as they got back into rhythm.

"Mmm... certainly not doing worse now," he rumbled deeply, thrusting deeply into her sex, his barbs raking her insides as she moaned and squeezed down around him, relishing the full feeling and the pleasure of a large tom over her.

"Thank you," she purred throatily.

He rumbled lustily, relishing the feel of her body against his chest. He bit down on her scruff, taking the loose skin between his teeth the same way he had her shoulder just a few moments ago and felt the rush it gave her mingle with his own at such a blatant act of domination rooted in the deepest part of their sexual heritage.

He growled around her scruff, speeding his thrusts into her well-used body and drinking in her pleasure as her body worked him as much as he worked hers. As his balls started twitching, he pulled out of her, pressing his cock up against the tight pucker of her ass and press into her.

What happened next was something of a blur even as the pleasure of the much tighter opening closed around the head of his cock. He heard the scream of pain, the 'no' and 'stop' even as she fought to pull forward and away from the unwelcome penetration.

He let go of her scruff and pulled back suddenly, his interest in acting on his arousal disappearing entirely as he sensed her reaction. He was still hard as a rock, but well and truly uninterested in anything but how badly he'd hurt her.

"Are you okay?" He asked as she twisted around to face him, her tail tucked tightly between her legs to compact her anus as much as possible for the pain to subside.

"It's polite to ask before trying that," she managed an almost stable voice, mentally cursing whoever had taught him otherwise. "It can hurt a lot if you're not prepared."

"Sorry," he murmured, lowering his head and closing his eyes. Damn, he should have known better; the rules were different with the harem. "I didn't know." He shuddered a bit, trying to get his reactions back under control.

"I figured as much," Tel said as the pain subsided under her tail. He hadn't gone far in, or torn anything. For that much she was grateful. "Better to learn with someone you don't intend to share your bed for long." She reached a hand out to lift his chin a bit. "And judging by your reaction, you're not going to do it again."

"No," he said easily. "Definitely not like that. You're all right then?"

"I will be in a few minutes," Tel nodded and gingerly rubbed her rump. "You didn't go far in. It hurt, but it doesn't feel like there's any damage."

"Good," he nodded, his relief obvious. Thinking back, he realized that what she'd said about knowing how to play with fems hadn't been urging him to hurry up, but telling him to stay away from there. It was a realization that didn't do much for making him feel better about it.

"Mind being the one on your back?" She shook off the lingering discomfort in a decided intent to have this end pleasurably for them both. It didn't hurt that just looking at him, so hard and with such a fine body, made her want to suck him off again. It also made her wonder if his Master -- his teacher actually -- was just as fine close up. Reyth had certainly indicated that the mature Panther was the physical epitome of the breed as long as you didn't mind scars from a lifetime of battles.

"Not at all," he smiled. "Or like before, I'll just remind myself not to pull that again. You sure you want to go on?"

"Right now, I want this hard thing," she reached out and played her fingers up the underside of his cock, "in my mouth."

"I won't complain," he rumbled. "Sixty-nine?" He offered, hoping he was remembering the right name for what Vespa had introduced him to a night or two ago.

"Mmm, I like that idea," she purred and moved forward, her hand lifting to gently press on his chest, encouraging him to lay back on the bed. It didn't take much encouragement at all, and soon his hands were rubbing her sides as he looked up into her face. A kiss, long, hot and lingering, came before she shifted to put her mons in front of his muzzle and took the very tip of his cock into her mouth to repeat the treatment she'd given him in the dryers.

Fenrik sighed inwardly as he tracked Afet back to the Eel's Lash. A week off tracking her had been a nice reprieve, but somehow it didn't help to see that the old pattern was well and truly repeating itself.

It even looked like she was back to her old bed partners. He was already making arrangements to take a room near her usual one. In the meantime, Afet was talking with the one-eyed Cat she'd tended to sleep with when he'd started this job. It was taking slightly longer than usual for them to move to a room; Afet looked like she was going to get through two drinks. The Cat kept asking about the unknown Panther she'd been with a week before. Something she didn't have any real answers for.

Fenrik couldn't be more glad for that ignorance, and honestly wished he shared it. There were things he simply didn't want to know about his Master.

Or himself, for all that the one seemed to lead into the other every time he thought about it. He drank his coffee, strong and bitter, flavored with a little cardamom, and watched as the conversation shifted back to its normal subject as she started on her second drink. He wasn't sure to be glad or not, but as she finished her second drink and left to go upstairs, he followed not long afterwards to his night of trying not to see, even as he had to.

He still cringed inwardly and cursed his body for reacting the way it did to these nights. Especially when she was with such unsavory company.

He frowned as something worked past his attempts to watch without watching. Something in Afet's reactions were off, muted. She was moving fine, and certainly seemed to be enjoying her "lover's" attentions enough... but at the same time, they were exactly the reactions he wasn't sure about.

Even as One-Eye, as he'd come to call the older feline with no name he knew of, was happily taking advantage of her presence, her moans were different, her body more relaxed. He scowled as he realized what was up.

He'd drugged her... but why? It certainly wasn't to get her into bed with him, he accomplished that easily enough when she was sober....

Fenrik waited and extended his senses slightly, hoping to get some sign of what was going on before he had to intervene to stop it. It wasn't long before One-Eye finished and pulled out of her lax body to quickly dress even as a Striped Jackal came up to the door.

He stood, taking his 'saber in hand and moving to the door, careful about not attracting attention. Afet wasn't unconscious, but the laxity of her body told him that she wasn't going to be able to help herself right now; she was practically paralyzed.

That was why he was there. He just needed to know what was going on first... this might be something 'commonplace,' but it might just as easily be anything but.

"You have the money?" One-Eye asked, buttoning his pants.

"Once I know it's the right girl," the Jackal nodded, stepping into the room and moving to the bed. One-Eye turned to watch him, and Fenrik silently opened his door, drawing his senses back into himself and weaving a gentle suggestion that the feline at the door didn't hear anything unusual.

"Yeah, I got you the right girl," he said. "What, you think I'd screw that up? I've been screwin' her for a few months now; I think I know what she looks like."

"Excellent," the Jackal nodded. "Now your payment." He reached into his vest, pulling out a hold-out blaster and firing on the Cat in the door. One-Eye hadn't even gotten his hand to his own gun before he hit the floor.

Fenrik's lightsaber flared to life, blazing white as he barged into the room.

"Get away from her," he said warningly as the Jackal's eyes went wide, then narrowed with a growl.

"Pretty sword, boy." He sneered and fired, not expecting a simple energy blade to be a threat.

Fenrik deflected the shot easily, angling it into the wall away from any of them. He could tell the Jackal had never faced a Jedi before. That, or he really didn't think Fenrik could be one.

Time to educate him.

He moved forward, careful to keep his attack well away from Afet as he slashed to drive the Jackal back from the bed, letting him get between the two of them. Hold-out blasters didn't have too many shots... if he could get him to exhaust the energy cell, he might be able to take him prisoner.

He had no doubts that while surrender wasn't in the Jackal's plans, the canine wasn't suicidal either. He'd likely bolt before the fight got that serious.

Which left him with three locations to keep him away from; Afet, the door and the window.

Then a shot was leveled just past his hip, right in line with Afet behind him.

With the space of a trigger-squeeze the only thing separating him from letting Afet be killed and taking a prisoner, he didn't have much time to think. With a single slash, as much forward as upwards, the Jackal's hand fell to the floor, still gripping the blaster. A moment later, his cry of pain was silenced by the lightsaber that hewed through his neck without slowing in the least, his eyes staring out lifelessly. Fenrik felt a sick, guilty twinge, but pushed it back as he extinguished his 'saber.

He was about to turn to pick up Afet to take back to the palace when a weak groan of pain caught his attention from near the doorway.

"*What happened?*" Master Kiris' question at the forefront of his mind now that there was nothing critical to focus on.

"*Kidnap attempt,*" Fenrik said silently. "*Send the guards, I have wounded and Afet's been given a sedative I don't know how to cure.*" He moved over to the half-dead Cat at the door, kneeling beside him.

"Don't get any smart ideas," he murmured, focusing and touching the scorch-wound on One-Eye's chest, healing the ugly wound well enough to ensure he'd survive. His 'saber was still in his other hand, ready to use in an instant if necessary.

He hoped it wouldn't be.

He shuddered a moment later in the stillness, the smell of scorched fur and flesh and death heavy in his nose, when he expanded his scenes to keep a watch for more trouble and realized that Afet had seen, and understood, everything.

He moved over to her side, taking her hand and squeezing it lightly. It didn't seem like there was any more trouble coming ... if the Jackal had had any friends, they weren't nearby.

"*Master, I'm moving them to the next room,*" he said, picking Afet up first, cradling her head as he lifted her in his arms.

"*Understood, Padawan.*" His mental strength helped sooth Fenrik's uneasiness about what had happened.

"Sorry you had to see that," he murmured, and walked out of the room towards his own, careful of her lover. He'd have to help him move too, but there was no way he was going to leave her in the room with the body if he could help it.

He was getting ready to pick up One-Eye when he heard the footsteps of running palace guards and the nearly silent but much more potent presence of his Master leading them flawlessly in the shortest path.

He helped the older Cat stand up and move to the other room to wait for the guards to get there a few moments later. He wasn't at all surprised that it was heralded by a major commotion downstairs as everyone was rounded up for questioning while his Master immediately came upstairs to the room.

"How was he injured?" Master Kiris asked as he took in the scene and moved over to check Lady Afet's condition.

"Blaster shot," Fenrik answered. "If you can watch them, I think I should retrieve the blaster. It didn't look right."

"Of course," Master Kiris nodded easily. "*What happened to the attacker?*"

"Very dead," Fenrik answered, not thinking to use telepathy. "Afet might need help when she can respond again... he was threatening to kill her, I had to act before he could pull the trigger...." He swallowed, shaking his head. "I'll be back in a moment," he said, hurrying over to claim the hold-out blaster from the severed hand, trying to ignore the head nearby.

Even with his limited knowledge of blasters, he could tell that he was right - it had been heavily modified, and likely not on this planet.

Kiris waited for his Padawan to return and hand the weapon over. "*That explains a missing hand.*" He pointed out evenly.

"*I didn't have time to check my angle,*" Fenrik said, lowering his head. He knew he hadn't had to kill the Jackal, hadn't even intended to. Replaying the moment in his mind, he knew that at any of a half-dozen points he could have stopped with crippling, rather than killing.

*Should have stopped with it.

He just hadn't stopped his swing at any one of those points.

Master Kiris nodded and stood to clasp his Padawan's shoulder firmly. "You did what you had to. There may well have been better choices, but yours did work."

"Thank you, Master," Fenrik said, more automatically than anything else. "How long will it take Lady Afet to recover?"

"Not long," he glanced at the still female with a suspicion she may have connected him to the nameless lover of the previous week now that they had some closer contact. "But long enough to have her in her own bed before it happens." He turned to Fenrik. "You take her back home. I will handle the investigation."

"Yes, Master," Fenrik nodded easily, picking her up carefully. "Did you bring some sort of vehicle, or will I be carrying her all the way back?" He asked, clearly comfortable with either answer.

"A palace aircar should be here when you get to the door." He said after a moment to check on it and glanced at the naked Panther. He silently removed his outer cloak to cover her nudity for the trip back to the palace.

"Thank you. I imagine she'll be somewhat more comfortable than with me running her back," he chuckled slightly, looking down at Afet's limp body before he started out. If he hadn't known better, he would have been very worried for her right now.

"No doubt," Master Kiris nodded and knelt to question the Cat who wasn't quite as out of it as he looked.

Afet mumbled her first attempt to talk, her mind still fully aware but her body less than cooperative. She was grateful to be back home, a bit annoyed to have been followed for who knows how long and still a bit stunned to find out that the exquisite Panther that had used her so deliciously was a Jedi.

"How are you doing?" Fenrik asked from his seat next to her bed, looking down at her. She'd been starting to move a bit more, regaining her muscle control slowly returning.

"Okay," she managed, blinking at him a few times. "Did that really happen?"

"The kidnapping attempt? I'm afraid so," he said softly. "You're safe now though."

"You killed him," she got up to one elbow to look at him without much more than surprise in her manner.

"Unfortunately," he nodded, still not feeling particularly good about it, feeling worse the more he thought events through. "He would have killed you if I hadn't acted."

She nodded to that. "He'd already killed Will." She said softly. "It doesn't make sense. Kidnapping is hardly worth killing a contact over."

"I managed to save him before it was too late," Fenrik told her. "And it depends on who you're doing the kidnapping for and why."

That made her frown. "He was a local. It's just money. I'd have been home by now."

"If that was the case, Lady Afet, why would he have tried to kill you? You wouldn't be worth anything to him dead, and to be fair, he would have been able to escape. The pieces don't add up to this being that simple, I'm afraid."

She nodded slowly and sank back down to the bed, pulling the simple dark brown robe more closely around her as the heady scent imbedded in it reminded her of what else she had see.

"Tell me about him," she said softly, fingering the rough material.

"About who?" Fenrik asked her.

"Your Master," she smiled softly, his eyes a bit distant as memories of her night with him came up.

"Where do you want me to start?" Fenrik asked, glad for a different topic, even as he became a little worried about what might happen now that she seemed to have recognized him. "He's a reasonably complex subject," he chuckled.

"His name," she smiled easily. "His heritage and interests beyond you."

"Master Kiris Rylen," Fenrik told her easily. "Though he never really uses his last name; most Panthers from our world don't once they join the Order and become Masters."

"Why?" She cocked her head curiously.

"The Jedi Order requires that its members renounce their political and family ties," Fenrik explained. "The tradition rose on Shiraak Prime, our home world, that when a Jedi has proven himself capable of performing all a Jedi's duties, they drop their family name when being addressed formally, to signify the loyalty to the Order over one's family."

"That is quite a price to pay for training," she murmured, trying to wrap her brain around the concept when family was everything in her world.

"Being Jedi is more than the training," he explained. "Our duties sometimes place us in positions where, for the good of the Republic, the Order, or the Force, we have to act in ways that aren't necessarily in the best interests of our families. The price of letting a conflict like that interfere can sometimes be thousands of lives."

She nodded slowly, her difficulty fathoming such a thing clear on her face, though she did not disbelieve him as he continued to the rest of her initial question.

"Master Kiris comes from a settlement on Shiraak Prime, a jungle world along the Outer Rim. He was sent to the Order when he was three, after the village's shaman recognized that he was a Sensitive. He was eventually taken on as Master Markill's Padawan, and trained in the ways of a Jedi Investigator. That's why he's still down at the Eel's Lash right now; trying to figure out what was going on for certain.

"Once he was knighted, he spent a few years working undercover in the Mid-Rim worlds, tracking down Exchange... operations." He caught himself before adding the 'slave' detail, hoping she wouldn't ask for too many details about that. "Eventually he took on a Padawan of his own, Jolith, and trained him the way he had been trained by his Master."

She nodded, then a startled and completely contrite expression crossed her face. "My deepest apologies, Jedi Fenrik." She couldn't bow while lying down wrapped in an outer Jedi robe, but the intent behind what she managed was clear. "I have not even thanked you for saving my life and here I am demanding information."

"No apologies necessary," he smiled easily. "Or thanks, for that matter; I was only doing my duty. I should have stopped what was happening before it got that far, but I wasn't entirely certain if I had to act before then."

"Still, there must be something I can offer in thanks." She insisted politely.

"If you wish, then perhaps you would promise not to leave the palace at night, just until the talks are over?" Fenrik asked politely. "There may be another attempt on your life, by somebody hoping to influence them."

"Agreed." It did not make her happy, but she nodded in agreement with an elegant grace that would have concealed her displeasure to most. "I will remain here until the talks are over."

"Thank you," he said, inclining his head towards her politely. He hoped he hadn't gone too far, but he was sure her father would be glad to know about the promise, so it shouldn't cause any trouble. "I believe you wanted to know about Master Kiris' interests then?" He asked, trying to change the subject again.

"Yes," she smiled more warmly and relaxed in the robe that smelled so deeply of the Panther under discussion.

"Most of his time is taken up with training, missions, or meditation," Fenrik admitted. "Lightsaber training especially; he's been working to qualify as a true Weapons Master since he took me on. But when he does have some down time, he usually plays dejaarik, occasionally sabacc. He plays the ree'zhu as well," he added with a smile. "It's a type of flute from back home. He's quite good at it too," he admitted.

"A well educated warrior," she smiled, pleased to hear such things interested the Panther. "What of yours?" She asked more conversationally.

"Aside from the usual, I'm trying to learn dejaarik from him," Fenrik chuckled slightly. "Getting better, but it's easy to tell he's holding back big-time yet. I have a lot more studying to work on, to keep up and learn everything I'm supposed to before I take my Trials in a few years."

"Not a surprise, with how many years of experience he has over you," she smiled warmly. "What kind of game is dejaarik?"

"Holo-chess," he explained a little sheepishly. "Sorry, didn't occur to me that it might not be a name you recognized. It's pretty popular through most of the Republic, especially when you leave the card games out of it."

"Ah," she nodded. "We still prefer the physical pieces, though it will likely become popular in public places where pieces can get lost easily."

"It picked up mostly once it became popular on ships," Fenrik explained. "I think so, at least. Between the difficulty of keeping track of things, the damage a piece could do if it got stuck in something it shouldn't, and the fact that the guy you're playing with might not have hands...." He chuckled.

"No hands?" She blinked, trying very hard to conceive of such a race being intelligent.

"Yeah," he nodded. "Not many of them, but there are some. Celegians are a good example. They look kinda like a giant brain, really; they levitate, they have tentacles they can use, but they're from a planet with a cyanogenic atmosphere. Normal air would poison them; the air they breathe would do the same to anybody else, so they only leave their homeworld in plasteel cylinders connected to a support system that filters their native atmosphere for them.

"Unfortunately, means they can't really manipulate things by touch, even when their tentacles would be strong enough. They use telekinesis for the most part."

She nodded. "How would that make a difference between a holo-game and a real one then?"

"It's easier to input commands on a console than to pick up a piece and move it to a different location," he explained, knowing how true that was from his practice. "Especially if you can't necessarily see the physical board perfectly clearly because the pieces are in the way."

"Oh," she accepted that, even without understanding it.

"*Padawan, excuse yourself and come to my quarters.*" Master Kiris instructed him silently.

"I'm afraid I have to go now," Fenrik said, standing with a polite bow. "I'm glad you're doing better. If you'd like, we can talk more later on, but I have to go make a full report on what happened."

"All right," she nodded easily. "I will see you later."

"Later," Fenrik agreed stood up with a smile. He turned to leave her room, closing the door behind him to let her dress as he made his way to his Master's quarters.

"Were you able to learn anything from Will?" He asked as the door closed behind him. "The Cat," he added by way of explanation, "according to Lady Afet."

"Nothing of value," he admitted. "But the hold-out blaster the Jackal had is definitely of Hutt origin. This was not one of their typical kidnappings. We will have to be on alert for more."

"I thought so," Fenrik sighed. "If I'd just acted a little faster or been a little more careful...."

"Yes," Master Kiris nodded. "It may have changed things. Assessing your actions is good. Becoming bogged down by them in guilt is not."

"I understand, Master," Fenrik nodded. "Do you believe this has anything to do with the talks?" He asked, almost needlessly. There were remarkably few other reasons for the Hutts to kidnap anybody from here, particularly not Afet - and it was clear that it was her intentionally.

"I have little doubt and no proof," he said simply. "We will have to watch her and others close to the talks carefully while it lasts."

"Fortunately, she has promised not to leave the palace the way she has been lately; at least until the talks are over," Fenrik said, smiling slightly.

"How did you manage that?" Kiris raised an eyebrow sharply, his approval clear in his dark eyes.

"She wanted to give me something to thank me for saving her life," Fenrik explained. "I told her it wasn't necessary, but she insisted. So I requested the promise from her."

"And excellent use of their customs, Padawan." Master Kiris smiled in honest approval. "We can only hope her father will be so easily appeased in the morning."

"I take it the same offer is going to come from him?" he said, not honestly sure how to handle this.

"Something similar," he acknowledged, "but that open offer may come after gifts that we will have a great deal of difficulty refusing. Saving his eldest child and heir is simply not something he can allow to go unrewarded without losing great face here. Protesting that he is far too generous is expected, he will reply that he is not generous enough, but it will almost have to end with acceptance of whatever it is. We will deal with it when we get off world."

"Understood, Master," Fenrik nodded, sighing inwardly. "Suggestions for the open-ended part of it would be welcome; I honestly have no clue what to do with that one."

"I will check with the diplomats, see what the worst sticking points are." He suggested.

"Thank you," Fenrik nodded. "Oh... just so you know, I think you'll have a suitor after tonight. Lady Afet recognized your scent."

"Likely my face as well." He nodded in acceptance of an unpleasant reality he had brought on himself. "Though it will keep her attention away from you, which is a good thing right now."

"I have to agree with that," Fenrik smiled slightly. "Is there anything else you wanted to tell me about, Master?"

"No, enjoy the rest of your evening." He shook his head slightly.

Fenrik bowed gratefully, leaving the room and returning to his own quarters. He'd need the time to center himself again.

Fenrik relaxed under Tel's expert hands in the bath the next morning, grateful to get the combat and rest out of his fur. It was going to be an eventful day, not just another day of standing and watching. Today he was the center of attention, at least for a while.

"Have you met Caspar yet?" Tel asked conversationally, her excitement about today's events obvious to the young Jedi.

"Not personally," the young Panther admitted. "Only the time a few nights ago when he danced at dinner."

"Shi's a sweet kid," she said easily, working on his shoulders. "I think you'll like hir."

"I'm going to be meeting hir today too?" Fenrik asked, chuckling slightly.

"You're going to get hir today," she smiled. She could feel the tension in his body immediately.

"What?" He asked her.

"As a gift for saving Lady Afet," she explained, uncertain what to make of his tension.

"I see," he murmured, trying to calm down. It wouldn't do to be having a minor heart attack about this. Maybe the Vizier would have second thoughts enough to agree that it was too generous.

"*Padawan?*" Master Kiris' mind touched his, curious what had caused the mental outburst.

"Shi should grow tits soon," she tried to guess what he wasn't happy about. "Everything you like will be there."

"*There may be an ... awkward development, Master,*" Fenrik said mentally. "It's not that," he tried to explain to Tel. "I'm just... very much not used to the idea of owning a slave."

And Exar Kun took baby-steps off the Jedi path. They were both understatements of roughly the same magnitude.

"*How awkward?*" He asked cautiously.

"You have gotten used to our services easily enough," she smiled and worked the new knots out of his shoulders. "Shi will make an excellent companion, or a very warm welcome when you come home."

"*I'm going to be gifted with a bed slave younger than I am awkward,*" Fenrik answered.

"I'm sure he will," he nodded. "It's just... going to take some getting used to."

"*Oh,*" Master Kiris literally couldn't think of what else to say for a moment. "*I will see if there is a way out of that.*" He promised even as he accessed the ship's and world databases on the subject.

She paused, considering his shoulders and his reaction to hurting her for a moment. "Shi is a harem slave and very well trained, but you will be hir first."

"Good to know," Fenrik nodded slightly. It was too, though not for the reasons Tel probably thought. He had to wonder about the unusual pronouns though… possibly something they used to refer to 'mapri' as a third gender. It apparently satisfied her that he understood whatever she was trying to tell him as she went back to work cleaning him, giving him mental space to think about what he had to look forward to.

Fenrik stood by his Master, his hood drawn back while Kiris kept his up. They were the center of attention, which was generally the last place either of them wanted to be. That they had some idea just how sickening the events to come would be did not help either of them in the least.

"*It could be worse,*" Kiris commented, his calmness strained enough he was seeking distractions. "*At least they don't practice sentient sacrifice anymore.*"

"*And there is a bright side,*" Fenrik admitted. "*Once we're away from here, he can be freed.*"

"*Very true. Hopefully before you are required to do anything to him,*" his Master agreed, then silenced as Vizier Asadel Shia-Agil walked into the room, followed by his daughter, the young Panther-Tiger slave and an adult Tigress slave in full decorative regalia. He couldn't help how his eyes were briefly drawn to Caspar's groin where the young tom's balls were held up by a fine mesh of gold and small jewels to display the female mons beyond them.

With a little luck, maybe Tel would be wrong about the rumors ... even as that thought occurred to him, Fenrik was certain it wasn't true. He had to wonder about the Tigress too. She was a slave too, probably well into her twenties, but he couldn't remember seeing her before.

Asadel bowed to them, much more deeply that would normally be expected.

"Greetings and welcome, warrior." He addressed Fenrik directly, something he'd never done before. "You have my eternal gratitude in saving my eldest from death and capture."

"Thank you, Vizier Asadel," Fenrik said, returning the bow with all the respect owed the Panther. "I merely did my duty as a guest in your home."

"Following her is far beyond your duty," he insisted, easily falling into the traditional rounds of 'negotiation' of thanks. "I would be remiss in my duty as host if I did not give you some thanks for your efforts."

"You have thanked me enough," Fenrik insisted politely, curious about who the Tigress was to get such a stunned sick feeling from his Master. "It is my honor to serve."

"Still, please accept this most humble token of my thanks for your efforts." Asadel motioned for Caspar to step forward. "This is Caspar, shi danced for us the other night and is well trained in harem duties."

Fenrik tried to focus on what he'd planned on saying, rather than the reactions he and his Master were having to the scene they had to play out.

"Great Vizier, you are too generous," he protested politely. "He is far too great a gift."

"You are too polite," the elder Panther insisted with a bow. "I will hear no more humbling of your actions. Please, take hir with my humble thanks."

"As you wish, Vizier," Fenrik said with a bow of his own. He hadn't really expected it to work, but still, it would've been nice if it had. As it stood, he tried not to react badly as Caspar walked over to kneel at his side, his head resting on his new master's leg as he looked up adoringly.

Asadel bowed easily and turned his attention to Master Kiris. Fenrik could feel his Master's heart speed up for a moment before he locked everything down in realization he was going to have to speak and get through a gift-giving of his own.

"Greetings and welcome, investigator." Asadel greeted the elder Jedi as Kiris slid his hood back to reveal his face for the first time to most of the locals. "You have gone far beyond any duty in hunting down who ordered by daughter's kidnapping. Please accept my most humble thanks and this small token of my gratitude." He motioned for the Tigress to step forward, dressed in far more conservative clothes than Caspar that still exemplified her natural beauty. "Marin is skilled with her hands and knows many valuable skills outside the bedchamber."

"Thank you, Vizier, your generosity shames me. However, I was only doing my duty to my people, there is no need...."

He knew it wasn't going to help, whatever he said. The worst part was knowing that even this morning during his bath she hadn't been wearing the slave collar she was now.

Kiris paused for a few moments outside his room, distinctly uncertain of what he was supposed to do right now. Marin was waiting for him after the day's talks... and whether she resented being a slave now or not, he had to admit that he did. Still, that wasn't something he could avoid. Not without causing more problems than accepting it would. In the end, there wasn't a choice in the matter; he entered his room, hoping to find some way to make this easier for them both.

"Good evening, Master." Marin stood from the small chest that was an addition to the room to greet him and offered to take his cloak as he closed the door.

"Good evening, Marin," he said, hesitating for a moment before he gave her his cloak. He considered what Fenrik had mentioned earlier; once they were off this planet, once the talks were over even, there wouldn't be any need to keep the 'gifts' they'd been given. At least not as slaves. "Thank you."

She smiled shyly and placed it in the small bin in a side room to be cleaned that night.

"What can I do to make you comfortable, Master?" She asked easily when she returned.

"You can answer a question for me," he offered after a moment. "Did you enter into this willingly?"

"'This', Master?" She looked at him, truly unsure what he wanted to know.

"This," he said, reaching up to indicate the new slave ring on her collar. "Being a slave."

"Yes, Master," she inclined her head. "My family will live well for generations on my price."

"All right," he nodded. At least she was willingly part of this. He had doubted she wouldn't be, but the possibility unsettled him. "I don't suppose you could fill me in on what your duties are supposed to be?" He asked, sitting down on the bed.

"It depends largely on what you need," she considered how to answer the complex question. "I can manage a household, cook, see to your grooming ... I have been trained for most of a wife's duties, though my best skills are grooming and massage."

"Any hobbies?" He asked her curiously.

The question made her pause, trying to think of what qualified. "I enjoy listening to music and dancing, swimming and reading about other places, Master."

"You'll probably have a fair amount of time for that, if you'd like," he smiled slightly. "As I've mentioned, I'm not exactly used to having a servant."

"I understand, Master." She bowed easily. "I can still make your time here more pleasant if you permit."

"How so?" He asked her, looking up into her eyes and indicating that she could sit down if she wanted to.

"You stand still all day," she began, choosing her words carefully as she settled near him. "I can feel the tension when you bathe. You take good care of yourself, but I doubt you have had a professional grooming in many years. It can be very relaxing and you do feel better when you look better."

He chuckled slightly; he knew it was true. He was always presentable, but a full grooming hadn't been something he'd bothered with in a long time.

"That might be good," he smiled.

"I would like to properly groom you tonight, ears to toes," she said, a bit bolder now that she was fairly sure he wouldn't be angry at her for it.

"All right," he nodded, reaching over to put a hand on her shoulder reassuringly. "Don't worry about angering me, Marin. It would take quite a bit to do so."

"Yes, Master," she nodded with a smile and stood when he moved his hand. "If you would undress, we should begin with a good bath."

Fenrik closed his hand around the hilt of his lightsaber to stop the trembling in his fingers. He knew Caspar would be waiting him, and probably not able to understand his discomfort any better than Tel had been this morning ... probably less able. He drew in a deep breath, letting it out slowly before he opened the door.

His breath caught in his throat as he saw the tiger-striped Panther laying on the bed, naked except for hir collar and doing hir best to look as seductive as shi could.

It worked too. If it wasn't for the slave-ring the sight was very enticing.

"Good evening, Master." Caspar purred and stood to greet the Panther only a couple years older than shi was.

"Good evening," Fenrik murmured, stepping in and letting the door close behind him. "You don't have to call me that," he offered, his nerves keeping his body from reacting the way it wanted to.

"What would you prefer?" The youth offered as shi approached, every move choreographed to arouse and entice.

"F-Fenrik's fine," the older Panther said, his voice cracking slightly. Caspar was far too good at hir job for somebody that young! "How old are you again?" He asked.

"My thirteenth was last month, Fenrik." Shi rumbled seductively and slowly slid the Jedi's outer robe from his shoulders. "My first heat was three months ago, and you saw my nubs."

"You don't have to do this," Fenrik murmured, responding to Caspar's efforts more on reflex and instinct that thinking about them. If he'd been thinking, the younger feline wouldn't have gotten his robe off in all likelihood.

"I want to," Caspar purred throatily and took Fenrik's hand, gently pulling him towards the bed. "There is chezbah if you would like."

"I think I'll pass," Fenrik said. He knew what it was capable of from the harem... and he knew that he tended to drink whatever was handy when he was nervous like this. Not a particularly safe combination. He sat down on the bed next to Caspar, starting to do more than react as he took the young Panther's cheek in his hand and lifted hir face up so he could look into hir dark blue eyes, like he was trying to get some kind of guidance from hir.

"Let me please you." Caspar purred, rubbing hir cheek against Fenrik's hand.

"Promise you won't let me hurt you," Fenrik told him, wanting that much assurance he wouldn't be allowed to do something wrong at least.

"I promise, Fenrik." Shi agreed, hir tone serious as was befitting the state of hir master. "You will not hurt me."

Fenrik leaned forward to kiss hir gently to find a warm welcome in the youth's mouth, another marked difference from most of the females who'd been startled and a bit awkward about it. He was almost as nervous as he had been that first night with Vespa, though in a rather different way.

"A sip of chezbah will calm your nerves," Caspar purred seductively as he ran his hands down Fenrik's broad shoulders and chest to guide his inner robes off, his touch as knowing of all the right things to do as any of the harem females Fenrik had been with.

"No more than that," Fenrik murmured. He helped Caspar get his robes off, looking the younger Panther over and trying to ignore the uncomfortable situation of why shi was here. He almost reconsidered accepting any of the potent drink as a goblet was lifted to his lips, but he took a small sip, savoring the spicy, exotic taste that was like nothing else he'd experienced before it slid down his throat.

True to hir training, Caspar offered no more and set the goblet down on a side table. He guided Fenrik to lay down even as the wine began to work it's magic on him, wiping much of his mind clear of the strange feeling of being the virgin in this situation and enhancing his already aroused senses to all new levels keyed on pleasure.

"Tell me when you want inside me," Caspar rumbled, hir eagerness for the event shining brightly in hir dark blue eyes before shi lowered hir head to nuzzle hir master's groin.

Fenrik couldn't help the low groan that escaped his throat as a rough tongue ran around the spongy head of his cock while an expert hand massaged his balls.

He reached down instinctively to rub Caspar's ears, trying to relax and let the wine do its work, along with the young Panther's well-trained skill. His partner's obvious eagerness made it a good deal easier and he soon closed his eyes in pleasure, thrusting lightly into Caspar's mouth.

"Caspar," he groaned. "H-how do you want this?" He asked, reaching down to rub the younger Panther's shoulders.

Shi briefly let Fenrik's cock slid from hir mouth to answer. "In my pussy." Shi rumbled throatily without a trace of anything but desire in hir.

The words sounded unusual, particularly when Fenrik drew the younger feline up his body and felt their hard cocks rub against each other.

"Your first time, right?" He asked, kissing Caspar softly.

"Yes," shi murmured, clearly excited by the prospect as much as shi was by the physical contact.

"We're going to go slow, all right?" Fenrik said seriously. As much as he wanted inside hir right now, he knew he could hurt hir if they weren't careful.

"Yes, Fenrik." Caspar moaned softly and spread hir legs to straddle his hips and rub his cock against hir lower lips, swollen and slick with arousal.

Fenrik reached down, taking Caspar's hips and rubbing them lightly, trying not to think about the utterly surreal nature of what was going on. Fortunately, as he slowly pressed himself up into hir depths, he found himself having no problems not thinking about it. Between the intense physical pleasure of his own body and the eager moans of the feline he was soon inside who felt nearly as much pleasure at it and wasn't the least bit shy about letting hir master know it.

"Oh Caspar," Fenrik groaned, rubbing his hand up the younger Panther's back, hir body tight around his shaft. He started to thrust slowly, his position keeping him from doing too much too fast. When Caspar began to systematically tighten hir body around his cock he almost lost it, the wine impairing his control significantly and his bedmate encouraging it as much as shi could.

"So good," Caspar moaned and let hir head fall back, hir cock full and hard as testament to hir pleasure. Even in hir pleasure shi never lost track of how to move and show hir body to it's best effect, both visually and physically. "Deeper, please." Shi moaned with a shudder.

Fenrik obliged hir with a groan, hilting in Caspar's tight feminine sex as he reached down to wrap his fingers around hir cock and start stroking it in time with his thrusts.

"Ohhhh," shi moaned deeply, hir hips free to ride hir master to intensify the pleasure for them both. Despite all hir training, no one had ever stroked hir before and the touch was electric along hir entire body. Shi whimpered softly, trying to hold back at least until hir master had come and knowing shi wouldn't making it.

"M-Fenrik," shi whimpered, "too much ...."

"It's okay," Fenrik murmured, sure he knew what shi meant, teasing hir nubs with his fingertips, "go ahead and come for me."

"Nuuh," Caspar shuddered and cried out, almost a roar as hir body tightened automatically around the hard length inside hir and hir balls pulled up to pump hir seed out, spraying the milky liquid across Fenrik's chest.

Fenrik thrust a few more times into the shuddering, convulsing flesh around his length, then let out a muted roar of his own as he pumped his seed deep into Caspar's hot, wet feminine sex.

"Mmm, good, Fenrik?" Caspar purred throatily and tightened around the pulsing flesh inside his body.

"Good," Fenrik nodded, pulling Caspar down for a kiss. "You enjoy too?"

"Very much," shi purred softly and squeezed down around Fenrik's cock. "You are still so nice and hard."

"So are you," Fenrik pointed out, running his fingers along Caspar's shaft. He thought about what he was about to suggest for all of a second before deciding to go ahead. "Care to switch places?"

Caspar blinked, the stunned look on hir face too honest to be anything else. "If you want to." He got himself together quickly and followed his training to do as his master wished.

"If you want to," Fenrik said firmly, reaching up to caress his cheek lightly. "You might be my... slave... but I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want to."

He could feel Caspar's internal struggle between training and everything shi knew about him.

"I ... would rather not, Fenrik." Shi said hesitantly.

"All right," he nodded, actually happier for the choice being made than for whether or not shi made the one he wanted. "Mmm... so, more of this, since I don't think you particularly want to stop?"

"I would enjoy that a great deal, Fenrik." Shi rumbled and squeezed down. "You feel so good inside me."

"Mmm ... and you feel pretty good to be inside of," he rumbled, kissing hir. "Like this, or me on top this time?" He offered.

Caspar licked hir lips. "I'd like to be under you."

"Mmm... hold on," Fenrik rumbled, drawing hir close and rolling over on top of hir. "Like this?"

"Yes," shi moaned and wrapped hir legs around his, shifting hir body to allow even deeper penetration. He kissed hir deeply and started thrusting, taking in the familiar feel of being inside a female with the very different feel of a pair of balls against his lower abs.

"You're going to stay here tonight, right?" Fenrik asked Caspar softly once the two of them had finally wound down. He wasn't sure if shi'd been expecting to or not, honestly, though he hoped shi would.

"I'd like to, Fenrik." Shi purred and snuggled in hir master's arms.

"Good," Fenrik rumbled, rubbing hir back gently. "Caspar, if I wanted to remove the slave-ring from your collar, at least in private, would you object? If not, are there any rules against it?"

"It's bolted into the collar," shi said softly. "Only you can take that off," shi said seriously. "And only in private. I do not mind if you do." Shi added more shyly.

"I would like to," Fenrik smiled, reaching around to undo the collar's latch and take it off, setting it on the nightstand as he leaned forward to nuzzle Caspar's bare neck.

"You are very different from most, Fenrik." Shi purred softly at the unique sensations of not having the collar on and a touch where it usually was.

"I'm not used to having a slave," Fenrik pointed out, rubbing hir back lightly. "It's not something we do where I come from. Can I ask you a question?"

"Yes, of course," shi smiled shyly and nuzzled him back.

"This is probably going to seem like a silly question, but... how should I refer to you?" He blushed a bit beneath his fur. "Earlier they were using 'shi' and 'hir,' but I wasn't sure."

"Those are the proper pronouns for one who has both sexes," shi explained. "Many think we are boys until our tits come in, and girls afterwards, so we tend to learn to answer to those as well."

"I'll try to use the right ones," Fenrik smiled. "Mmm... do you have any questions you want to ask before we get some sleep?"

"No, Fenrik," shi murmured softly. "Sleep sounds good."

"See you in the morning then," he smiled, snuggling up close, idly thinking that this would be a nice change for once before he dozed off.

Fenrik moaned, only just conscious as the pleasure of a skilled mouth and hands worked him to a quick orgasm to wake up to. As his mind tried to catch up with his body's awareness, he reached down, rubbing the back of Caspar's head and pulling the younger Panther up for a kiss that tasted heavily of his own seed.

"I like your idea of a wakeup call," he murmured, reaching down to fondle hir hard cock. He should have enough time to return the favor before he really had to be up.

"Thank you, Fenrik." The kit purred softly, hir body instinctively moving into the touch that was still exquisitely new to hir.

"Mmm ... now, let me return the favor," he rumbled, starting to stroke hir, gently at first, but picking up the pace as he felt shi was ready for it, fingering hir few nubs. He relished the way shi moaned and closed hir eyes, giving hirself over completely to the pleasure being offered and not holding back when the first shudder of hir own orgasm rushed though hir body.

"Mmm ... that's good," Fenrik smiled, holding hir close as shi came, licking hir cum off his fingers once shi was done. "Why don't we go get cleaned up, okay?"

"Sounds good," Caspar murmured, still a little dazed by pleasure tickling hir brain. "You have a very nice body to touch."

"Thanks," Fenrik blushed, sitting up in bed and rubbing Caspar's chest. "You do too, you know," he smiled as Caspar nuzzled him and stood to join him in the solid marble bathing room where Tel was likely already waiting.

"Good morning, Master, Caspar." She smiled warmly at the pair; clearly pleased by the way Caspar moved and looked.

"Good morning, Tel," Fenrik smiled. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to trust you two to tell me what the rules are here," he chuckled.

"Not a problem, Master." She smiled easily as the pair stepped into the tiled pool and she went to work on wetting Fenrik's fur.

"I'm helping because I want to," Caspar added with a shy smile.

"As long as Tel doesn't mind, that's fine," Fenrik smiled, noticing that Caspar hadn't put hir collar back on yet. "I have a feeling you two are going to manage to spoil me yet if I let you," he chuckled.

"How is that a problem, Fenrik?" Caspar purred, almost teasingly as Tel giggled and began to soap up Fenrik's fur.

"Well one of you isn't coming back with me when the talks are over," he chuckled slightly, wondering what he'd do with the one who was. Caspar clearly enjoyed hir work. But between the Republic's laws, his own opinion of slavery, and the fact that he was Jedi... he honestly didn't know what to do.

"Keep up the heroics way you have been and you'll go home with both of us and a wife or two." Tel snickered, even though it wasn't a joke.

"Take this the right way, but I really hope not," Fenrik chuckled weakly. "That would be very awkward, going back into Republic space and the Order."

"I'm sure you would figure it out," Caspar said easily. "You're too smart to let such minor things get in the way."

Minor things... right. Knights and Masters had to get special permission from the Council to marry, for a Padawan it was unheard of. Particularly not multiple wives and servants on top of that... not for a Panther, certainly.

"All the same, I think I'll hope things go peacefully enough that heroics aren't necessary," he answered somewhat diplomatically. "Still wish we could prove who was behind that," he murmured, glad for something else to let his mind focus on for a few moments at least.

"That is always a good hope," Tel nodded and began to work on his back as Caspar took a good deal more time and touching to get his chest lathered, hir hands moving down his abs with a lover's touch.

"Careful, Caspar," he chuckled slightly, even as much as he enjoyed the touch. "I don't think it's early enough to have the time for that before the talks."

"But that is not for almost an hour." Shi looked up in surprise.

"I have to do my morning meditation after this," Fenrik explained. "And I prefer to get there are little early, in case something comes up."

"Oh," the black striped Panther nodded and did hir best to indulge in touching while cleaning and not making it too pleasurable for hir master.

"Master, may I be bold?" Marin asked politely as Kiris stepped into the fragrant bath water with her.

"Of course, Marin," he nodded, letting the warm water soak into his fur as she began the work she was so skilled at.

"Is who and what you chose the night you were with Lady Afet typical of your preferences?" She asked without a hint of anything but needing to know in her manner.

"No," he said easily, shaking his head. "I'm not usually looking for a Panthress, and the what... that's something that typically only comes up every few years, if that."

"What are your typical preferences then?" She asked easily, not feeling like she was prying at all.

He was a little less certain, though he was fairly sure it had something to do with what she thought her duties were.

"Male, usually," he admitted. "Felines, and much more gentle than that night."

She nodded, filing that away in the mental file she was creating on him. "Would you take a walk with me soon and show me what appeals to you?"

"Are you trying to set me up, Marin?" He asked with a slight chuckle.

"No Master." She smiled easily. "But I should know what you want. Your bed is not part of my duties. Seeing that you have company when you wish it is."

"I might take you up on that walk," he allowed, "but to be honest, I don't wish it particularly often," he explained, knowing it would be easier than trying to explain why.

"That might be why you are typically so tense," she pointed out, gently teasing as she worked on a knot in his back.

"That's not my usual condition, I assure you," he chuckled, groaning slightly. "It has more to do with some reasonably unusual conditions I'm dealing with right now, not the least of which is a Padawan who is discovering a remarkably healthy sex drive for somebody who'd expected to live most of his life without one."

"Your expectation of him, or his own?" She asked, curiosity overcoming a small sense of going a little too far.

"A bit of both," Kiris admitted. "And the Order's. A Jedi's sex life is usually... constrained."

"Until something snaps," she said very softly. "He does have some self-control issues."

"He's also a teenager," Kiris pointed out. "It's not exactly uncommon at his age."

"No, it is not," she agreed easily. "But what I hear of his reactions ... usually his father would help him through such things."

"Is that a hint?" He asked, raising an eyebrow slightly. "Though I have offered."

"It is a ... concern, Master." She said softly, her manner markedly more submissive. "He is acting on desires he does not understand how to act on yet, and it has gone badly at least once."

"I'm open to suggestions, Marin," Kiris pointed out softly. "I am aware of his conflict. I have offered to help with his growing awareness, but he is reluctant to accept."

"He has not shown much interest in males, not even those who have been interested in him." She told him. "I know a guard here, a freeborn Panthress," she began hesitantly, "who would enjoy introducing him to the basics; enough knowledge to keep him from scaring himself again. She would almost certainly have to approach him though, something that would be most inappropriate without your agreement."

Kiris thought about it for a few moments, but nodded. "As long as she will accept a 'no' from him and stop if things go too far. I would like to meet her first, if it's possible."

"Of course, Master." Marin agreed easily. "Would after the talks today be a good time?"

"I want to speak with Fenrik then, but after that would be fine, if it's acceptable to her."

"I am sure it will be," she smiled warmly and finished rinsing his thick tail. "She is interested in Fenrik." She paused with a chuckle. "She's interested in you too, but that's a separate issue."

"Ah, yes, it is," he chuckled slightly. Though at least it would be a little more welcome than Lady Afet's courting attempts. He was sure they would start fairly soon. "Anybody I know?"

"She had been on duty a few times during the talks, but I do not believe you have actually met her. Her name is Sashta, a twenty-six year old Panther with reasonable breeding and a good feel for polearms."

"I think I remember her by description, but you're right, I couldn't point her out," Kiris nodded easily. "Though I think I'd rather focus on her and Fenrik at first, personally."

"Understandable," Marin agreed seriously. "I will tell her you would like to meet her after the talks tonight, and why."

"Thank you, Marin," he nodded, climbing out of the pool as his bath was finished. "I hope this helps; I'm concerned about Fenrik and Caspar both as things stand now."

"Why worry about Caspar?" She looked at him in surprise as she turned the air blowers on and went to work brushing his thick, short fur dry.

"Shi may be a slave, but Fenrik will want hir to be happy too," Kiris explained. "Whether or not they're sleeping together. If their tastes lie along different routes, that could be an extra complication."

"Ah," she nodded. "Yes, that could be difficult, though shi is young enough he is likely to pick up a taste for it if shi wants to stay with Fenrik. It is hardly an unknown thing to the harem."

"I'm sure it isn't," he nodded. "I may want to speak with you about that, and about Caspar in general, after I've spoken with Fenrik later."

"About anything you wish, Master." She agreed with an easy smile and shut the blowers off. "I will leave you to your meditation now."

Fenrik waited in the main room as talks ended for the day, waiting until most of the diplomats had left before talking to Master Kiris.

"You want to talk to me, Master?" He asked quietly, sure that was what he felt.

"Yes, Padawan." He confirmed and made a dignified walk towards one of the many manicured gardens the surrounded the palace, followed closely by his Padawan.

"*Is there something wrong?*" Fenrik asked as they approached a private area.

"*I am not sure,*" the older Panther admitted as they came to a gently shaded pool and stopped. "I am concerned by your response to Caspar last night."

"You're not the only one," Fenrik admitted softly. "I... until I was there, I didn't want to respond."

"What happened?" Master Kiris asked evenly.

"To be honest... shi was totally, honestly, and completely willing. No coercion, no threats, and when I told hir it wasn't necessary, that shi didn't have to do it, shi still wanted to. When it was there, with all the objections I had not seeming to be issues...."

"With only two years difference, I won't make much issue of the kit's age, but even so, shi barely has hir first nubs."

"That was the one that was left," Fenrik admitted. "Shi also had hir first heat already. I would never have made the first move, Master."

He knew his Master was looking at him, that he hadn't done anything wrong, but it still disturbed them both.

"I know." Kiris nodded fractionally, remembering with a little difficulty how hot the sexual urges had been at that age. He had not acted on them, most Jedi didn't, but in a society that valued sexual activity ... Caspar was physically mature enough to make it acceptable, if barely. "What do you intend to do once we return to Republic space?"

"I have no clue yet," Fenrik admitted. "I'm trying to get hir used to the idea of being able to make hir own decisions, and not wearing that collar, but... just freeing hir and saying shi could be on hir way would be irresponsible. Shi seems to have been a slave as long as shi can remember, hir entire life spent in training for the harem. Shi couldn't survive without returning to a sort of slavery. If shi leaves this world, shi'll have to be freed, but still taken care of."

"It is true," he inclined his head. "Even Marin is ill-equipped to survive on her own off this world, for all she is much more comfortable with the concept of being free and making her own choices. The Temple will provide for them while they adapt, but if you have any inclination to continue a relationship with hir, I will need to know before we arrive at Coruscant."

"I understand, Master," he said, inclining his head respectfully. "And I'll think about it... and find out what Caspar wants. Honestly, that's the first thing I'll do," he chuckled slightly. "If I may ask, Master, what caused your reaction to Marin yesterday?"

"She was not a slave earlier that morning," he said simply, still heavily disturbed by it.

"That... was not what I'd expected to hear," Fenrik admitted, shaking his head in disbelief. "No wonder I felt it."

"She is at peace with the choice, it will provide for her family for a long time, but I find it no less disturbing for that." Master Kiris admitted. "She is looking forward to seeing other worlds as well and enjoys her duties until then. I try to focus on that."

"There's that at least," Fenrik said, shaking his head. "And I'm sure she could find employment easily enough once she's free. Probably a number of Senators who'd be glad to hire her, if she's even half as good at what she does as most of the people here seem to be."

"She is. She could make a very good living as an independent groomer as well," he chuckled softly. "She will still need some time to adapt, but she has very good prospects almost anywhere she wishes to go, and many options if she wishes to continue to travel. Caspar I am not so sure of."

"I'll try and learn more about what hir skills are, but from what I've seen so far it's dancing, sex, and all the related skills. Shi's remarkably good at reading people," Fenrik admitted with a slight chuckle. "But unfortunately, especially at hir age and being a hermaphrodite, the only people likely to take advantage of most of the skills shi has would be doing just that. Taking advantage of them, and of hir. That I won't let happen, given any other option."

"Shi is also of an age that the Order would expect to care for hir for several years yet. Not even students who do not make Padawan ... close to hir age ... are just sent out into the universe. Shi may not be suitable for what we usually train them in, but we have a vast reservoir of skills that do not require the Force and contacts that are happy to take on a Temple-trained employee. It would be much more difficult for one of the older harem members."

"Fortunately," Fenrik agreed. "The difficult part of this is going to be determining what shi wants... and what's the right thing to do... without either of our biases, hirs or mine, clouding it."

"I do think shi likes you," he agreed, "though we are well-acquainted with how to determine such things. Even if shi stays with you, shi will need skills to have a life in and outside the Temple that do not exist here."

"I know, Master," Fenrik nodded. "I'll try and determine some areas shi would do well it."

"Very well." He agreed. "Go to hir then."

"Thank you, Master," the younger Panther bowed, turning to return to his quarters, and the young slave waiting for him.

"Good evening, Master." Marin smiled and bowed a welcome to Master Kiris when he entered his quarters a few minutes later. "Sashta will be here in half an hour. Long enough for a good grooming to relax you."

"I think I could use it today," he admitted, slipping his robes off as the door closed. "Between the talks and everything else, this has not been the most pleasant of days."

"Speaking with Fenrik was that disturbing, Master?" She asked softly as she got her brushes ready and he settled on his stomach on the bed.

"Not disturbing as much as awkward," Kiris said easily. "Though the talks today... well, there's a reason I'm not a diplomat," he chuckled. "Not my favorite part of the job to say the least."

"Most people are not," she said with a soft chuckle and began her work by massaging his shoulder to get the worst of the tension from his muscular body. "It is a strange combination of skills and nature to do it well."

"One which often requires an inherent duplicity and ability to make a promise you have little or no intent to keep," he agreed. "Odd, in a way; I find it easier to track down and deal with the criminal element than the wealthy one," he chuckled.

"They are frequently much more straightforward, in their own way." Marin chuckled softly as she worked her hands down his back. "They may work by different rules, but they do tend to follow them once you know how to play."

"Very true," he chuckled, purring deeply as she worked the tension out of his body. "And they'll just kill you if you piss them off."

"Which is easier to combat that what politicians do," she nodded as she worked on the thick muscles of his thighs. "Particularly for a warrior such as yourself."

"Yes," he nodded, chuckling slightly. "I can handle politicians, but I prefer not to, particularly in business. And especially not when they lock horns with each other."

"Sometimes I could swear they are their own species," she chuckled. "Which is why they only breed with each other."

"If that's the case, they have a virtually unique social structure," Kiris smirked. "One more suited to a murder of crows."

Though her hands didn't stop, it took her a moment to place the reference, then she chuckled. "Quite true, but no society seems to happen without them."

"No," he agreed with a light, pleasured sound as she went to work massaging his feet with all the attention she'd given his muscles. "And there are some good ones among them."

"I think that is a requirement of every group. Some good, some bad, most somewhere in between."

"Very true," he agreed. "Mmm... once you're done, I should get dressed for when Sashta arrives."

"She would hardly mind if you didn't, Master." Marin purred through a soft chuckle. "I doubt she would mind if she didn't leave tonight either."

"I don't doubt that," Kiris chuckled slightly. "But as I remember, the goal was to see if she would be good for Fenrik, not me."

"There is nothing to prevent both," she winked and brought her brushes out to begin working on his back.

"You're incorrigible," he laughed, shaking his head and submitting to her skills.

Sashta took a deep breath as she stood before the Jedi Master's door. This was it. It may be only fun and games to the visitors, but this could also be her ticket off this world if she played it right. Key to that was the Master.

The door slid open, revealing the well-built Panther, a solid decade and some her senior, in his robes on the other side.

"Please come in," he said politely, stepping back out of the way.

"Thank you, Master Kiris." She inclined her head and entered, the door sliding shut behind her.

"Have a seat," he offered, motioning towards a set of cushions that passed for a chair. "Did Marin explain why I wanted to meet with you?" He asked her.

"Some," she said and settled easily, her training clear to the older warrior in her perpetual alertness. "She said your Padawan is exploring desires of sexual domination and control, and prefers female bedmates to an extent that he is uncomfortable accepting your offer to teach him the how of such things."

"He is also uncomfortable with those desires," Kiris nodded. "Moreso after what was very nearly a bad experience attempting to explore them."

"Such things can make it difficult to accept what you want," she nodded. "I understand that he is very new to sexual desires in general as well?"

"He only started acting on them after we arrived here," he nodded. "Jedi, Padawans in particular, are usually near-celibate, he was very typical in that respect."

"That does increase the likelihood of something going wrong unless his partner is experienced enough to guide him, and he accepts the guidance." Sashta said seriously. "It is not a time to take lightly, Master Kiris. He can do a great deal of harm to his sense of self if it is not handled well."

"I know," he nodded. "It's one of the reasons I'm hoping for some help with it. I didn't think he was going to explore those desires after his response to seeing them acted on, but things don't always go as we expect."

"Such is frequently the case," she nodded in understanding. "It can be a very conflicted thing, between what one desires and what one thinks is acceptable to desire. It can be a conflict that affects a great deal more than one's sex life if it is not addressed."

"Particularly when you have to cope with other identity issues at the same time," he nodded. "The question isn't whether or not he needs help to come to terms with this, Sashta."

"I have not met him, so I can not give my opinion," she admitted. "But if you are concerned enough to even talk to me, it seems likely you believe he does."

"I do," he agreed. "The question, really, is whether or not I can trust my Padawan to your cares for this. You've already pointed out how important it can be."

Sashta inclined her head slightly. "I have taught several the ways of submission, domination and pain as pleasure. What I have found most important is that the student trusts me. I do not know what would allow you to trust me with his care in this, but I know how to read a student."

"Good," he nodded. "How do you plan to approach him, to gain that trust?"

"I am the direct type in most things, Master Kiris." She said simply. "The first step is to talk to him, find out a bit about him and his desires first hand. I usually work in some of the basics like safe words and that his desires are neither unnatural nor wrong into that. Where things go from there is largely up to him."

"Direct, but acceptable," Kiris nodded. "How persistent to you plan on being in getting him to accept?"

"To an extent, that depends on what I see and hear beyond his words," she answered. "But if he means the no as a no for good or to me ... I do not pursue those who do not want my attentions."

"Good," he nodded. "He'll likely turn you down at first, but probably more from habit than disinterest. Will Caspar be a complication for you?"

"He is a complication, but not a bad one," she smiled slightly. "I do not have to be in the bed to teach, after all. If Fenrik is more comfortable playing with Caspar, it will work just as well."

"You might want to suggest that; I rather doubt Caspar would object, especially to helping Fenrik explore his more dominant side. Thank you for being willing to help with this, Sashta."

"Thank you for trusting me with your Padawan," she inclined her head deeply. "I will do my best to honor his needs."

"I'm sure you will," he agreed, returning the gesture of respect. "When do you plan on starting?"

"Tomorrow, I expect." She said easily. "By now he is likely fairly well occupied and unlikely to appreciate the interruption."

"If yesterday is any indication, quite likely," Kiris agreed.

"So, what about you?" She rumbled softly and leaned forward. "Any plans for the evening?"

Kiris thought about that for a brief moment. She was attractive, and doing him a favor, albeit one she'd probably enjoy. Besides, the only plans he did have could wait another night.

"Not that can't be put off," he smiled, relaxing a little bit and letting his layers of control fade.

"Just so you know, I'm not into pain nearly as much as Lady Afet." Sashta rumbled and moved closer to him. "Or kinky all the time."

"Neither am I," he said agreeably, leaning a bit closer. "That night was an exception on several levels."

"And tonight?" She reached the small distance between them to run her fingers through the short fur of his cheek.

"I think something less extreme is in order," he rumbled slightly, reaching out to rub her side and kiss her lightly as she moved close to return the kiss hungrily. She slipped one hand under the cloth covering his shoulder to feel the powerful muscles she knew were there while he cupped her breast through her light shirt, shifting and pressing her back onto the cushions as they kissed.

"If you want to make it to the bed, tell me now," he purred.

"Here is just fine," she rumbled and pushed the shirt from his shoulders, relishing the rare opportunity to be with a male of his quality and drinking in the thickening musk of his arousal as she tasted his fur.

"Good," he rumbled, letting her remove his shirt and starting to work on her own. It wasn't often that he indulged like this, especially so soon after what he'd done with Lady Afet. He intended for them both to enjoy it, and from her reactions so far, it wasn't going to be difficult to manage.

He licked at her neck, his hands exploring her powerful, well-built torso as he enjoyed the relative novelty of being with another warrior, and a female one no less. Her welcoming arousal, the pleasure she took at his touch and her enjoyment of exploring his upper body was a truly intoxicating mix when it came with no surrender at all.

She was allowing him to be on top and in relative control, and enjoying it fully, but nothing in her was submissive in the least. It was a welcome feeling tonight. He moved down her body, licking at her breasts as he started to undo her loose pants with one hand. He rubbed her sides tenderly with his free hand as her tail flicked up between their legs to tease his balls through his loose pants.

He moaned softly as her hands rubbed his ears, gently guiding him to pay a bit more attention to her hard nipples even as his fingers slipped inside her pants to tease the slightly softer fur around her sex. He ran a powerful finger up her slit, spreading her lips slightly as he licked at her nipples with the rough surface of his tongue. It was exciting, to feel her pleasure at such a simple, light touch. To feel how wet and ready she was, excited and willing to take him at any time, but not mindlessly giving into her lusts even as she intended to indulge them.

Kiris moaned softly as he felt what it was to bed an equal; someone who's training and view of sex matched his own so closely. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been with someone who hadn't given in completely to their lusts by this point and it was a feeling he relished as much as the feel of her hard body under his.

He took a moment to finish undressing both of them, then nuzzled his way down her body to nuzzle her sex, inhaling the potent scent of her arousal as he started to lick at her and nibble lightly at her slick, swollen labia, letting her moans and hands guide him.

"How about turning around so we can both have something to do?" Sashta suggested even as his tongue brought another sound of pleasure from her throat.

He did so easily, shifting to let her at his full shaft as he teased her clit with his tongue. He felt her moans even as her hands moved to rub his hips and she shifted slightly so she could take one heavy testicle into her mouth to lavish attention in with her tongue.

He groaned deeply as he suckled her clit, moving to spread her pussy lips with his tongue and taste the sensitive flesh they hid. He scratched her thighs lightly, hungrily starting to eat her out when she lifted one leg and bent her knee to rest it on his side, giving him full access to everything between them.

Her own exploration was much less direct, though no less pleasurable for her partner. Sashta took her time with each velvety ball, rolling it around her mouth and lavishing attention to it with her broad, rough tongue as the jewel to be treasured that it was.

He moaned deeply, reaching between her legs to trace the above the base of her tail and the furless pucker of her ass with his fingertips as shivers of pleasure passed through his body. It was only a moment before he knew she preferred his fingers above her tail.

Slowly she let his velvety testicle slid from her mouth.

"Have you ever been under a male before, Kiris?" She rumbled deeply.

"Yes," he nodded, pausing in his attentions to look up at her.

Sashta just smiled back and shifted forward so she truly was between his legs and swirled the soft side of her tongue around the nerve-rich skin of his ass while her hands rubbed his inner thighs.

He groaned deeply at the attention he hadn't received in years, arching his back and leaning further forward to place his head between her thighs and continue his work on her sex, the two of them looking almost like an obscene yin-yang all in black. He shuddered slightly when she switched sides of her tongue, bringing more texture to the treatment and spend up her motions a bit.

When she drove her folded tongue into his body Kiris couldn't help the sound that came out, muffled by her own sex that he was drinking so deeply of. After just another moment, he cried out into her body again, the thick fur of her breasts that his cock was rubbing against pushing him over he edge. His balls pulled up close to his body as he sprayed his seed onto her chest, only distantly cognizant that she'd shifted to rub his cock more fully as soon as he started to come.

"A pleasant start, wouldn't you say?" Sashta purred as she shifted down a bit to nuzzle his balls and still-twitching cock.

"Very pleasant," he rumbled, his body gradually relaxing. "Though I can think of even more pleasant ways for it to continue," he purred suggestively.

"Oh?" She rumbled and sensually turned herself around to face him and rolled him to his back as she slid up his body. "Now what would that be?" She asked with a lingering kiss.

"I think you know full well," he rumbled up at her. She was definitely something else, and equally comfortable on top, bottom, or as an equal. "Though it's up to you if you want to get something off your chest first," he chuckled, noting the sticky, off-white seed on her breasts and collarbone.

She laughed easily, a delighted sound that matched the sparkle in blue eyes so dark they were nearly black. "That I do," she grinned and slid her hips back to rub her slick sex along his shaft. "Why don't you work on that while I make sure you're good and ready for me?"

He kissed her, leaning up and forward to lick his bittersweet fluids off her chest. It wasn't a flavor he was particularly fond of, but there was definitely something about the act that more than made up for it. The distraction of her body against his cock was a fine distraction too, slick and hot and so ready for him to plunge into.

He didn't even think to resist when strong hands guided him up to his knees and claimed his mouth as she slid down his body press his cock deep into her body, her legs outside his. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders with a shuddering moan and began to move, their entire bodies feeling the motions of their lovemaking.

The two of them found a rhythm quickly, their bodies moving in smooth counter-motions, their lips locked together in a heated, tongue-dueling kiss that didn't break as she cried out into his mouth, her arms pulling him tightly against her and her body tightening around him. He moaned with her as her pleasure washed over him in an unrestricted wave and he followed her over the edge into a shared orgasm, shooting his seed deep into her sex as it milked his shaft hungrily.

"Mmmm," Sashta rumbled as she caught her breath, her body still twitching around his as she claimed a lingering kiss. "You are a good lover." She rumbled softly, meaning it as an honest compliment.

"Thank you," he rumbled, returning the kiss. "You are too."

"Game for a round where you're actually in charge?" She winked down at him, her mood still playful.

"Oh I think I can handle that," he grinned up at her, kissing her hotly and rolling them so he was on top of her.

Earlier that evening, Fenrik had returned to his quarters after a brief break to meditate in the gardens. As the doors closed quietly behind him, he found the young Tiger-striped Panther laying sensually on the bed, waiting for him, nude except for the collar shi was wearing again.

"Hey," he smiled, slipping his robes off as the door closed. "Do you mind just snuggling for a while?" He asked hir.

"Not in the least," Caspar purred and shifted gracefully to slide under the satin sheets and held them up for Fenrik to join hir.

"Thanks," he smiled, sliding under and wrapping his arms around hir with a gentle kiss as Caspar easily settled against him. He was trying to come up with a way to broach the subject of what to do after they left... and not having too much luck except for the more or less direct approach.

After a few moments of enjoying Caspar's warmth against his body, he decided to go with it. Waiting wouldn't help.

"Caspar?" He asked hir curiously. "Have you ever thought about what you'd do if you weren't a harem slave?"

He could feel the surprised tension ripple through hir body for a moment.

"No, Fenrik." Shi answered honestly, and very confused.

"Just wondering," he said, debating just how honest to be with the young Panther. Probably not too honest, for now.

"Is this about when you return home?" Caspar asked nervously.

"Yes," Fenrik admitted. "Don't worry, Caspar, you're not going to be left on your own without any way to make a living. We wouldn't do that to you... I wouldn't," he said, rubbing hir back reassuringly as the youth snuggled closer.

"Have I displeased you in some way?" Shi looked at him seriously, though not particularly afraid.

"No, not at all," he said, shaking his head. "You haven't displeased me in the least, though I am a little... uncomfortable with the idea of owning a person. It's just... slavery isn't legal in the Republic," he explained. "Most planets that practice it have used a form of it that was abusive, to say the least, so it was outlawed a long time ago.

"So once I board your ship, I can no longer be a slave?" Shi tried to wrap hir brain around the idea with very little success.

"If you return to Republic space with us, I'll have to free you," he agreed. "So we need to figure out what we're going to do when the time comes."

"Pleasuring others with sex is what I know." Shi said softly. "I like the life I've had."

"Then we'll try to find you something like that," Fenrik murmured, kissing hir gently. "It's not impossible. We might even be able to find a way you can stay with me. You'd just be free, instead of a slave, for whoever you went to."

"Yes, Fenrik." Shi agreed uneasily, accepting of hir fate despite hir fear of what shi was told of it.

"Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" He asked hir softly, caressing her cheek. He'd been afraid shi'd react like this.

"What am I to be, if not a harem slave?" Shi looked up at him pleadingly.

"Not everybody in the harem is a slave," he pointed out. "Vespa, for example. You wouldn't have to be a slave to keep the life you've been used to... and you'd have time to find something else if you wanted."

"Yes, Fenrik," shi nodded, still uneasy. "Who will care for me if I'm not a slave?"

"Care for you how?" He asked hir, not sure which of the several ways that could be taken.

"I eat well, wear fine clothes. I have a comfortable place to live and beautiful gardens to play in." Shi tried to explain without sounding greedy. "Because my master is obliged to care for me as well as any child of their own blood. What happens when no one must care for me?"

"It depends on what you do," Fenrik admitted. "If you find a good person to work for, it won't necessarily be that different. Though even if the Republic didn't have laws against slavery, Caspar, I know that I wouldn't be able to provide you with the same standard of living you have here."

Shi ducked hir head, hir ashamed blush covered by hir fur but clear to hir master. "Forgive my arrogance, Master."

"I asked," he pointed out, caressing hir cheek. "It's just that, while we can handle the food, a good place to live, the gardens... some of the luxuries you're used to aren't back there. I'm afraid you'd probably be happier staying here... but I'm not sure how to arrange that for you."

"Yet you care what happens to me," shi protested weakly, hir hands moving along Fenrik's sides without thinking. "I do not need all this ... but I have seen the streets." Shi shivered in real fear of ending up there.

"You won't end up there, Caspar," Fenrik told hir firmly. "*Because I care what happens to you. I've seen them too," he said softly, trying to touch her reassuringly. "Nobody deserves that, especially not you."

"Will I stay with you?" Shi looked up and snuggled close.

"Do you want to?" He asked softly, kissing hir gently.

"Yes, Fenrik." Shi said shyly and returned the kiss.

"Then we'll see if we can find a way to let that happen," he told hir softly. "I like you, Caspar. Beyond the sex, that is... you're the sort of person I want to take care of."

"It's why I like you, Fenrik." Shi purred with a shy smile and nuzzled him affectionately. "You are very pleasant to see to your needs as well."

"Thanks," he blushed. "Caspar... do you think you could enjoy it, without being a slave? If you were still cared for."

"I think so, yes." Shi nodded. "It is the security I loose, nothing else."

"You really are someone special, Caspar," Fenrik smiled. "Tell me... do you prefer to wear a collar?"

Shi had to pause to think about that. "I've never not worn it except to bathe and last night, Fenrik. I feel rather naked without it."

"Then I won't remove it too often," he murmured. "Though the ring will be coming off after we leave."

"I don't mind being naked before you, Fenrik." Shi purred softly. "It would just take some time to become accustomed to not wearing it. Like if you were suddenly to stop wearing the top half of your robes."

"If you don't mind...." Fenrik reached out, undoing the collar and caressing the bare fur beneath it. "I like the way your neck looks like this," he smiled, kissing hir throat gently to a soft moan and a mutual jolt of pleasure at a kiss to flesh that rarely felt another's touch.

"Want to try something new?" Fenrik asked softly.

"That would be a trick," Caspar giggled and kissed him. "I know a lot."

"Well, it's new for me at least," Fenrik smirked slightly. "Uhm... if you don't want to do this, it's fine, okay?"

"All right," shi nuzzled him and ran hir hands down his sides. "What do you want to try?"

"Mmm... pleasuring you," Fenrik purred. "Taking care of your needs for a change... perhaps with you restrained, tied up?"

"That can be a great deal of fun," shi shivered in excitement. "Do you have restraints?"

"Will anybody mind if I improvise, as long as nothing's damaged?" Fenrik asked, looking about the room.

"Not in the least," shi giggled. "Or I can just get a set. I know where they are."

"Mmm ... let's see what I can put together before I talk myself out of it," Fenrik chuckled, kissing hir and folding the covers back. He walked over to the curtains, taking the binding cords off them and looking out the window at the warm night sky. "Make yourself comfortable while I figure this out," he smiled back over his shoulder and saw the black striped Panther stretch out sensuously with hir arms over hir head and legs spread and bent to give Fenrik open access to everything shi had.

A few moments later he returned with several lengths of braided silk cord taken from around the room.

"Do you want your hands above your head, or behind your back?" He asked with a rumble, his bedmate's excitement feeding his own.

"Above my head, Fenrik." Shi breathed, hir body already trembling in anticipation.

He knelt on the bed, tying one of the cords around hir wrist, looping it around the headboard, then back down to the other wrist. He kissed hir heatedly, gradually moving down to tie hir legs with the longest cords, binding them pulled up against hir body, though shi would still be able to press them close together if shi wanted.

It was just as clear shi didn't want to. Shi was fully extended from hir sheath and rock hard, hir lower lips glistening with the gooey fluid that made sex so pleasurable.

"Take me, please." Caspar whimpered as Fenrik ran his hands down hir chest.

"In time," the older Panther rumbled, reaching down to fondle both hir sexes, moving down hir body and taking a long, slow lick up her feminine sex to hir balls and cock to whimpers and tremors as Caspar spread hir legs just a little more open.

He drew one of hir young balls into his mouth, enjoying both the new taste of a masculine lover and Caspar's unabashed moans as he fingered hir slit and sex. The feel of hir strong pulse everywhere he touched was erotic in its own right; even more the smell that saturated his nose took hold of his focus.

"F-Fenrik," hir cried out, hir pleasure and desire to be filled a constant wave breaking against the young Jedi's senses. "Ohhhh."

He pressed two powerful fingers into hir body, licking hir nubs with his rough tongue as he moved to take hir tip into his mouth, trying to remember what Vespa had done for him when she'd been giving him a similar treatment. He was sure he wasn't as skilled as the white Rabbit, but it was clear to his senses, Force and physical, that he was doing just fine as his ran his tongue around the cock head and slowly began to work his fingers in and out of Caspar's trembling body.

He focused for a moment, pressing a gentle, exploring 'finger' of Force up into Caspar's ass as his fingers sped their exploration of hir sex and he suckled hir cock hungrily.

The whimpers he drew made him rumble in excitement, the bitter pre-cum on his tongue a truly new taste that came with such intense pleasure it made his cock ache.

He let Caspar's cock fall from his mouth, fingering the young herm's ass and realized that shi'd already prepared hirself.

"May I?" He asked with a lusty purr.

"Oh, yes!" Shi cried out eagerly.

He slid up along hir body, his fur rubbing hir cock as he pressed into hir tight, hot ass with a groan of ecstasy that was mirrored below him. He couldn't hold back the lusty rumbles as he began to thrust and Caspar tightened hir body around him, so much like shi did with hir pussy, but ever so much tighter and hotter.

He gripped hir hips, starting to thrust faster, his barbs few raking hir insides. It wasn't long before the tightness of hir body around his drew a roar of pleasure from deep in his body, and his seed spraying into hir ass.

Caspar milked his cock hungrily grinned up at him, hir body on edge from the pleasure but enjoying watching hir master in such a state too much to let go just yet.

Fenrik panted a moment as he came down from the rush, and then carefully pulled out of Caspar's body.

"Now to finish up," he grinned up at the younger Panther, moving down hir body to take hir cock into his mouth again, licking and suckling at it as he started to finger-fuck hir pussy again to moans and tremors. He knew as soon as he took hir into his mouth that it would only take a moment longer.

He felt the shift in the pleasure in the Force a moment before hir body tightened around his fingers and a thick pulse ran down hir cock to shoot the first sprit of sticky, slightly salty and completely male come across his palate and tongue.

It was an odd taste to be sure, but one Fenrik thought he could get to like. Especially if it came with the raw pleasure he knew Caspar was feeling right now.

He kept suckling the younger Panther's cock, fingering hir sex as shi came before he looked up at hir.

"Good?" He asked with a smile when the orgasm had calmed down to trying to catch hir breath.

"Very good," shi breathed with a loopy grin on hir face.

"Mmm... so," he grinned up at hir, "think you might be game for some pool play after I've untied you?"

"Always," shi rumbled, honestly excited by the idea and memories of pleasure it brought up from hir training.

"Mmm ... mind telling me where you keep the lube you've been using?" Fenrik asked, starting to undo the bindings on the young herm.

"In my things," shi looked up curiously, unconsciously trying to motion to the small but very finely crafted and decorated chest that shi'd brought with hir.

"Mind if I use it for a bit, or should I improvise instead?" Fenrik asked, moving to kiss hir with a rumbling purr.

"I don't mind at all," Caspar retuned the kiss and wrapped hir arms around him, hungry for the pleasure even though shi was confused why they'd need more. "There is plenty where it came from."

"Then the only other question is if you'd like to give me a taste of what you just got," Fenrik purred deeply, running a powerful hand down Caspar'd back to tease hir tight pucker, dribbling a bit of his seed from it. Despite the initial jolt of pleasure and excitement, it was hard to miss how conflicted shi was about it too.

"You really want to try that?" Shi asked, trying to assure hirself that hir Master really did want to be taken by his slave.

"If you want to," he nodded. "I can tell how much you enjoy it, Caspar... in part, I want to know what it's like," he smiled.

"It does feel very good," shi smiled shyly and kissed him. "But I can make it better for you here in bed."

"If you'd prefer," he smiled, licking hir cheek affectionately. "Why don't you take charge now, while we do this, hmm? You've got a better idea what to do than I do."

"Al-all right," shi agreed hesitantly and slipped from the bed with a grace that shi'd spent hir entire life practicing to walk across the room and open hir small, decorative chest and pull a fine glass container out before returning to hir master, who had shifted to rest on the bed on his hands and knees, looking back at hir with his tail raised, twitching in anticipation and nervousness.

Caspar caressed his hips and lowered hir head to kiss hir way down his spine and ass before hir tongue slipped out to swirl around the virgin tightness shi still remembered having only a few months before.

Fenrik's breath caught as he tried to relax himself, letting Caspar work. It felt good; there was no denying that. It just felt very, very different too. He moaned softly as Caspar continued to work on his ass until he was hard as a rock again, then pressed hir tongue just inside the ring of muscle.

"Oh Caspar," Fenrik groaned, leaning his head into his arms. "Feels good...."

Shi smiled slightly and coated one finger in the cool gel before gently pressing it into hir master's body, watching for signs of discomfort.

His body tensed briefly at the alien sensation, but he got it under control and relaxed himself as Caspar stretched his body. Shi added a second finger when he began to moan again in the pleasure of a skilled touched.

"Ready, Fenrik?" Shi asked softly and intentionally brushed against his prostate and earning a whimper of pleasure before withdrawing hir fingers.

"Yes," he nodded eagerly. "Whenever you are...."

Caspar nodded and lubed hir hard cock before shifting forward to press the smooth tip against Fenrik's ass and ever so slowly spread the nerve-rich ring of skin and muscle open to fill hir master with hirself.

"Nnngh...." Fenrik groaned, squeezing his eyes shut at the blend of pain and pleasure the penetration sent tingling through him. He could feel each of Caspar's nubs as it passed into his tight ass, pressing ever deeper into his body. As much as he felt his own body, he felt the intensity and newness of the sensations to his lover as well, how much shi wanted to hilt into his body and fuck him and how determined shi was not to do that.

"Go ahead," he panted. "Mmm ... take me, Caspar!" He knew it would probably hurt a bit more, but right now, he didn't care. He just wanted his lover to use him however shi wanted. He felt the hesitation, then a strong motion forward spread him wide as their balls slapped against each other and Caspar bit back a roar, hir body trembling as shi pulled out much more slowly.

He whimpered pleasantly, tightening his body on instinct as shi started to pull out, the way this was making him feel almost obscene.

Caspar groaned and thrust forward after only coming half way out, then cried out sharply as shi shot hir first load of come into Fenrik's body with a series of small, sharp thrusts that emptied hir balls into hir master's ass and rubbed hir tip against his prostate.

The older Panther roared, spraying his seed onto the bed beneath them as his entire body pulsed with pleasure and drew that much more from Caspar as they rode out the intensity that left them both panting and whimpering and Caspar laying against Fenrik's back.

"Incredible," Fenrik murmured, once he could form coherent words again.

"Yes," shi whispered back, shuddering as shi carefully pulled out and slid sideways to lie on the bed next to hir master. "Utterly incredible."

"Mmm... think I can talk you into doing that again some time?" Fenrik asked, wrapping an arm around the younger Panther, turning to kiss hir.

"I think so, Fenrik." Shi nuzzled him affectionately. "Still want to play in the water?"

"Mmm ... who on top of who?" He asked with a half-grin, returning the nuzzle.

"I really like how you feel in me." Shi rumbled with an excited shiver.

"Works for me," he purred, kissing hir again before sitting up and starting towards the pool, pausing for a moment to help Caspar off the bed.

Sashta couldn't help but hold her breath as she watched a display of swordsmanship that was simply incredible, even before the glowing white blade -- so exotic she couldn't recall what they were called -- was added into the choreographed moves that made the Jedi so deadly in battle with it.

If the half-trained student was this good, she could barely imagine what watching the teacher would be like. She'd have to find that out some time.

After a few moments, Fenrik extinguished his blade, only then opening his eyes and seeing the Pantheress watching him with rapt attention.

"Hello," he said, holstering his weapon and starting out of the private, open and airy sparring space the Jedi had been given when they'd arrived.

"Hello," she smiled back and bowed to him. "I am Sashta. You are very skilled."

"Thank you," he smiled, returning the bow. "Fenrik. You're one of the guards at the talks, I believe?" He asked, straightening back up.

She could read in his body language, even subdued by training and hidden by loose robes, that he was curious as to why she had come to watch him, not sure if it was just to watch, or if there was something else she wanted.

"Yes," Sashta inclined her head slightly. "I am a palace guard. Though that it not why I am here," she admitted. "Caspar is a sweet boy, and he adores you."

"Yes, he is," Fenrik nodded with a smile, shifting back to the more common pronouns easily. "And he certainly acts like he does... is there something wrong with him?" He asked, wondering what Caspar might have to do with one of the guards wanted to talk to him.

"No, no," she shook her head quickly, an answer that was meant to calm down a much more volatile personality. "But word does get around a bit," she hesitated, their relative stations in life making her uneasy being too blunt. "He has not had much training in the more extreme bed games, other than to relax and roll with whatever happens to him. We thought it might be good if you had someone a little less intimidating than your Master to learn the basics from."

"Uhm... the basics of...?" She could tell he was fairly sure what the answer was going to be, and nervous about it. He was intrigued at the same time though... maybe he'd been experimenting a bit more than Kiris had thought.

"Kinky sex," she supplied, everything in her manner shifting to acceptance. "How to tie someone up without accidentally hurting them, safe words, how to hear the difference between good pain and bad pain ... things that are good to know before you experiment too much on your own. Things that Caspar is unlikely to mention even if he thinks of them. Harem culture doesn't exactly embrace limits on sex, much less saying no."

"That much I've gathered," Fenrik nodded, swallowing a bit. "Uhm... how had you been thinking of teaching me?" He asked, remembering quite well what he'd seen the night his Master had been with Lady Afet.

"That depends on your preferences," she told him easily. "But it would probably be best if Caspar was included, at least once you know enough of the language to find out more advanced things on your own." She couldn't help but smile slightly. "I'd hardly object to sharing your bed for a while, but that's not my intent here."

She could tell he was considering every angle he could think of for a few moments. His interests, hers, his Master's... probably Caspar's as well. She was sure that the times things hadn't worked out well were going through his mind as he nodded his acceptance.

"All right," he agreed. "When do you want to start?"

"My evenings are free, so whenever you wish to." She nodded easily.

"Tonight perhaps?" He asked. "Mine are free as well, for now, but no telling how long that'll be the case," he chuckled slightly.

"I understand," she smiled and motioned for him to follow her. "How far have you explored so far?"

"A little while Caspar was tied up," he explained quietly as they started towards a section of the place he didn't remember visiting before. "Anal play, both ways... that's about it, honestly."

"Do you have any sense for what you find appealing?" She asked supportively.

"Just about anything my partner enjoys so far," he admitted.

"Close to it, at least," he agreed. "Not that I've got that much experience to use to help find out... where are we heading?" He asked her.

"Not that I've got that much experience... where are we heading?" He asked her.

"The playrooms," she said simply. "So you know what's available, what it's called and a bit of how to use it. Mostly bondage supplies."

"All right," he nodded, following after her, easily slipping into the role of student... though he had to admit, it was a hell of a change from what he was usually learning.

Master Kiris kept his eyes open but his observation subtle as he walked into Eel's Lash, flawless in his portrayal of local up-and-coming criminal. He had considered bringing Fenrik, it could be useful for his education, but it wasn't as easy to explain such a self-confident fifteen-year-old.

Besides, Fenrik had his own issues to deal with. True to her word, Sashta had approached him after the talks and he'd gone with her. It was a better start than he'd had with his own Padawan. Of course, there wasn't any emotional baggage involved between the two of them either.

He found a place that gave him a view of the room and waited for his contact to arrive. He hated dealing with those no one liked, and hid their species so carefully, but then, the Skulk had also never been known to provide false information.

He'd never been known to be late either, a reputation the mysterious information broker was keeping up as he slipped into the tavern precisely on time and made his way to Kiris' table after only a brief look around the room.

"It's so rare to see a new face around here," the informant said, his voice soft and silky. At least Kiris assumed he was male; there was little in his voice or appearance to indicate either way.

He could also tell exactly why the Skulk was so little loved by the locals; there was something about him that set the trained warrior's senses on edge, like he was in the presence of somebody far more dangerous than he seemed. Somebody unknown, and largely unknowable, who made it his business to know more about others than they were comfortable with.

Force sensitive too, which could explain a lot. He wasn't registering as a Dark Sider, but that didn't always mean a lot.

It made the Skulk someone to be very careful of.

"You only stay new for a short time." He replied. "You have information of interest to me?"

"Quite possibly, if the price is right," the Skulk said easily. "You're not the only new arrivals on Midriac lately. Nor the only ones with an interest in politics. I have contacts that you need, which leaves the question of what you have that I need."

"Money or information?" Kiris asked simply.

"Either," the Skulk chuckled, a rasping sound that was accompanied by a comfortable motion with his gloved hand. "Though I imagine you would rather trade in money. Information tends to be more interesting, but those with loyalties other than themselves tend to be hesitant to deliver it, at least about those they serve. I must warn you; if you intend to pay in Republic credits, the price goes up. No telling how much they'll be worth from one day to the next, after all."

"Of course." He nodded easily and ran through what he had easy access to. "Spice to your tastes?"

"Quite," the Skulk said approvingly, a hint of surprise in his soft voice. "I'll admit, I hadn't been expecting that sort of an offer."

"It is legal on this world," he chuckled softly. "How much?" He relaxed into the old familiarity of haggling.

"True, though law enforcement from elsewhere tends to balk at breaking their own laws. A half-kilo should do nicely."

"Law enforcement is stretching things seriously," Kiris couldn't help but chuckle. Truth was, he broke more laws than most criminals. He just broke them in pursuit of a greater goal for the Order. "And I may be new here, but I'm not that new. Quarter-kilo."

"Let's split the difference at a third, hmm? A half is a bit much, admittedly, but a quarter... well, I am offering to introduce you to the people who can give you proof of who's behind the recent unpleasantness upstairs. To accept less would practically be an insult, to them as well as my trade." It was clear that the Skulk, whatever world he was from, was well acquainted with the local haggling traditions, though not quite as vocal about it.

"Acceptable," Kiris nodded. "A third up front, the rest when the information proves accurate." He offered the standard terms for such trades.

"Agreed," the robed figured said, inclining his head. "How long will it take you to arrange this?"

"An hour," he answered easily. "Meet back here?"

"Agreed. I would recommend coming lightly armed; it's inadvisable to upset my contacts." The Skulk commented as they stood to go their separate ways.

"Right," Kiris nodded easily, even if 'lightly armed' wasn't something most would call a Jedi with a lightsaber.

Kiris returned to the Lash an hour later, seeing the Skulk sitting in the same place he had been before, another Tiger talking to him. It wasn't long before the Tiger left, leaving his seat open for the Panther to speak to the information broker.

"Another customer," the hooded man explained in answer to the unasked question. "You have it then?"

"Yes," Kiris nodded easily and slipped the package into the offered hand.

The Skulk inspected the small vial, nodding and stood, slipping it into his robes to reveal dark clothes over a slender body.

"Follow me," he said easily. "My contacts dislike meeting where people who might object to what they have to say can hear them."

Kiris nodded and followed, every sense alert for trouble. He more than half expected an ambush, even if it was out of character for the Skulk's reputation.

Besides... to be fair, in this part of town, you didn't have to be set up to be ambushed. He could tell that the criminal element was definitely out in droves, and only getting more common as the night wore on.

They worked deeper into the slums, into the warehouse district where things were slightly better thanks to the guards who tried to keep people from raiding their employer's inventories.

"Here we are," the Skulk said easily as they reached a large storehouse. "After you, or would you rather I go in first?"

"They are your contacts," Kiris motioned him in first.

"True," the Skulk nodded, starting into the warehouse. "Asif!" He called out into the darkness, his voice finally raising above a whisper as it echoed through the building. "He's with me."

"And are you sure he's the one?" A lean Jackal asked, stepping out of the shadows as Kiris followed him in.

"Quite sure," the Skulk nodded, stepping slightly out of the way to let Kiris get a better look at the Jackal, all three of them almost hidden in the dark building.

Kiris carefully hid his surprise at the lack of anyone else around, everything about this unsettled him. Asif was angry, to be sure, but it wasn't at him.

"The one what?" Kiris called out to the Jackal.

"The one looking for the offworlders who hired my cousin," Asif explained. "He was the one your apprentice killed while he was doing their dirty work." His anger spiked, though Kiris could tell it wasn't towards him, or towards Fenrik. It seemed he was more upset with the ones who were pulling the strings than the ones who had reacted to them being pulled.

"That I am," he agreed more quietly, though he never let Skulk out of his sight. "You know who they are?"

"Yes," the Jackal nodded. "He said they were major figures from off- world, and that they were going to get him off-planet after it was done. His contact was a twi'lek, I've seen him since, trying to find other ways to accomplish whatever it is he wants to do. I managed to lift a datapad off of him," the Jackal said, holding it up. "But I can't go to the authorities; they may think I had something to do with all this."

Kiris nodded. "I can get it to where it'll do the most damage to those responsible, and keep your identity out of it."

"Good," Asif nodded, stepping slightly closer and holding his hand out with the datapad in it. "They should learn to do their own dirty work; it's not that hard for offworlders to do their business, as you know by now."

"If they are who I expect, they never do their own dirty work," Kiris said simply and accepted the datapad, relying on Force senses to keep tabs on the Skulk, who was staying back. "And this world would do well to keep them in tight check."

"I'll leave that to you to explain, though I'll mention it to my own colleagues," Asif nodded, stepping back.

"Do that," Kiris nodded, looking down at the datapad to see what information he could glean from a quick skim. He only became aware that there was something wrong when he felt a light touch ghost along the fur near his ear, just before a long, thin tendril tried to drive into his skull through the tiny opening as every instinct, natural and trained, kicked into high gear to duck and roll forward.

Kiris' ears were flat against his skull as he was back on his feet with lightsaber in hand and the Force gathering around him for a fast, painful battle.

Skulk's hood had fallen back when he'd removed his breathmask, revealing a furless face and a broad, flat nose. The tendril that had brushed Kiris' head was one of two that extended from his nostrils. For a moment the Jedi was surprised by what he saw; he'd always thought the Anzati were a legend, but he was looking at one now.

"Well, they were certainly right about you being a Jedi," the 'information broker' observed, slipping back into a defensive combat stance. "How about a compromise; you hand over the datapad, I return your payment, we call it even, hmm?"

"No deal," the Panther rumbled and made a fast strike to test the Skulk's reflexes, more unwilling to let such a parasite go than the information.

"Pity," the Anzat said, darting back out of the way quickly. It seemed he had more Force training than Kiris had thought at first; he was just as fast as the Panther, though he moved with less practiced grace. "I suppose intimidation is the best way out of here then." He reached into his robes quickly, his hand returning with the familiar globe of a thermal detonator. "Unless you're willing to let all three of us go up in flames just to rid the universe of me?"

"Yes," Master Kiris moved forward again for another strike even as he yanked the grenade from the Skulk's hand with the Force and slammed the Anzat with a separate wave of Force to push him forward and away from the door.

The Skulk rolled with the motion, tumbling under Kiris' strike and past him with surprising ease given the robes he was wearing. As he rolled to his feet, he bolted for Asif, grabbing the Jackal just as he seemed to realize what was going on and tried to move away from the fight.

"Now, now, no need to leave," the Anzat chuckled, slipping a vibroknife from his sleeve and pressing it to the Jackal's throat.

He was clearly better armed than he'd seemed. He just as clearly had no clue about who he'd just tried to kill.

Neither Jackal nor Anzat were sure what to make of the smile that crossed the Panther's face, but Asif was ready to wet himself when there was a sickening crunch of bone right next to his ear.

The Skulk, by contrast, was ready to scream as Kiris' telekinesis crushed his hand and squeezed his hips, spine, and head like a vise. The knife fell from his hand, his body starting to buckle as Asif bolted. He fought against the Jedi's powers; managing to push back the telekinetic forces enough to think again.

"All right," he croaked harshly. "I'll tell you what I know about the Hutts behind this, just let me go after!"

There was a pause as Kiris considered the deal, then the telekinetic crush loosened a bit. "Talk."

"Mardoc the Hutt," the Anzat said quickly. "One of his men hired me to make sure you didn't find out they were behind the kidnapping attempt."

"Who?" He demanded evenly even as he prepared, in a carefully shielded part of his mind, a final surprise for the parasite.

"Eorin Zal," the Anzat told him. "Kel Dor who's been hiding out in the crime districts."

Kiris nodded and stepped slightly to one side. "Go."

The Skulk fixed his breathmask back onto his face and started out of the warehouse, limping on his injured hip. He knew the Jedi watched his every move, looking for an excuse to strike one last time, and he wasn't about to give one.

He almost let a small breath of relief out when he was under open sky once more, but he felt the Force gathering again. He tried to mount a defense, but his body collapsed to the ground lifeless before he'd had the chance to do so, his neck snapped internally.

Master Kiris extinguished his lightsaber and considered his kill for a moment. Master Sy'anth would probably appreciate the body. She loved to get her hands on presumed mythical or extinct races. It wouldn't be bad to have it as proof of his ID either.

With a moment more the Panther picked up his kill and wrapped a subtle Force-suggestion around him to keep curious eyes from seeing that he was carrying a body back to his ship to put it in a stasis crate to await their return to the Jedi Temple.

"How did things go with Fenrik?" Kiris asked Sashta as she fell into step behind him while he was making his way back to his quarters. He'd dropped the Skulk's body off on the cruiser already, and was looking forward to getting a chance to go over the contents of the datapad, but this was just as well.

"Quite well," she smiled. "He is a good student, if a bit more experienced that I had expected. He has a very definite mental line between what turns him on and what does not. It is a very good thing to have."

"Yes, it is," Kiris nodded. "Experience in what, if you don't mind my asking?" He asked, wondering just what Fenrik had been up to, and if he was going too far to be safe again.

"Nothing dangerous, particularly not with a well-trained bedmate," she chuckled softly. "A little bondage and being boys."

"All right," Kiris chuckled slightly. "Do they seem to be doing well?"

"Caspar is certainly pleased with where he is," she grinned at him slyly. "I would say that Fenrik is doing well, if less confident of what he wants. Quite normal, really."

"Something about him had to be," the older Panther chuckled. "Will you be continuing to work with him?"

"As long as you are here and he chooses too," she nodded. "So far he is inclined to a meeting that involves more than words."

"I'm not too surprised," Kiris chuckled slightly. "How far do his interests seem to run, at this point?"

"Significantly lighter than yours," she nodded. "It seems to limit at bondage ... he gets off as much on his partner's reaction as his own. It's quite interesting, really."

"His empathy may have something to do with that," Kiris mused. "It's not his strongest trait, but it is a skill he's been trained in. It's not a bad preference to have either, to be honest."

"Yes, that would make a great deal of sense," Sashta nodded. "And it is a good preference, as long as he doesn't hook up with something with dangerous tastes. I've seen empathy like that used against people."

"True," Kiris agreed. "However, it's also something he's been trained not to do, let it go too far. I suspect any bed partner he might find with tastes like that would fall short of actually convincing him to follow through."

"At least not unless he goes there himself first. Not everyone who starts only wanting a little bondage play stays there."

"I know that quite well," he chuckled. "I hope you'll address the proper limits, even if your partner is willing?"

"Absolutely, though he seems to have an instinctive understanding of them already."

"Very good... and I'm sure that if he goes too far in your presence, he'll be the first to know," the older Panther nodded, knowing full well that if necessary, Sashta would be quite capable of getting Fenrik to stop just about anything. "So, I doubt you only wanted to discuss your evening with Fenrik...."

"No," she admitted with a soft chuckle. "I was curious about your trophy."

"You saw that, hmm?" He asked, looking over his shoulder at her a little curiously. "I assure you, he deserved what he got."

"I have little doubt of it," Sashta actually chuckled. "You just didn't seem the type that took trophies."

"I'm not," Kiris explained. "That's not for a trophy; it was an Anzati assassin."

"Anzati?" She blinked several times. "Who could you have angered that could raise a myth to kill you?"

"It seems they're not as mythical as we'd thought," Doruth shrugged slightly. "From the sound of it he's been on this planet for some time, hiding his identity. The people behind the kidnapping attempt against Lady Afet weren't happy with the idea of somebody trying to find out who they are."

"Yet you have at least come very close, I would say." She smiled slightly as they got to his room. "Such an assassin would have to cost a great deal to take on a Jedi."

"Yes, though apparently he didn't do the best research on just who his target was beyond that," Kiris chuckled grimly as the door closed behind them. "And yes, I believe I have the information that will prove my suspicions about who's behind it."

"That is excellent," Sashta smiled, truly very pleased by the news. "Who is it?"

"Unless I've missed my mark, and misinterpreted that little I managed to read from the datapad I received, there's a Hutt who wants to influence the talks, turn himself into the middleman between the Republic and Midriac." He sat down, rolling his shoulders slightly to stretch them out. "This should keep him from ever coming close to that."

"Him and likely any other Hutt," she nodded and sat down next to him to rub his shoulders. "I'm not the masseuse Marin is, but I know how a warrior strains muscles."

"Mmm ... thank you," he rumbled, closing his eyes slightly. "You don't have to, if you'd rather not. It's just a little stiffness from carrying the body back from the warehouse district."

"I would have hardly started if I was not willing to finish," she chuckled softly as she worked with hands made strong from training and practical experience at what she was doing. "I like you."

"Mmm ... thank you," he rumbled deeply. "It's mutual," he admitted, probably surprising himself more than her, though he could feel the pleased surprise just under the surface of her thoughts.

"You are welcome," she purred throatily and shifted her hands to include the back of his neck in her attentions that slowly shifted along the line of his shoulders.

Kiris purred deeply, letting out a slight groan. Sashta wasn't as good as Marin was, but she definitely knew what she was doing.

"You're definitely more than you seemed," he murmured.

"So are you," she smiled and paused her pattern to work on a particularly tight spot. "Particularly from that show you put on for the talks."

"It's not entirely show," he chuckled. "Though neither of us are as monk-like as we try to act," he admitted. "Not many of us are." He shifted slightly to wrap an arm around her back, half-turning to kiss her lightly and found his mouth instantly claimed by hers.

"Mmm, so I've noticed." She chuckled softly and shifted forward to sit half way into his lap for another kiss. "I don't suppose you find slow and teasing pleasure appealing?"

"Who's teasing who?" He asked with a rumble, rubbing her back.

"I like both," she smiled and kissed him again. "Though I understand battle tends to arouse more aggressive desires."

"True, but I think I can handle a little teasing first," he purred deeply, turning to press her back to the bed as she wrapped her arms around him and willingly submitted to his desires. "See where it goes from there."

Fenrik walked into the harem the next night, shortly after the talks for the day had finished. He did his best to ignore the groups of people engaged in all manner of different sexual acts, looking at what was going on beyond that... and trying to see if he could spot Vespa. He wanted to talk to her.

The white Rabbit wasn't apparent, but as he walked around the large room, his manner keeping offers at bay, he realized that these people had a very cultured life. The games were ones of strategy and knowledge, both local and from other worlds, and finely crafted. The music he heard in the background was not recorded, it was provided by members of the harem. There was evidence of at least some with artistic talents making use of them.

A splash and playful laughter lead him past the main room into areas he hadn't even realized existed before. It was good to see that they did have more that they did; it made him feel much more comfortable about what he wanted to talk about. He almost had to wonder how Caspar didn't have any other hobbies yet... or if shi just didn't think of them as hobbies.

It was definitely interesting to get a look at what the rest of the harem was like; they were really much more like nobility than one would have thought at first.

Vespa wasn't out by the pools either, but he had to admire the crafting and decoration, many of the smaller pools more like ponds or fountains meant to play in. From the look of things, this was also where they bathed.

"Who are you looking for, Master?" Mysra asked politely as she approached him.

"I was looking for Vespa," he said, smiling at the older Panthress who ran the harem. "Is she busy right now? It's nothing worth bothering her for if she is." Besides, if she was, he might still be able to talk to Mysra about it ... might actually work out a bit better if he did.

"She is with another of your party," she told him easily, mildly curious that he would be here but so clearly not looking for a bedmate. "Perhaps another can assist you?"

"Maybe... do you have time to talk for a little bit?" He asked her. "I have some questions to ask, about Caspar."

"Of course," she said easily. "Is something wrong with hir?"

"No," he said, shaking his head easily. "At least not like that. Mind if we sit down? This might take a little bit," he chuckled slightly.

"Of course," she agreed with a politely curious smile and led him to a lush bit of the garden nearby that gave them some privacy while still providing an excellent view of the pools.

"Thank you," he smiled, taking a seat and leaving plenty of room for her to join him.

"There's nothing wrong with Caspar," he explained as she sat with some respect for his lack of comfort with intimacy. "Shi's a wonderful person, very eager to please, and enjoys hir place more than I'd thought shi would," he admitted. He fought with his words for a few moments, trying to find the right ones to express what he was worried about. "I'm just concerned for hir; shi seems to be a little... focused... on hir work. It's not that I mind that much," he chuckled a little sheepishly, "it's just that I'd like to see if there's some way shi could round out hir experiences a little, find something shi enjoyed other than sexual pleasure."

It caused the older Panther to pause, working on that idea for a while to come up with a viable reply.

"Shi has many skills; dancing, flute, drums, canon'ton, and many games." She said a bit uncertainly. "What kind of skills are you looking for?"

"Hobbies at this point, mostly," Fenrik tried to explain. "I'm assuming nobody here knows too much about what Jedi do, most of the time?" He asked her, wondering how much of this he was going to have to explain.

"You seem to spar or mediate when not at the talks or other duties," she said what little she knew, both words she was clearly unfamiliar with for the most part.

"Studying of some sort or another, yes," he nodded. "It's the 'other duties' that worries me. This is a fairly safe mission to be on; relatively routine, we're mostly here to be a presence for the Council. Most of the missions my Master and I go on, and that I'll go on once I've become a Knight, are more dangerous. Not the sort of thing I'd necessarily want to bring Caspar along on even if I could, for hir own safety. I'm wondering if you know of any hobbies shi has, other things shi enjoys doing.

"Oh!" She smiled as it sunk in what he was looking for. "To tend to hir time while you are away." Mysra nodded. "Yes, shi has many skills and interests to keep hir occupied. I expect shi will find more when shi has an opportunity to see what is available. Shi was one of my brightest students."

"Good to know," he smiled. "I've tried bringing it up, but I don't think it's a concept that translates too well. Do you have any suggestions; especially things that the two of us could do together that don't involve sex? I usually get the feeling that shi thinks I'm upset with hir when I try to suggest something like that."

"It is not something we would normally do," she admitted, trying to think of anything that qualified that the young warrior might be interested in. "Can you pilot a flitter?"

"Not as suicidally as some of the people I've seen outside the palace," he chuckled slightly, thinking of the high-class speeders he'd seen piloted on this world. "But if I had access and a little time to check out any differences between them and normal speeders, probably."

"You may have better luck convincing him he is more of a companion than bed-warmer by taking him outside the palace. Shopping, visiting some of the great landmarks and beautiful places." She suggested. "I will speak with him as well, if you wish. It is not what shi has been raised to be, but shi should adapt easily enough."

"I'll try on my own first," Fenrik smiled. "Thank you, Mysra."

"You are welcome, Master." She inclined her head slightly. "Is there anything else I can assist you with?"

"No, thank you," he smiled, inclining his own head politely. "I'll head back now, thank you for your time."

"Anytime you wish, Master." She said easily and relaxed as he headed back through the harem.

Fenrik opened the door to his quarters a few minutes later, after making a brief stop at the vehicle garage to make sure he could borrow one of the flitters. His tail twitched behind him as he saw Caspar waiting on the bed as usual, and made a slightly uncharacteristic pounce to pull the young herm down next to him and into a playful kiss.

"You're in a good mood," shi grinned up at him and pressed close, enjoying the warm strength of hir Master.

"Mmm... yeah," he admitted easily with a smile, kissing hir again, a little more slowly this time. "How would you like to spend the evening outside the palace, hmm?"

"Seriously?" Hir eyes went a bit wide. "I've never been outside the palace."

Fenrik tried not to wince at hearing that, focusing instead on how excited Caspar was as he rubbed hir back.

"Mmm ... tonight's a good chance then, isn't it?" He smiled. "Just thinking that it might be nice to see a bit more of your world while we're here. And I can't think of anybody else I'd rather see it with," he smiled and felt the youth blush as shi nuzzled him.

"I'd love to, Fenrik." Shi smiled shyly.

"So, why don't you get dressed and we'll do a little sightseeing," Fenrik smiled, kicking himself mentally for not thinking to ask Mysra for some good places to do just that.

"I ..." shi stammered a bit. "I don't have anything like that to wear."

"Why don't you show me what you do have?" He asked hir with a gentle, reassuring nuzzle.

"All right," Caspar shifted to get out of the bed and opened hir chest to retrieve several very fine sets of clothing. He was not kidding, however. Nothing there was even remotely suitable for public.

"Hmm. Well, we're just going to have to fix that, aren't we?" Fenrik asked cheerfully, moving over to rub hir back reassuringly. "We'll do a little shopping for you before the night's out," he promised, moving over to his own clothes to pull out a spare robe. "This should do for now."

"Yes ... you want me to wear your clothes?" Shi looked a little nervous. "Are not only Jedi to wear them?"

Fenrik tried not to laugh, instead shaking his head and smiling. "They're just robes, Caspar. They're not common, but they're not only for Jedi."

The kit nodded and quickly slipped into the cream pants and wrap-shirt. "I don't think I've ever had this much of me covered."

"You're still handsome," Fenrik smiled, giving hir a quick kiss. "We'll get you something that fits a bit better while we're out, so you don't have to stay inside all the time. I'd just assumed you had street clothes," he admitted.

"A harem slave has no use for such things," shi smiled shyly. "We never go out."

"Custom?" Fenrik asked, sure it wasn't a legal requirement, but wanting to be sure.

"And no need." Shi added with a nod.

"Mmm... well, I'm not going to insist you come out a lot if you don't want," Fenrik smiled, "but I do want to spend some time with you outside the bedroom. Caspar? Would you object to a slight change in your job description?" He asked with a smile.

"To what?" Shi went tense, an internal battle between fear and trust visible on hir face.

"I think the term is companion?" Fenrik said, hoping he was making an offer that was favorable to Caspar. He imagined it would be, at least. "More than just a bed partner," he clarified as Caspar blinked.

"You want that ... with me?" Shi almost squeaked, stunned beyond thinking for a moment.

For a moment, Fenrik quietly cursed himself for not double checking what exactly it meant; he was worried that he'd gone a little too far just then.

"What does it mean to you?" He asked. Better to find out now rather than after saying 'yes.'

"It's what master/slave marriage is called." Shi said softly. "It restricts how many other bedmates you can take and provides more rights under the law to me."

"Would you want that, eventually?" Fenrik asked hir. "It sounds very much like something I'd like to have with you, though I'm not sure if it's too soon for it to be a good idea," he admitted.

He definitely should have checked before... but for things he could accidentally stumble into, this was one of the more pleasant possibilities.

"I ... think so." Shi said hesitantly. "It's ... a lot to think about."

"You don't have to answer right away," Fenrik said reassuringly. "I didn't realize how big a thing it was... though that doesn't mean I'm taking the offer back," he added. "Let's not worry about it right now... just something to think about, in the future."

"Okay," shi nodded. "Where are we going?"

"A little shopping, then we'll see what looks interesting until we have to come back for the night," Fenrik chuckled. "Honestly, I'd been hoping you had a few places in mind, but we'll sort it out. I'm borrowing a flitter for the night, so we'll be able to make some good distance."

"I know who to ask for the best spots," shi offered with a shy smile.

"Then let's go pay them a visit on the way out," Fenrik smiled. "At least one of us knows somebody to ask that they haven't already bugged today," he chuckled.

"Tysena does the shopping for the entire palace," shi grinned up as they walked from the room. "If it's to be had, she knows where to get the best at the best price."

"That'll certainly help," Fenrik grinned, following hir through the palace.

Fenrik sighed happily and leaned over, putting an arm around Caspar's shoulder. They were 'parked' up in the mountains about a half-hour from the capitol, looking down over the city.

Caspar was wearing a set of light, attractive dancer's street robes that made hir look more like a young woman than a young man. They weren't quite the same quality shi would have been used to at the palace, but they were about the best he could afford. They still looked very good on hir and were suitable for public. Between the new outfit and the novelty of being outside the palace for the first time shi could remember, shi'd been in a state of wide-eyed excitement for hours. Now they were watching the trailing end of the sunset, a perfect end to the evening.

"So," he asked softly with a smile, "having a good time?"

"Very," shi purred and leaned against him happily. "I never knew the city was so big."

"There's a lot beyond the palace," Fenrik nodded, turning to nuzzle hir lightly. "At least it's not as big as Coruscant," he murmured slightly, resting his head against Caspar's lightly and looking out over the city, surrounded by nature thick enough to be impenetrable. So much different than the places he'd grown up after joining the Order. Here the cities were still carved out of a wilderness that would engulf them and their roads if not regularly tended to.

"Even more in your world," shi smiled slightly. "It's exciting to think of all the places you go."

"You'll get to see a lot of them," Fenrik smiled back. "But to be fair, I think I like your world a bit better. Certainly prettier."

"Very wild," shi nodded. "It doesn't look dangerous from up here either."

"Most things don't until you see them up close," Fenrik murmured, rubbing hir side. "Never easy to tell what something's really like until then, people or places."

"And this far away, no one can see us," shi purred and shifted to kiss him.

"Don't you ever think about something besides sex?" Fenrik asked playfully, returning the kiss.

"Not around you," shi giggled and kissed him again as he slid to his back with shi half on top of him. "You are very sexy."

"Funny, I was about to say the same about you," he purred, kissing hir, running his fingers through hir dark fur between the parts of hir outfit. "You really are something special, Caspar," he murmured.

"So are you, Fenrik." Shi murmured, purring throatily at the touch as shi claimed another kiss as shi ran hir hands down his body.

"You're also wearing far too much," Fenrik rumbled, starting to undress hir slowly, kissing hir neck. He was devoutly grateful that there wasn't anybody else for miles around. Even so, the thought of being with Caspar out in the open like this was... unusually appealing. It didn't hurt any that shi had made the first move and was just as eager to get his clothes off as hir own.

By the time they were naked in the cool breeze and soft grass, Caspar was lying on Fenrik's chest with hir legs spread to straddle his hips, teasingly rubbed hir cock and wet pussy along his groin.

"Hungry little thing, aren't you?" He asked with a purr, rubbing back against hir as his cock hardened, their scents heavy in the fresh air around them.

"Always for you," shi grinned and shifted to sit up, easily guiding the hard length into hir slick body.

"Oh yes," he groaned deeply, thrusting up instinctively as he ran his hands down hir sides. He leaned up, kissing hir hungrily as shi tightened hir body around his sensitive shaft.

"Love how you feel in me," Caspar moaned and arched up; not only putting hir body on display for him but also pushed him deeper into hir body.

"So good," he groaned lustily. He reached up, running his hands along hir flat chest, teasing hir nipples as he tried to rub his cock against hir g-spot. He rumbled hotly, relishing the pleasure he gave hir as much as what shi gave him. The spike in hir pleasure when he rubbed against her g-spot drew cries from them both.

"Not long," he groaned, hir body milking his barbed shaft as he kept thrusting deeply into hir sex.

"Good," Caspar shivered in delight, hir body high on pleasure and the giving of it.

He pulled hir close, kissing hir hungrily as he hilted inside hir sex. He plundered hir mouth as he sprayed hir insides with his seed, his balls pulling up close as he came hard into the body that wanted him so much.

"Mmmm, you feel so good," shi rumbled and squeezed down around him, hoping for more.

He gave it to hir, though not much. Once he was done, he pulled hir close and rolled hir onto hir back, rumbling deeply as he started to thrust into hir again as shi wrapped hir legs around him.

"Ohhhh, yesss," shi moaned and shivered, hir cock throbbing between them as fur and muscle caressed it in a pleasure all it's own.

"Cum for me," Fenrik rumbled lustily, nipping at hir neck lightly as he thrust into hir, deep and fast.

It was an order Caspar complied with easily, hir voice throaty as shi cried out with the first splash of seed between them, hir body fluttering around hir master's in a welcome rush of pleasure that pulsed through both their bodies.

Fenrik held still, savoring the feel of Caspar's body spasming around his cock. Finally, once shi'd stopped rippling around him and shooting hir seed onto their bellies, he kissed hir tenderly, groaning into hir mouth.

"Fuck me senseless, Fenrik." Shi moaned as their mouths parted, squeezing down on his cock in encouragement.

"With pleasure," the older Panther rumbled, starting to thrust again, the feel of hir tight body around his more than enough to keep him ready.

"Master? Do you have some time to talk?" Fenrik asked as he and Kiris finished their weekly sparring session.

"Of course," he nodded slightly. "What is on your mind?"

"Caspar," Fenrik admitted easily. "And Marin. We might want to speak somewhere a little more private."

"Of course," Kiris nodded and chose an easy but quick pace for the walk to his quarters.

Fenrik followed him easily, waiting until they were behind closed doors to say anything more.

"Greetings, Master." Marin greeted them at the door with a smile and easy bow. "Do you wish to talk while you bathe?"

"No," he shook his head fractionally. "Come back in an hour for that."

"Of course, Master." She replied smoothly and disappeared into the bathroom to leave by the servant's entrance to the suite.

"Sorry about throwing your schedule off," Fenrik apologized as she left. "Things are going well with her then?" He asked curiously.

"Quite well," he nodded. "She will need a few months at the Temple to adjust to the differences and find a place she wants to work, but she is as well-prepared as anyone here for the change."

"That's good," Fenrik nodded. "Caspar... it will be much, much longer before shi's even ready to think about it, I think. Did you know shi hadn't even been outside the palace before yesterday afternoon, that shi can remember?"

"No, but I'm not surprised." Kiris admitted. "How did shi handle it?"

"After the nervousness about not having any clothes suitable for being out in public, shi was thrilled," Fenrik smiled. "I did get hir an outfit more suitable for public wear, but I think we're going to want to make sure we have extra robes made up once we get back."

"Easily arranged," he nodded. "Shi does rate some clothing once we get back."

"And we would both like to try and continue our relationship once re return," he added, more quietly. "I'm as sure as I can possibly be that that's truly what shi wants, not something shi said because it was expected of hir."

"It is also something that can change," he said simply. "Continuing your relationship does not require it to be for life, after all."

"I know, Master," Fenrik nodded. "But you did say I should tell you if that was the case. I did get a little advice on ways to encourage hir to develop some interests outside the bedroom," he chuckled slightly.

"Excellent," Kiris smiled slightly. "Was that where the sudden trip last night came from?"

"Yes, Master," Fenrik nodded. "I'm sorry, I should have asked before we left, but I'd been hoping to get out while we only had to return to the palace after dark."

"I did not restrict your activities as long as you perform your duties," the older Panther smiled slightly. "You clearly did not suffer today for your trip."

"Thank you, Master," Fenrik smiled. "And I should thank you for your conversation with Sashta as well," he blushed slightly.

"I take it that it has gone well so far, then?" He raised an eyebrow, pleased to hear such from Fenrik as well as Sashta.

"Very educational, and in ways that I'm glad to learn about from something besides experience," the younger Panther nodded, his blush deepening slightly.

"Your desires are nothing to be embarrassed about," Master Kiris told him firmly but gently. "They are not unnatural."

"I know," Fenrik nodded. "It's not the desires as much as discussing them," he chuckled slightly. "I'm still used to the Temple, after all."

"I do understand," Kiris nodded seriously. "Just do remain careful where you play when you are out in the open."

"Yes, Master," Fenrik nodded quickly. He knew he was just guessing, there wasn't any way he could have found out except possibly through their bond. "Unlike Caspar, I'm not that much of an exhibitionist."

"Just remain so," Master Kiris told him seriously, though he was chuckling inside. "The Order does expect us to at least look the part in public."

"Understood, Master," Fenrik nodded. "I'll let you get back to your evening," he said, standing and bowing respectfully. "Thank you."

"Sashta?" Fenrik approached the older Panthress shortly after the talks for the day had ended, once they were relatively alone. "Can I ask you a question about my... lessons?" He asked her softly.

"Of course," she nodded easily. "Ready to learn the other side of things?"

"Yes," he nodded. "It's something I enjoyed when we toyed with it... and something that would make me feel more comfortable about the other way," he admitted.

"Do you wish to learn with Caspar, a male who knows, or me with you?" She asked almost gently.

"With you," he said after a moment. "And Caspar, if shi's willing. It's not something shi's that into," he explained.

"I'm not surprised," she chuckled softly and considered him. "It is very much not something shi'd normally do. Do you plan on looking for a partner other than shi?"

"I'm not planning on it right now," he admitted. "But life has a way of changing plans."

"Quite true," she nodded. "Your quarters, or somewhere more formal, and private?" She asked seriously.

"What do you have in mind for the more private area?" He asked her just as seriously.

"One of the playrooms I showed you on the first day. Close the door and it does not open for anyone other than the Shah, Vizier, or Captain of the Guard."

Fenrik thought about it for a moment, and then shook his head.

"I'd feel more comfortable in my quarters, unless you think we're likely to be interrupted there."

"No, some just prefer to avoid the chance," she nodded. "I will see you there in a few minutes."

"Thank you," he nodded. "Is there anything I should do until you're there?"

"Try not to get too involved with Caspar," she chuckled and headed off to collect a few things for the evening.

The young Panther was nervous to say the least. As much as he'd enjoyed the time when Caspar had topped him, he couldn't help but wonder how it would go tonight, with somebody so much more at ease with really taking charge.

"I'm back," he smiled to Caspar as the door closed behind him. "Hope you don't mind a little extra company tonight."

"Not at all," shi purred and gracefully got to hir feet to greet him with a hug and kiss. "Sashta?"

"Yes," Fenrik nodded, returning the kiss and rubbing hir back. "Uhm... I'm not sure what you'll end up doing tonight, but tonight she's going to be giving me some lessons in how to be the submissive, instead of the dom. You don't have to join in on either end, but I'd like if you'd help her teach me," he smiled shyly.

"Then I will," shi smiled and kissed him soundly. "If it makes you feel good, it makes me feel good."

"All right," Fenrik smiled, purring as he returned the kiss. "Thank you. She probably won't be too long, so we should wait before getting started," he chuckled.

"We can at least get you out of those robes," shi grinned playfully and reached up to slide the heaver dark brown one off his shoulders.

"All right," he chuckled, kissing hir and helping to get the robes off. "But we're not going farther than that."

"Not until she gets here," shi purred and kissed every bit of fur as it was exposed, paying special attention to the small circles of bare skin of Fenrik's nipples.

"Mmm... not until then," Fenrik agreed, purring as he scratched hir ears as the attention continued down. He murmured, then moaned when Caspar nuzzled his groin threw the fabric of his trousers.

"You don't quit, do you?" Fenrik chuckled, kneeling to give Caspar a slow, tender kiss to think about instead.

"It's not in their makeup," Sashta chuckled as she entered the room. "Shi was just getting you ready to play."

"Mmm... shi does that quite well already," he smiled, kissing hir again briefly before standing. "Thanks for coming," he said to Sashta, lowering his head slightly in a mix of respect and nerves.

"You'll be fine," her strong fingers curled around his jaw to lift it. "This is about pleasure."

"I know," he nodded slightly, her powerful hand on his jaw helping him to feel comfortable giving her control over the evening. "Just haven't done this before. Ask Caspar," he chuckled, "I can be nervous and still have both parties enjoy something new."

"Well, now that you're undressed, let's get you tussled up," she smiled and licked her muzzle in anticipation. "You will grow up so fine." She rumbled to herself and led the pair into the bathroom where she began to hook a long chain and shackles to the ceiling.

"Thanks," he blushed slightly, slipping his pants off as he followed her and allowed himself to be locked into the shackles, pleased that none of his weight actually rested on his wrists; they were only to keep him standing with his arms raised.

"Try to let go of your training," she rumbled hotly and ran her hands along his spine. "I know self-control is high on the list of them. Tonight is about giving me control."

"I will," he nodded, shivering a bit at the helpless feeling of being chained and exposed to her attentions. He tried to let his mental barriers and defenses fall, opening himself to her desires and pleasures. He had to admit that his empathy made it easier. He'd know if something changed or she got too into it.

"Good," Sashta rumbled and ghosted her teeth along the back of his neck. "Caspar, entertain yourself with him, but no touching his cock."

"Yes, mistress." Shi nodded and stepped up to kiss Fenrik, both hir hands on his face to focus his attention. The older Panther returned the kiss, closing his eyes and stretching his senses out to try and read what both of them would want. His tail rose instinctively as he remembered the time he'd talked Caspar into taking him, and wondered if anything like that might be happening tonight.

"Yes, you will be taken tonight," she squeezed his ass and ran her hands forward to ghost over his pelvis, only just not touching anything that really wanted her touch.

"Mmm... yes, mistress," he nodded slightly, the words sounding odd, but right, as he kissed Caspar again before shi began to move down his body, taking more time than shi ever had before.

"Caspar," she summoned hir firmly. "Prepare him." She instructed simply.

"Yes, mistress." Shi rumbled in real excitement and knelt as shi kissed hir way down Fenrik's spine.

Fenrik tried to look around to see hir, but his attention was drawn forward again as Sashta moved around in front of him. His eyes roamed her powerfully built body covered in a flawless pelt of glossy black, so different from Caspar's, but just as appealing in her rounded feminine maturity made hard by physical training.

"You like that idea, don't you?" She purred deeply. "I promise you, it will be very different from when shi took you last time."

"Understood, Mistress," he nodded, his breath catching as Caspar kissed the base of his tail, then under it to slowly swirl hir tongue around the pucker of skin there. "Ooh...."

Sashta smiled at his response and resisted the urge to introduce him to some of their pleasure-drugs. "You make quite an enticing image like that," she purred throatily. "Bound with such pleasure on your face."

"Thank you," he panted, whimpering at the pleasure of Caspar's attentions, and what he was sure would follow them. His bright yellow eyes closed as he focused on the two of them, and what they were doing to him. "M-may I pleasure you, Mistress?" He asked, not sure how much of what he might do from here would be considered appropriate. One advantage of his training; even if he couldn't do it himself, he could still touch the both of them like this.

It raised an eyebrow as she cupped her fingers on his chin again. "What can you do, tied up like this?" She asked, more curious than anything.

"This," he said softly, focusing for a moment before the soft touch of the Force teased her breasts and sex to a gasp, them murmured of pleasure. It wasn't the way he usually used this particular skill to say the least, but he had enough control to please her.

"You are just full of surprises," she slid her hand between his legs to gently fondle his balls even as Caspar pressed hir tongue into his body for the first time.

"Ooh," he groaned. "Thank you, Mistress," he murmured, continuing to pleasure her since she hadn't told him to stop, carefully working the 'touch' on her sex up towards her clit.

"Will you be able to do that even when you're being fucked?" Sashta rumbled with a shiver of pleasure.

"I'm not sure," he admitted. "But I can try. The worse that happens is I lose it; I won't hurt anybody."

"Good, because I had a delightful thought. Turn that attention to Caspar." She ran a thumb along his jaw line. "Pleasure hir until shi is so wound up shi'll take you hard."

"Turn it, or pleasure both of you?" He asked, shifting his focus to start fondling Caspar's young balls lightly, stroking hir sex and breasts. It was harder, both having more points to focus on and not being able to see hir, but he was pretty sure he could handle the both of them.

"Just hir," she chuckled softly. "I'm going to enjoy watching."

"All right," he said, honestly grateful for the break as he shifted the rest of his focus to his lover, moving his telekinetic touch down to start penetrating hir sex. He shivered as much from the pleasure that washed over him from Caspar as his own body. The moans that vibrated hir tongue as shi pressed it in and out of his ass only added to the tingling pleasure that rippled threw his ass and groin.

"Oh Caspar," he groaned deeply, his tail twitching against hir ears behind him as they pushed each other closer to their limits, the pleasure coursing through their bodies as they worked on each other up.

"I want you to come in him." Sashta warned Caspar.

"Yes, mistress." Shi shivered and reached down to coat hirself with a slick palm full of lube and stood, running hir hands down his sides as shi did so and slid a slick finger into his ass, earning a whimper of pleasure from the bound Panther as he slowed down enough to let Caspar finish preparing him before shi came.

"You really get off on this," shi murmured, more than a little stunned as shi stood and pressed against Fenrik's back, just holding him for a long moment.

"D-don't you?" Fenrik asked, pressing back against Caspar almost hungrily, stammering slightly as he tried to keep enough control to speak.

"Not much," shi murmured honestly before shi shifted to press into Fenrik's body with a groan of pleasure for the intense sensations of being inside another and against the broad, warm back of hir Master. "Ohhhh."

"I'll keep it in mind," Fenrik groaned, pressing back against Caspar's shaft with a slight whimper at the end as he felt the young herm's hips press into his ass. He shuddered as Caspar wrapped a hand around his cock, another fondling his balls, and slowly pulled out of him.

"Oh Caspar," he whimpered softly, fighting to keep enough focus to keep his telekinetic attentions to Caspar's sex going on between the pleasure pouring over him from his lover and what was coming from his own body.

"Yesss," shi breathed, very close to the edge as shi pressed forward again and began to stroke Fenrik, hir senses close to overwhelmed by what shi was feeling.

"Oh... M-Mistress... c-can I...?" He wasn't sure if he had to ask to come; he wanted to badly, but given what she'd said to Caspar, he wasn't sure if there was a similar limit on him.

"Yes," she rumbled back, clearly almost as turned on as the pair of them were.

The permission didn't come a moment too soon. Caspar's cock grazed his prostate, driving him over the edge. He cried out in pleasure, his cum arcing through the air as he strained against his chains, his ass milking Caspar's cock hungrily. He pressed hard against the younger herm's g-spot, desperate to feel hir seed inside him.

He cried out again when Caspar slammed into his ass, hir own control broken by the combined sensations before Fenrik's control shattered and shi no longer felt the full pleasure of the cock that wasn't inside hir as shi came in powerful spurts inside hir Master.

Fenrik just groaned, taking hir seed into him eagerly, savoring the feel of the thick, warm fluid filling his body and the panting warmth of the feline resting against his back as they both came down and Caspar slowly slid out.

"Thank you," the older Panther murmured happily.

"Prepared for a challenge?" Sashta broke the reverie as she stepped closer and Caspar moved back.

"What is it?" Fenrik asked, recovering quickly as she ran her hands along his body.

"Don't come until both Caspar and I have gotten off," she grinned and nipped his scruff.

"Mmm ... yes, Mistress," he nodded slightly, enjoying the possessive grip on his scruff and even more the fullness of being stretched by a very realistic adult-sized dildo. He moaned at the completely different sensations of being taken by a larger lover that took full control of him; his scruff in her jaws, his hips held in her hands, his ass impaled on a large cock that pounded into him with all the energy she had.

"Oh fuck," he groaned, his throat tightening as the skin was pulled back in her jaws and his body was driven forward by the thick length that was filling him up. He could only whimper when he felt a skilled mouth slide down his shaft and a tongue tease the few barbs he had and the nubs along the rest of his cock.

He looked down at Caspar, groaning as Sashta took his ass lustily, his cock starting to throb as it was cleaned and teased by the young herm in front of him. It was going to be very, very hard to meet her challenge like this.

Sashta bowed politely to Captain Mushan, who nodded to her before she stepped into the wide circle cleared for her and Master Kiris to demonstrate his unarmed fighting skill against a Royal Guard in full gear. She wasn't surprised to see the gathering, though she did wish she wasn't the one he'd be fighting. She doubted anyone outside his own kind had a prayer against him.

Still, she was chosen, so she would do her best.

Kiris stepped into the circle and bowed respectfully to her.

They were a contrast on every level. She in the heavy banded armor of the Royal Guard, him in the light inner robes. She carried the deadly three-pronged spear of her station, he stood unarmed but for his training. She couldn't completely control her nerves, his face a virtual mask of any emotion he might feel right now.

"Begin!" Captain Mushan called to them, silencing the murmurs of the crowd.

Kiris fell easily into a combat stance, his hands closing into fists, his tail swaying behind him as he started to circle the ring, waiting to see if she would make the first move. She knew that if her spear could keep him at a distance this wouldn't be much of a fight. That was the point of it after all.

She only hoped her armor would be good enough to help her if he did get close enough to hit her.

He gave her a small opening, and she took it, on guard for the counter attack that was sure to follow her lunge with the business end of her spear towards his gut.

He sidestepped the attack easily, catching the haft of the spear just below the head and pushing it aside. His fist came forward in a lightning fast jab that slammed into her armor; fortunately, it absorbed the impact well, but she could tell that if she hadn't been wearing it, she probably wouldn't be worrying about getting outside of his reach again.

It still put him in close range, and a move that few guards bothered to learn. Sashta made a fast sidestep and dropped her spear to sweep his feet out from under him. If it worked, it would put him on his back and open for a jab.

He hit the ground the way she'd hoped he would, but before she could move to attack he twisted out of the way and half-off his back, bringing his fist against the back of her knee and forcing it to buckle. A second solid blow to her chest knocked her onto her own back, his fist at her throat, the fur of his knuckles brushing her own as she started at him with wide eyes.

"First round to the Jedi." Captain Mushan called out, breaking the combat.

Kiris stood up, offering his hand to Sashta to help her to her feet and felt her relax inside as he took half her weight for a moment until her feet were under her again and they moved back to the outside of the circle for the next round.

He fell back into his combat stance, again waiting to give her the chance to make the first move. This time though, her body language made it clear it was his move. She wasn't quite on the defensive, but close. He started to move in, carefully, being wary of the point of her spear and what a lifetime of training with it could do. They were a preferred weapon here for good reason after all.

He saw her focus, both on him and herself and knew this round wouldn't be as easy without using Jedi speed or similar tricks that were off limits here. Keeping herself positioned with that sharp object between them to keep him from connecting with her again, she presented a very difficult target.

He'd had to deal with people wielding vibro-axes, swords, even lightsabers before. The one weapon he most hated going up against was a force-pike... and her barbed trident was just as effective, quite possibly even more if he wasn't careful.

He moved closer in short steps, darting in then darting back as her spear moved between them, his tests of her defenses not showing many weaknesses, if any. He abruptly recognized what she was doing, or at least where the basic idea had come from; she was holding him, keeping an intruder from escaping until reinforcements arrived.

She wasn't going to attack him.

It put him at a distinct disadvantage, at least for now. The Echani techniques he was using were meant mostly for offensive use, it was true, but his own training had focused on defensive work with the offensive bits usually used after an opponent had gotten close from their own attacks.

Still, as much as his Jedi training was saying this was a perfectly good point to surrender, he knew he was expected to do his best. He lunged forward, twisting and striking at the haft of the spear as he did his best to get beyond the point and close the distance to Sashta.

He wasn't surprised when she got it out of the way, but the way she moved was. Against all sane choices, she stepped forward and swung the sharp end of her tri-pointed spear against him. If it hadn't been flipped sideways, he'd have been seriously bloodied.

It wouldn't have been a killing blow, especially not for him, and if it had been an actual fight he would have continued as necessary to 'escape.'

Of course, if it had been an actual fight, he would have killed her in the last round.

He took a step back, raising his hands slightly in surrender.

"Round over," he called clearly enough that the Captain would hear him.

"Second round to the Royal Guard." Captain Mushan called out as they stepped back and settled in for another round. One more and the demonstration would be over.

Sashta settled in on the defensive again, her grip shortened on the trident.

Kiris focused, knowing that she knew she had the advantage now. Her shorter grip made the butt-end a concern as well now; she'd trained with her spear long enough to know full well how to use all of it as a weapon.

While he didn't call on the Force in any way, he did fall back on an old trick he'd learned during his lightsaber training. He broke every move she made down into its component motions, circling around, still on the defensive as he studied her, looking for any weakness. One way or another, when the first move was made in this round, it would be followed by the last move very shortly.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of the two circling each other, making nothing more than an occasional feint to draw her motions out in defense, he moved. He darted first to the left, then dropped to one knee and twisted to the right as she moved her spear to intercept him.

He grabbed the haft of the spear just behind the head again, pulling her forward with one hand and directing the other up sharply into her armored gut.

The impact was enough to lift her feet off the ground as she folded over his fit and instinctively went limp to avoid any more damage than she had to. It hurt; she'd known he was strong, but it never occurred to her he was this strong.

The battle over, she let herself fall limp to the floor with the force of the blow and his motion to let her land with minimal impact.

"Third round to the Jedi." Captain Mushan called the end of the contest. "The Jedi has won, two to one."

Kiris sat her spear off to the side and offered her a hand up again, only now showing any signs of strain from the fight, though the concern in his eyes was more evident to her.

"I didn't actually hurt you, did I?" He asked quietly as the crowd began to dissipate.

"No more than a bruising," she said easily and stooped to pick up her spear. "A couple painkillers and I'll be fine in the morning."

"All right," he nodded with a slight smile as the last of the crowd cleared. "Why don't we go get you those painkillers, then see if I can make it up to you, hmm?"

"I'm not going to complain," she grinned back and stepped off with him, towards his quarters and a night of soft pleasure.

Sashta sighed contentedly as she lay against Kiris' side, his arm wrapped around her back, hers across his broad chest. Rough or gentle, fast or slow, sub, dom or equal, he made her feel incredible, and she knew she made him feel in a way he hadn't had in a long time.

He was everything she'd dreamed of and never thought she had the breeding to have, even for a little while.

Now she just had to find out if it was worth leaving what she had, and if he even wanted her for more than this mission. If not ... he might give her a cub in her next heat. Either way, it was worth trying. It felt so good to be in his arms.

"Kiris ... what's it like, out there?" She waved one hand towards the sky. "In your world."

"My world, or off this one?" He asked her, kissing her lightly.

"Off this one," she clarified and snuggled against him.

"Very different," he murmured, thinking about it. "There are thousands of worlds in the Republic, and thousands more that aren't part of it, but that we've found, like this one. Trying to describe it as one thing is difficult, to say the least," he chuckled slightly. "Most large worlds have a mix of species from all throughout the Republic and beyond. The technology is about the same as it is here, but the poverty isn't usually as bad as it can be here. Once you get to the Core especially, most people are better off, and there aren't the same issues of station, or at least they're not as firm as they are here."

"Culture does not have so strong a hold?"

"Mmm... it does, and it doesn't," he explained. "Most planets and races maintain their own traditions and take a great deal of pride in their history and culture. But at the same time, exposure to other cultures means that a lot of things have been adapted by different groups. There are differences between my people and a Panther who was a native of Corellia, for example, but we both obey many of the same laws and use a common language for trade, despite the fact that our own planets may not have had any laws in common or contact with each other before we were parts of the Republic."

"Rather like the kingdoms before they were conquered." She nodded slightly. "Do Panthers and Tigers run things?"

"No," he said easily, shaking his head. "They sent us out of respect for the fact that they do here. There's no one race that runs the Republic, though specific planets differ sometimes. The Republic itself is run by the Senators each system sends."

"Very different than here," she nodded slowly. "Is this typical of your duties?"

"Of mine, not really," he admitted. "I'm usually involved in missions more like protecting Lady Afet or finding out who was involved in the kidnapping attempt. Diplomatic missions are usually handled by others better suited to the work," he chuckled slightly. "Which usually means not Panthers. But this wasn't a mission where the Jedi were expected to take too great a role in the talks themselves, which has proven true so far."

"And likely to stay that way," she nodded, her cheek against his chest. "You're respected as the military presence and guards, but I don't think anyone thinks of you as negotiators."

"Just as well," he chuckled slightly, rubbing her back and leaning forward to kiss the top of her head. "Neither of us really are, at least not before the situation had reached the point where 'negotiate' means 'convince them that being stubborn isn't worth the property damage.'"

Of all the reactions he'd expected, a giggle wasn't one of them.

"Sounds like the 'negotiations' I get sent on." She grinned at him before claiming a leisurely kiss.

"Mmm... probably very similar," he chuckled, returning the kiss. "Though we do try to negotiate. It's just when the guards start shooting that we have to 'negotiate' more aggressively. So, are you thinking of leaving Midriac?"

"Thinking of possibilities," she acknowledged hesitantly, lowering her eyes. "A lot depends on what's going to be out there for me."

For all she didn't say it, he could sense that who was going to be out there for her was just as important, if not a bigger issue.

And that one ... for the first time in many years, he wasn't entirely sure how to answer it.

"It depends on what you're looking for," he answered softly.

It took her a moment to work up the courage to answer. "You, not being a housewife, cubs in time."

It was about what he'd expected to be honest. And he still didn't know how to answer it any better than he had before she'd put it into words. He stroked her cheek lightly, cupping her chin and lifting her face so he could look into her eyes.

"I'm not sure," he admitted softly. "But that's more than I've been able to say to anybody before."

"It's more than I expected," she smiled shakily and gently licked his palm. "Do you know if my skills are of much use out there?"

"Plenty of use," he smiled, kissing her softly. "Good warriors are always in need. Believe me, Sashta... it isn't any failing on your part."

"It's not an idea you've really thought of in a long time, if ever." Her smile was more steady. "It's kind of a new one for me."

"Exactly," he nodded. "The last time... I was much younger then," he admitted, kissing her again. "Are you sure about wanting what you do?"

"About wanting you for my mate?" She looked up at him. "Yes. About giving up what I've worked very hard for, not so much."

"I can't blame you," he nodded slightly, nuzzling her neck. "I wish I could give you a more certain answer." He scratched her back lightly. He wanted to say yes, at least right now. He just couldn't be sure, yet, if it would be fair to her to say it.

"What does your culture, you, feel about cubs out of a formal pairing?" She tried to get into what could be a touchy subject carefully.

"They're more common than cubs from formally mated pairs," he admitted. "The Panthers from my world aren't nearly as communal as they are here. Here?" He asked her.

"Fairly common. Heritage is traced through the mother's line in almost all cases, the sire only matters if he's important."

"How important is it, to you, that you raise all the cubs, or that we do, if we were to become mates?"

It took her a moment to work out the wording before she could answer. "The Jedi will want those that have your gifts?"

"Most likely," he nodded slightly. "Not just because they're my cubs, but the Jedi want to make sure that any cubs who can sense the Force are trained to use it. It's a rare gift, and one that can be dangerous if they're not taught."

"We have our own traditions for it." Sashta said firmly. "The Priesthood has trained the gifted since before the kingdoms were unified. To give such a cub to what is not even an ally, never to be family again ... the compensation needed would be very serious." She paused, settling herself with some difficulty. "It would be a different case if we were formal mates. It would be part of their heritage, their right to learn."

"I understand," he nodded slightly. "Given the traditions here, it would probably be different. Let's not worry about it tonight; I probably shouldn't have brought it up."

"I did mention cubs first." She chuckled a bit and snuggled close.

"Mmm... unless your heat's coming up soon, that shouldn't be too much of an issue any time soon," he smiled, kissing her softly as she melted against his strong body.

"Two months," she murmured. "You'll probably still be here."

"True," he nodded, rubbing her back and nuzzling her cheek. "But by then, I should be able to give you a better answer too."

"And I'll be more sure about leaving," she added and ran one hand down his chest to play with his soft sheath. "In the meantime, practice making cubs is a good pastime."

"I'm not going to argue about that," he purred, moving his hands down to caress her breasts. "Good to know you're not put out about the demonstration earlier," he rumbled.

"I'm still surprised I got one round," Sashta rumbled and pressed into his touch. "I've watched you practice with Fenrik. Mmmm. You're in a class of your own without the restrictions of the tournament."

"Mmm ... you're better than you give yourself credit for," he rumbled, rolling on top of her and reaching over to turn out the lights.

Fenrik caught the shock from Sashta, there as a guard, then from his Master, and searched the area with the Force and his senses for what was causing it.

"*Master?*" He reached out silently. "*What is wrong?*"

"*The timing was unexpected, that's all,*" Kiris told him. He could tell there was something more, but not what. Fenrik could understand him being surprised; the assorted diplomats had just come to a successful compromise, something that had seemed weeks off just the day before. But he couldn't understand the strength of the reaction from the two of them.

Then it occurred to him; they'd be leaving within the week, most likely. Not for the first time, he wondered if Sashta and his Master were only acquainted by virtue of his 'training.'

Given her reaction, so similar to Master Kiris', it was starting to seem unlikely.

Which meant they would have to say goodbye soon. Something that could be very painful given they both seemed distressed by it.

He could relate to it as well; thinking of having to say goodbye to Caspar raised a similar reaction. He was lucky he'd just have to go back and help Caspar pack and say goodbye to hir friends.

He quietly and discretely started out of the room when the diplomats broke for the day. He was headed back towards his quarters to do just that.

"*If there's anything I can help with, Master, let me know,*" he said silently.

"*Thank you, Padawan. We are fine.*" Kiris said simply, his own motions slower, pretending dignity and inscrutability while he tried to decide what to do about this woman that had managed to work her way into his bed and heart in such a short time.

It would be so much easier if things had taken just a few weeks longer, the way they'd both expected. Why hadn't he seen that the talks would be ending soon?

Of course, as he'd said often enough before, diplomacy was not his strong point. Things had come to a head now; he had to decide soon... and find out if she would accept his decision, given the chance that the Council might not.

"Hay," Sashta spoke softly when she entered his room shortly after he did. "You saw what I did?"

"Hard to miss it," he said softly as she set her polearm against the wall. "This was definitely... unexpected."

"Yes," she shifted uneasily. "I don't know about you, but it's before I was ready for it.

"You're not the only one," he admitted. "There's still some time left though ...."

"Yes," she smiled and stepped close to wrap her arms around him and kissed him hotly, her face disappearing inside his concealing hood until the ornamented crest on her helmet caught it.

He reached up, pulling his hood back as he returned the kiss as well as he could around her helmet, rubbing her armor back.

"I can't give you a firm answer on being your mate," he murmured softly as their lips parted, the pain of having to say that clear to her. "Not with the time we have left. There's not enough time for the answer to get back." He knew what he wanted, now and by the time it might become an issue. But he also knew painfully well that it wasn't that simple.

"The Jedi leaders must agree?" She asked, though she was fairly sure of the answer. It wasn't that different from how the priesthoods worked. Instead of your parents, they had to agree once you joined them.

"Yes," he nodded slightly. "It's rare for them to refuse, especially to a Master with my experience... but they do have to approve the exception."

"It also means that it is unlikely my parents will agree." She murmured softly. "They have insisted on meeting you first, but it will be another twenty days before they can make the trip to the Capitol."

"How far away are they?" He asked. That much they might be able to work around. They weren't going to be leaving immediately... just far too close to it.

"Morthuron." She explained. "It's five hours by flitter, but they have duties, and a flitter ... Morthuron doesn't have any."

"But here does," he pointed out softly. "If you can get the time, and are willing, I think we have long enough that we could go to them, unless that wouldn't be appropriate."

"I can get the time," Sashta nodded. "I may have to trade a shift or two for it, but that's not hard. We will need at least two full days. Anything less than three meals and a night of rest would be insulting to their hospitality and the seriousness of what we are asking."

"Understood," he nodded after a moment. "I suspect we'll have a week, possibly a little more, before we have to leave."

"The real question is when will you be able to get the time?" She looked up with a bit of worry. "Any guard of my rank can take my place. Can you leave for so long?"

"The talks are over, except for a few minor formalities," he pointed out. "My duties here are completed; I should be able to take the time unless something unusual comes up."

"Then leave the morning after tomorrow?" She suggested. "I can arrange the time off before nightfall, but we should give my parents some warning, just to be polite."

"That should work," he nodded, kissing her softly. "If they do agree... would you be willing to come with me, knowing that I can't be certain what the Council will say?"

That was a harder thing to accept, she had to think about and even then a question came first. "If they say no, might they change their mind if I prove myself some way?"

"Possibly," he nodded. "I doubt they would refuse. It's not a common request, but they'd be more likely to object to Caspar staying with Fenrik than to us being mates."

Sashta nodded, still thinking about it, her gut twisting even more as she tried to weight her heart and the best shot she had at a quality mate against leaving everything that made that matter behind for a universe that may not have a place for her. She wouldn't have a place here anymore if she left, even if she returned later. Her parents would take her back without question, but all she had, what she had spent her life working for, it would have to be reclaimed from the beginning all over again.

"Can you accept waiting for my answer until my parents ask?" She asked softly. "My heart has made its choice. My head is not so convinced."

"Yes," he nodded. "Believe me, Sashta, I understand." He drew her close, holding her lightly against his body.

Fenrik worked to pack what little he had to take back with him, getting ready to help Caspar with hir own slightly larger collection.

"Sorry this is so sudden," he apologized. "Probably not heading back right away, but it'd be better to be prepared, just in case."

"Of course, Fenrik." Shi said easily and ghosted a hand across his face to draw him up for a kiss that he returned easily.

"Mmm ... anything else you're going to want to collect from here before we go?" He asked. "Anybody you want to be sure to say goodbye to?"

"I said goodbye to everyone when I learned I was to be yours," shi explained with an easy smile. "I knew we would not be here for long."

"Guess I still feel a little guilty about taking you from your home," Fenrik admitted. "You're sure you want this, right?"

"It's scary," shi admitted. "But it's what I want."

"All right," the older Panther nodded slightly, giving Caspar a gentle kiss. "I'll be there with you, as much as I can."

"*Padawan?*" Master Kiris called to him from the other side of the door.

"Just a moment," he smiled to Caspar, moving over to open the door for his Master. He knew the instant the door opened that something was off. Maybe not wrong exactly, but not as planned.

Master Kiris waited until the door shut behind him, his eyes briefly on Caspar before he nodded in approval of the youth's new wardrobe.

"You will need to be the Jedi presence for two days, starting the morning after next." He said simply as he focused back on Fenrik. "I will be away."

"Is something wrong, Master?" Fenrik asked him. He could handle what his Master was asking of him, no doubts about that. But he couldn't think of any reason he'd be leaving for a few days, not this close to leaving the planet.

"No, Padawan." He said firmly. "I have business in Morthuron. It is nothing to concern yourself with."

Both Jedi's eyes were drawn to Caspar. While hir expression and body language said nothing, both could feel hir disgust and near-contempt for Kiris at his words.

"Very well, Master," Fenrik nodded acceptingly. "I'll see you in a few days."

"*And find out what's wrong with Caspar,*" he added mentally as he turned to leave.

"*I will, Master.*" He agreed, more than a litter concerned himself before the door shut behind Kiris.

"Is something wrong?" He asked, moving over towards the younger Tiger-Panther.

"Nothing to concern yourself with, right." Shi shook hir head. "He's going to ask for permission to marry Sashta."

Fenrik couldn't honestly say he was too surprised. It would explain both their reactions to the talks ending. He had to wonder what they planned to do about the Council's approval though. It probably wouldn't be an issue, but if it was....

"Is there something wrong with that?" Fenrik asked Caspar, wondering if there might be something he was missing here.

It was enough to make hir pause. "He hasn't even mentioned it to you ... don't you deserve to at least know he's planning to take a mate before it happens?"

"Maybe," Fenrik admitted. It wasn't something he'd thought about before, and certainly not something there were rules about. "But he won't let it interfere with my training, and he wouldn't be thinking about it at all if she wasn't good for him. It's a bit of a surprise, but it doesn't bother me."

"My apologies, Fenrik." Shi lowered hir head, ears and eyes in submission. "I thought of him as the head of the household, your father."

"It's all right," he smiled, kissing hir broad forehead lightly. "I think of him that way too. It's just that families aren't quite so close knit for us. I'm just glad he's found somebody who can make him consider it."

"He won't have any problems getting her parents' permission," shi smiled slightly. "He's of much higher quality than she could expect normally."

"Maybe," Fenrik nodded, more at ease now with the culture that put the emphasis it did on station and breeding. "The difficult part might be the Council. Most Jedi never take a mate, even a Knight or a Master needs the Council's permission to do so."

"Little different from being in the Priesthood here, or part of a family." Shi nodded. "Unless one is the head of the family, one needs their permission to marry or breed under the family name."

"It's like that," he nodded, kissing hir lightly. "Something we'll probably have to deal with eventually," he admitted.

Caspar got a confused look for a moment, and then nodded. "We will deal with it when we need to." Shi said simply.

"We will," Fenrik nodded. "Mmm... c'mon. We'll be here a few days yet, why don't we relax a little for now?"

"There," Sashta motioned towards a small village of a couple dozen thatch-roofed buildings that looked like it may well have not left the Iron Age yet. That was until he looked a little closer and spotted the subtle signs of modern technology carefully woven into the picturesque farming center.

"Where should I land?" Kiris asked as he surveyed the area that had no obvious place to put a flitter down, at least that didn't amount to parking in the center of town.

"See the space next to the animals, behind the blacksmith's shop?" She pointed to a spread out open-air building.

"Yes," he nodded and easily set the fast aircar down in a space not much larger than it was. He couldn't help but think how incredibly out of place it looked in a village that still thatched their roofs.

On the bright side, he had a feeling he might look a bit more like he belonged, with his plain robes.

"That is my father," she spoke very softly as a graying Panther built almost as powerfully as a Tiger walked out of the blacksmith's shop towards them. She opened the passenger side door; her nervousness bundled tightly inside so it wouldn't show, even if Kiris could feel it very clearly.

For all that he looked calmer when he climbed out on his side, he was almost as nervous as she was. He moved over towards her side, trying to be reassuring as the three of them approached in the open walkway.

"Greetings, Father." Sashta bowed politely to her elder. "It is good to see you again."

"Yes, it is." He rumbled and embraced his daughter. "Your mother was delighted to hear you would be visiting."

"I'm sure she is," she chuckled softly. "Father Gambrin, this is Jedi Master Kiris of Shiraak."

"An honor to meet you, sir," Kiris said, bowing respectfully.

"The honor is mine, Jedi Master." The elder smith bowed deeply. "Please come and share our hospitality for a time."

"It would be a pleasure," Kiris smiled. Things seemed to be going well so far at least.

"Is Mother home?" Sashta asked as he guided them across the street to a well-kept two-story building with indications that its owners were wealthy by local standards. It wasn't much of a surprise. Being the local smith was usually a good way to end up fairly well off.

"No, she is still in the fields with the cubs." He chuckled slightly. "Your brothers are in the shop, if you'd like to go harass them."

"You know I do," she grinned devilishly. "But someone has to play hostess."

"Send Ramil in then. He always was more domestic than you." Gambrin rumbled in mild amusement and opened the front door to a house that while large and very well maintained, had few signs of technology or wealth beyond the craftsmanship and amount of metalwork present.

Kiris smiled as Sashta went off to send her younger brother in, glad he'd asked her for names before coming down here. Though he had to admit that saying her younger brother was the most domestic of the three children wasn't saying much given Sashta.

"Please, make yourself comfortable," Gambrin motioned to the chairs by the fire that was just crackling to life.

"Thank you," Kiris nodded, taking a seat. "You have a fine home," he added appreciatively, meaning it. Compared to the palace, he would have much preferred to have spent the last few months somewhere a bit more humble like this.

"Thank you, Master Jedi." Gambrin inclined his head and brought out a bottle of amber liquid and two glasses.

In was in that moment that Kiris realized why Sashta had been sent away. Gambrin's exterior didn't change in the least as he poured two glasses of the fine liquor, but inside he'd gone deadly serious.

"Please, Kiris is fine," he said, keeping up his friendly appearance as he accepted one glass, even as he got himself ready inside for what he suspected was coming.

"I understand you wish to take my daughter from this world, Kiris." Gambrin began simply, his experienced eyes judging Kiris as much on what he didn't say as what he did.

"It's true," the Panther nodded. "Though not without her family's blessing."

"What about your own?" He asked rather pointedly.

"If I believed the Order would refuse, I would not have come here. I wouldn't string her along like that." Kiris answered and got a slight nod of approval.

"Can you provide for her, as well as she does for herself?"

"I can," Kiris nodded. "Maybe not quite to the level that the Palace has provided her, but she would be comfortable."

"Will there be cubs?" The old Panther looked at him very seriously.

"Yes," Kiris nodded. "Though they would be some years in coming."

Gambrin nodded, his inner tension relaxing slightly as he finally sipped his drink. "She speaks very highly of you. What do you see in her?"

"Not too highly, I hope," Kiris chuckled slightly, taking a sip of his own drink. It was definitely of a quality that would not be had around here often. "She's a beautiful woman, strong and capable, caring. She's a true warrior and protector. Those aren't traits I've found often in anybody outside the Order."

"She's quite dominant too," he raised an eyebrow. "It takes a strong will not to be run over."

"I'm aware of that," Kiris chuckled slightly. "I think I can manage though, when necessary. I've made something of a career out of it."

The old Panther leaned back in his chair and regarded his only daughter's suitor. Despite the obvious quality of Kiris as a mate, and the fact that she liked him, there were issues too, like taking her off world, likely for good.

"So what are Jedi?" Gambrin asked more conversationally. "I've heard the title a few times, but little about what you actually are."

"It depends on the Jedi," Kiris said easily. "But the two ways we're best described is as warrior-scholars and the defenders of the Republic. We're all sensitive to the Force, like many of the priests here. We use our skills to serve the Force, and to protect justice through the galaxy, mostly in the Republic."

"Justice, or the law?" He leaned forward a bit. It wasn't quite a trick question, but it was close.

"Both, though when there's a conflict justice usually takes precedence." It was a question Kiris was used to hearing, and the answer he used himself, though most of the Order agreed with him.

Gambrin nodded thoughtfully. "Have you killed?"

Kiris considered the question for a moment. Not the answer, that he knew, but what it was being asked for. Given that his daughter was a warrior, and Gambrin himself clearly had some training himself, he probably wanted to be sure that Kiris' talk of being a warrior wasn't just that.

"Several times," he admitted. "Though I don't take pride in it."

It earned him another nod, approval in how the old Panther relaxed a bit more and accepted him.

"Ever lost a fight?" Gambrin asked from behind his glass.

"That's more complicated," Kiris admitted. "I have surrendered or fled from a battle before, but only when doing so better served my mission."

"Not so arrogant or uncertain to be willing to admit it." The old Panther chuckled softly. "Have you fought my daughter yet?"

"A demonstration match for the guards at the Palace, and some sparring," Kiris nodded. "She's quite a warrior."

"She learned from the best in the province," he nodded with no small amount of pride. "It's no small accomplishment for a cub from this far out to make it into the Palace Guard. She doesn't like to mention it, but she is the pride of the province. It's been generations since one of our cubs made it that far."

"And she's rightfully proud of her accomplishments," Kiris nodded. "I can see how she's done as well as she has, at that."

"I do hope you boys are finished posturing," a deep female voice with the ring of authority that could make a Council member take notice interrupted anything Gambrin was going to say.

"Of course, dear." He chuckled instead and motioned to the well-rounded Pantheress that despite her age was still a warrior to contend with and knew it. "Jedi Master Kiris, this is my mate, Teslsta."

"Good day to you," she inclined her head politely. "Dinner will be on the table in an hour, assuming the boys aren't too embarrassed to come in by now."

"They aren't." Sashta's voice matched her smirking grin as she walked in with a Panther tail in each hand, all three of them covered in mud.

"Don't you dare think you're coming into my kitchen looking like that." Teslsta crossed her arms and glared at the three Panthers, all into their twenties, like they were young cubs.

"We'll be done soon, Mother." Sashta grinned and headed to the far side of the stairs with her brothers in tow.

"Is that about normal for her visits?" Kiris asked with a smile.

"Largely," Gambrin chuckled and sipped his drink. "I did warn you she was a dominant one."

"That you did," he chuckled. "Ma'am," he said politely, standing to give a polite, respectful bow to the older warrior.

"Do relax, Master Kiris, and enjoy your drink." she chuckled maternally and headed for the kitchen.

"Sashta takes after her mother," Gambrin nodded after his mate had disappeared. "You'll be facing that in a couple decades."

"I could live with that," Kiris smiled, taking his seat again. "There is something I haven't mentioned yet. If she does leave Midriac with me, I don't intend for it to be forever."

"So how often will you be back?" He looked more interested.

"I can't say for sure," Kiris admitted. "Missions can keep me in the field for a long time, and Sashta's expressed some interest in joining me on them. But it should be possible to come back at least once a year, barring something unusual coming up."

"That's more often than she manages now," Teslsta called from the kitchen over sounds of meat being chopped up.

"Well, duties around the Temple tend to be a little less constant," he chuckled.

"I'd wager that you have better access to transportation as well." Gambrin commented as Sashta came around the stairway again, clean and in fresh clothes that were likely hers from when she lived here.

It took Kiris a moment to process her wearing a full-length dress, but he decided that it had a definite appeal on her frame. It accentuated her femininity and voluptuous curves far more than anything she'd worn around the Palace, where she definitely played at being 'one of the guys' a little too well.

"Very much so, Father." She grinned and gave him an impulsive hug, then twirled on heel and planted herself in Kiris' lap. The older Panther wrapped his arms around her waist reflexively, glad that she seemed to be more relaxed now.

"You're in a good mood," he chuckled softly to her just as he realized the shock from her father wasn't the good kind.

"Daughter!" He all but roared.

"Oh, relax already." She rolled her eyes.

"You are not married to him yet." He rumbled back, his ears flat.

"I'm not a teenager anymore." Sashta shot back.

"Just behaving like one." Her mother said with crossed arms and a glare that could freeze magma.

"Yes, Mamma." She ducked her head in submission but claimed a heated, if somewhat awkward, kiss from her lover before she stood and went into the kitchen with her mother.

"My apologies," Kiris said as they left, lowering his own head slightly. "I didn't realize it was inappropriate here."

"You didn't do anything inappropriate." Gambrin shook his head a bit. "We've tried to teach her to keep her manners, even if no one else around her is, but I'm sure it wears on her to be around so much of it."

"It certainly doesn't help," Kiris nodded, knowing what he meant. Around the palace that wouldn't have raised an eyebrow, and the older Panther's reaction wouldn't have been warranted until clothes started coming off, if even then. "It's difficult enough in the short term."

"How long have you been around the Palace?" Gambrin asked curiously, easily moving into a more chatty form of information gathering while the women's low voices occasionally drifted in from the kitchen.

It didn't take knowing her to pick up that Sashta wasn't at all repentant for her actions.

And even without knowing her, Kiris could guess just what that was doing for her mother's mood.

"A few months now," Kiris explained. "I came with the Republic delegation that arrived back then. I'm afraid it may take a while to re-train my apprentice for the return home," he chuckled slightly.

"Balls getting the better of him?" Gambrin chuckled with him in complete understanding of the joys of raising teenaged boys.

"And the rather unexpected developments that followed one of the noble ladies taking an interest in him," Kiris nodded. "He'd been doing an admirable job of avoiding those sorts of entanglements before we came here."

"If any teen managed to avoid finding them from what I've heard of the Palace, I'd have them checked out." He rumbled in mild amusement tempered with long-instilled distaste for such excesses.

"Who found his balls in the Palace?" A slightly lighter, though mature male voice asked with feigned innocence.

"Don't even start, Jabrin." His father warned him.

"Yes, father." He chuckled and bowed politely to Kiris. "Please forgive the verbal sparing, Master Kiris. We haven't had a new male to lament with for ages."

"Yeah, Mother trained all the females around here." Ramil added from behind his brother.

"And if you don't mind your tongues you'll get a refresher course on it." Teslsta called back, only half joking despite her daughter's giggles.

Gambrin could only shake his head and sigh in mild amusement. "It's good you appreciate a strong woman, Kiris. Your daughters will be just as feisty and well trained how to put a suitor on his tail."

"They'll do it too." Jabrin rubbed the back of his neck.

"I'd be disappointed if they couldn't," Kiris chuckled while the two younger Panther sat down in chairs they brought over. "Given who both their parents will be. If one of us can't teach them that well, there's something seriously wrong."

"Especially with visits here added in," Gambrin almost smirked. "Their grandmother has a talent for it."

"Ramil ...."

"Speaking of the demon." The youngest Panther shook his head and stood to go into the kitchen.

"He's the only one that has any talent in the kitchen." Gambrin shook his head.

"He helps you in the smithy, is the one with the domestic talent, and cooks?" Kiris asked with a chuckle. "How does he ever find time to keep up with it?"

"He doesn't have a girlfriend is how." Jabrin chuckled.

"It'll probably end up an arranged marriage," Gambrin shook his head a bit, "if he doesn't decide to remain unwed."

"He might prove better suited to somebody with a household he could keep," Kiris pointed out, looking for a diplomatic way to point out something he wasn't sure if it would be appropriate to say; that he sounded better suited to a husband than a traditional wife around here.

"It'll make him easier to find one for than me," Jabrin grinned unrepentantly at his father, then looked over at Kiris to explain in a quieter voice. "I prefer guys. Ramil just isn't interested at all."

Kiris nodded slightly, rather relieved that the gender preference wasn't actually an issue with their father, just the apparent need to find females that got along with it.

"An understandable enough problem," he nodded sympathetically. "For everybody involved."

"Jabrin!" Teslsta called out.

"Yes, Mother." He called back and stood, bowing slightly to Kiris. "If you will excuse me, the table needs to be set."

"You have quite a family sir," Kiris smiled to Gambrin as his eldest son disappeared into an adjoining room.

"Thank you," he smiled slightly with parental pride tempered with parental frustration. "They make life quite interesting, as you'll find out soon enough."

"Most likely," he nodded with a bit of a smile. "Could you answer a question for me, sir? Something about the local customs that I'm not quite sure of yet, but that may be an issue in the future."

"Better to ask me, than my wife," he chuckled deeply. "She'll have you sitting through a week of history to get a five minute answer."

"Sounds like some Jedi I know," Kiris chuckled. "It's a question about cubs though," he said quietly, getting a bit more serious.

"Ah, yes." He nodded. "What about them?"

"The Jedi prefer to train Force sensitive cubs themselves. However, that usually means leaving family ties behind, at least as being an active member of the family. You live, train, and study at the Temple, eventually working for the Temple once you're old enough. I know how important family is to your people here, so I thought I should ask about the custom, since this is much like giving up some cubs to the Priesthood after they've been weaned."

"You're going to have to argue with Sashta and her mother over that one," he said seriously. "Families are maternal when there is a choice. A likely answer is going to be that at least one will be expected to keep the family name, even if she doesn't return to Midriac. So depending on how many take after you, it may or may not be an issue."

"All right," Kiris nodded. "Keeping the name shouldn't be a problem, even if they do join the Order. Sashta also said that it would be preferable if some of them were trained here, so we'll have to sort it out then. But I wanted to see if there was something beyond her wishes that would have to be addressed."

"You'll have issues with Teslsta if she doesn't get great-grandkits out of it, but I expect a strong kit or two from Jabrin to take over the smithy from him."

"I don't think great-grandkits will be a problem eventually," Kiris smiled. "Though I expect it to be five or six years before we have cubs of our own. It wouldn't be fair to Sashta, the cubs, or Fenrik if I have to balance the family and the last of his training, and given the stakes involved in both, I want to be able to give proper attention to them."

"Hardly unreasonable," he agreed easily. "Particularly given I'm sure you'll catch hell if you try to leave Sashta behind on most of your missions. Traveling the universe is just not a place to be heavy with cubs, or with newborns."

"Definitely not, especially not the places I usually go," Kiris nodded. "The best I'd deserve would be for her to kick my tail half-way back to Coruscant for even suggesting it."

"Dinner's on old men," Sashta called out with a decidedly teasing tone as she stuck her head in the room.

"Best be moving, then." Gambrin chuckled softly and stood easily despite his advanced years. "Never anger the cook by letting their food get cold."

"Especially not when the cook's good enough to warrant the title," Kiris chuckled and following the older Panther into the dinning room where a plentiful and varied but very local spread had been lay out.

Kiris lay still in the simple but soft single bed in the small guest bedroom after dark when everyone had gone to bed. For all there was electricity and modern conveniences that made life comfortable, the entire area was still regulated by the rise and setting of the sun and turning of the seasons. Now, a few hours after dark, it was the most obvious. No one was up anywhere in the area, no energy was being used for heating or cooling in this season ... the world was still and in tune with the natural order.

It was a very relaxing change from the Palace, and most of his life for that matter.

One ear flicked, someone was on the move in the house. Sashta from the soft footsteps. He wasn't too surprised that she was up either; she was used to being awake at this hour. He wondered what she was up to, even as a number of possibilities occurred to him. He moved over in his bed slightly, just in case he was right about one of them.

They had been 'gently' encouraged to make sure they kept separate quarters while they were there; not too difficult, though Kiris had to admit that he missed feeling her next to him.

When the door to his room opened silently, it was clear she felt the same.

"Hey handsome," she rumbled softly after she shut the door.

"Hey," he rumbled back softly, smiling and looking her over in the darkness of his room. She was wearing a simple cotton nightgown, almost as dark as she was. "You having trouble sleeping too?"

"I got used to company more than I thought I would," she murmured and stepped next to the bed. "I sleep better when I can smell you."

"How likely are they to realize you're in here?" He asked her softly, patting the bed next to him, an offer she quickly took to slip under the covers with him and snuggle close.

"They expect it," she chuckled softly and kissed him softly. "It's only serious if I was in heat. Otherwise, just don't wake anyone up."

"All right," he murmured, returning the kiss tenderly. "After this afternoon, I wasn't sure if it would be a problem." He drew her down onto the bed next to him with a soft purr as he nuzzled her neck. "Have to admit though; you looked very good in that dress."

"So you like it when I look girly?" She chuckled softly and ran a hand down his chest, enjoying the hard muscle under his short fur.

"Mmm ... well, you do carry the look well," he chuckled, rubbing her back lightly. "Like the way you feel," he rumbled softly, kissing her again and found it met with a little more fire.

"Think you can be quiet?" She grinned playfully at him as her fingers teased the band of his sleeping shorts.

"Mmm... if I have to be," he chuckled, running his hands up under her nightgown. "Think things are going well with your family?" He asked her as he kissed the base of her neck.

"Very well," Sashta shivered and began to kiss her way down his chest while she pulled his shorts off. "Father's impressed, Mother likes you, they're both relieved I found a guy on my own."

"Mmm ... they don't seem too hot on the idea of arranged marriages," he agreed, caressing her breasts as he worked her nightgown up, rumbling as her soft fur brushed his sheath and her pleasure at his touch washed over him. "They're good people."

"Yesss," she hissed, though it was hard to tell if it was to what he said or what he was doing. It barely mattered to her lover as she nuzzled his groin, encouraging his cock to fill and harden for her.

He stifled a low groan, letting his body respond freely. The scent of his arousal filled his lover's senses as his cock hardened and he reached down to rub her ears lightly. He gritted his teeth to remain quiet as she took one large ball into her mouth, rubbing and stroking it with her tongue and sucking on it lightly until he shuddered. Only then did she move on to the other side.

It took all his willpower not to respond vocally; she knew how to do this to him far too easily. He purred deeply as her muzzle teased his barb-hairs and her tongue bathed his balls.

"You are evil, you know that?" He rumbled to her when she finally let him go, his cock achingly hard.

"You bring it out in me," she winked at him and slid up his body to kiss him before she rolled upright to straddle his hips and rubbed her swollen mons along his rough cock as she lifted her arms over her head to display her feminine curves a little more for him in the darkness.

He reached up to cup her breasts, pinching her nipples lightly between his powerful fingers.

"Mmm ... so," he rumbled with a slight smirk. "Which is turning you on more; me, or the fact that we can't afford to get caught?" He leaned up to lick one of her nipples lightly with his rough tongue, making her shiver.

"Can't get caught," she whimpered and slid forward and up a bit to guide him into her body.

He bit her shoulder lightly to muffle his groan as he slid into her hot, tight, wet body. He raked her back lightly with his claws as he started thrusting into her, welcoming the joint pleasure that washed through his body.

She pushed him down, her body arched over his as she rhythmically tightened her body around his when he pulled out and locked her mouth to his in a heated kiss to muffle the sounds of their pleasure.

He reached between them to fondle her breasts with one hand, his other caressing the curves of her ass and the pleasure point above the base of her tail. Her body pulled at his barb-hairs, his balls tingling with intense pleasure that he wasn't holding back the way he usually did.

He felt her shuddering whimper of pleasure more than heard it a moment before every muscle in her body tensed with a cry she couldn't hold back.

He kissed her hungrily, muffling her cry and his own groan of pleasure as he shot his seed deep into her body, gripping her ass tightly as they fed off the other's pleasure to heighten their own.

"Mmmm," Sashta moaned softly as they calmed down, her body still twitching around the hard shaft deep inside her as she broke their kiss to claim another, then nuzzled his neck. "I think I could sleep quite happily like this."

"I know I could," he purred happily, kissing her head lightly. "Love the way you feel," he rumbled, holding her close in the bed just barely large enough for the two of them.

Sashta nuzzled Kiris awake before first dawn peaked into the guest room, then began to kiss and lick her way down his broad chest, her arousal already rich in the air around them despite the window he'd opened to air the scent of their pleasure from the room.

"Mmm... good morning," he purred, scritching her back as he looked down at her. "Any idea how long it'll be before your family's up?"

"An hour or so," she grinned back up. "Time to wake up, and get a shower in before anyone else wants the water."

"Good," he purred, pulling her up for a heated kiss and rolling over on top of her. "So let's both enjoy this wakeup call."

"Just don't wear yourself out," she grinned and pressed up against him, rubbing her hips against his as she spread her legs. "The shower is quite big enough for two."

"Mmm ... there'd better be a lock on the door if we take advantage of that," he purred, pressing his shaft into her with a deep, lusty rumble that was muted by a kiss. They easily found the rhythm that would push them both over the edge quickly, Shasta's arms wrapped around his back, her legs entwined with his and their bodies moving and tightening in a familiarity far beyond the couple months they had actually been together.

It wasn't long before Kiris groaned into her mouth, spraying his seed into her hungry sex, plundering her mouth with his tongue as he continued the thrust, not just for his own pleasure but to push her that little bit further so she'd come before his ended, drawing out his pleasure until he trembled.

She locked her legs around his to milk his cock, thrusting up against his hips to take him fully into her body. She relished it when his eyes squeezed closed and he thrust down, his body taking over as a second orgasm crashed into him right on the heels of the first. He released her mouth, biting her shoulder lightly as he let instinct take over, his tail lashing behind him as he sped his thrusts into the fluttering tight slickness of her sex.

"Ohh, yes." Sashta moaned throatily and tightened her embrace as she felt him come again, even more hot seed splashing against her cervix to be sucked into her womb by her pleasure.

He kept thrusting into her body through her orgasm, growling softly and lustily as her body milked his cock hungrily. He felt her pleasure pick up, a sharp cry she only just managed to muffle against his shoulder as her claws unsheathed and she gripped his ass to add that much more strength to his thrusts until she crested again, her body arched up and open to press his hard flesh against all the right places.

The thick, silky flesh of his sheath pressed into her sex slightly as he pumped his seed into her one more time, his barbed shaft raking her g-spot with the last thrust as his teeth tightened around her shoulder, only barely not breaking the skin.

"Damn you are good." Sashta panted, her body still twitching and flushed with pleasure as she eased him off her shoulder and into a heated kiss that lingered until they had both settled.

"And you're incredible," he rumbled, licking her neck, soaked with sweat that tasted of her arousal and exhaustion. "Mmm ... so, should we go get that shower? Or want to snuggle until we know we can both stand again?" He asked with a chuckle.

"I think we can spare a few minutes," she chuckled and nuzzled his own sweat-soaked fur. "If the Council says no, are they forbidding us to see each other again, or just to marry?"

"Just to marry," he said softly, kissing her gently. "Though it would be strongly recommended that I not see you again. Of course, they recommend I try to stay out of fights too. Sashta... I was thinking. Can you wait a few weeks, before you leave? Long enough that I can find out for sure, without you having to give up your life here."

"I can wait, but I don't have any way to join you." She said softly. "It costs a fortune to get off world."

"I'll come back for you if they agree," he told her. "It's not that expensive in the Republic. I just don't want you to have to give all this up when I can't even promise you me in return."

"They won't want to meet me before they agree?" She looked up uncertainty.

"I doubt they'll mind, especially not if they understand what you've got here and the price of leaving. If you want to come with me, it's all right, I just don't want you to end up taking a gamble like that if you're not sure you want to. I don't think they'll refuse us," he said, caressing her cheek lightly as she thought.

"I trust you that I can make a life out there," she smiled slightly and kissed him. "Even if they don't agree, we can still be lovers."

"All right," he smiled softly, kissing her back. "I love you, Sashta," he said softly, the first time he'd said it seriously that he could remember.

"I love you, Kiris." She smiled a little more warmly, enjoying how the words sounded and felt. "We'll make it work."

"One way or another," he promised her, nuzzling her gently and holding her close.

Fenrik smiled slightly to himself as Midriac grew small in the main window of the lounge. It had been taken over by the three natives coming with them, himself and his Master. As much as he enjoyed holding Caspar and feeling the excitement and awe in the youth, that smile was mostly for his Master. While it wasn't much of a secret that he was spending a lot of him in his quarters with Sashta, this was the first time he'd seen them act like they mattered enough to each other to marry, and it was blindingly obvious now. His Master had never looked so at peace, so alive.

Whatever doubts he'd had about Sashta fled at what he saw in the Force now, when Kiris had his arms wrapped around Sashta, who was watching her home disappear with the same kind of rapt attention that Caspar and Marin gave the sight. It was a sharp reminder that none of them had been higher than a few hundred feet above the ground in a flitter.

It was a level of fascination that helped him remember the first few times in his own memory that he'd left a world behind. He'd never had nearly the same sense of connection to any particular place that would let him feel quite the same thing they were, but he remembered enough of it that he had an idea what it was like.

Marin had the fewest doubts; she wanted to be here the most of any of them. She was excited and little else. Sashta occasionally glanced up or pressed against Kiris to remind her why she was here. She had fears, but no real doubts. She was following her heart. She'd said goodbye to home once before too, though this seemed to be a bigger deal.

Caspar ... shi was much harder to read. Hir mind was in turmoil. Shi was here willingly, that wasn't in doubt, but shi was still very young and leaving the only thing shi'd known ... a life shi liked a great deal.

He honestly had to wonder if this was the best thing for hir. A part of him said that getting hir out of slavery was definitely worth it, but he knew better than to listen too closely to that part by now.

Shi might be here willingly, but he couldn't shake the feeling that it wouldn't be to long before shi wouldn't be here happily. He hugged hir a bit more tightly as he thought about it, just a light squeeze. He didn't like that idea very much at all.

"*Shi will be fine, even if shi is not with us.*" Master Kiris told him softly. "*Let hir get hir footing around the Temple without you.*" He suggested very gently.

"*I will, Master,*" Fenrik responded silently. He was pretty sure he could manage that much, especially if something came up that meant he wouldn't be able to help hir explore.

"*Good,*" he glanced over with a slight smile. "*You will find your relationship stronger for letting go a little.*"

"*Understood, Master,*" Fenrik said, returning the smile slightly. "*Congratulations, by the way.*"

"*Thank you.*" Kiris nearly blushed under his self-control and hugged Sashta a little tighter against him. "*Hopefully Midriac won't do this to every Jedi who visits.*"

"*I don't know,*" Fenrik chuckled mentally. "*I could think of a few members of the Council who could do with a visit like ours.*"

"*Padawan!*" Kiris scolded him, though all the sting was taken out by the mental laughter he couldn't keep quite to himself.

"We're really going to have to break them of that habit," Sashta commented to Caspar with a smirk.

"Sorry," Fenrik chuckled, nuzzling Caspar lightly. "Just commenting on what would happen if all the Jedi who visit Midriac have trips like ours."

"There would be a lot more young for the Jedi to train is what." Sashta chuckled easily as Kiris nuzzled her in apology. "Power does breed power after all."

"Sometimes," the older Panther nodded slightly. "Though not all Jedi's cubs are sensitive, not even to two Jedi. Rare that that happens, but not unheard of."

"There would still be more if they encouraged those with your gift to take a mate and have cubs and not hide away from life." She pointed out with a nuzzle.

"Mmm ... it's a complicated issue, love," he murmured softly. "Don't know that we want to go into it right now."

"It is your ways," she said respectfully and nuzzled him. "I don't mean to challenge it, I just don't agree with it."

"I understand," he nodded, returning the nuzzle. "Not all Jedi do either, for what it's worth. It had changed before, and will in the future."

Treasures of Midriac 1: Setting the Stage

NC-17 for M/Herm, M/F and Kinky M/F, M/Herm, F/M/Herm
R for F/F and M/M
PG-13 for Violence
Het Level is HighHet Smut Level is High
Slash Level is Slash Smut Level is Very Low
Femslash Level is LowFemslash Smut Level is Very Low
Herm Level is HighHerm Smut Level is High

329 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Closed-Unfinished
Written February 21, 2005 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: Herms of Midriac, Star Wars (Furry)

Primary Races: Panther

Contents: Furry. Herm. Het (M/F). Fraternization, Romance (Teen), Sex (Adult/Teen), Sex (BDSM)

Pairings: Fenrik Aren/female, Fenrik Aren/Caspar, Sashta/Fenrik Aren/Caspar, Master Kiris/female, Master Kiris/Sashta

Notes: Set roughly 3000 years before New Hope.

Blurb: While on a very simple mission to the independent world of Midriac, Master Kiris and his Padawan discover the very definition of temptation and the difficulties of being Jedi on a world that believes strongly in excess and rewarding bravery, frequently with slaves.

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