Unusual Partners: Foreign Tiger 4:
Alliance Station Mallorn

by Fur and Fantasy
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Three days of trying not to pace in the confined space and several hours after they'd come out of hyperspace finally brought results. The ping of a contact request on the comm.

"This is Alliance Station Mallorn to approaching shuttle. Please identify yourself." The radio crackled to life.

"What do you want to tell them?" Jake hesitated, looking at Nathan as the one with the most to risk, but also the most to offer.

"The truth to a point. Tell them we a stolen Mephit shuttle. They'll know we're Mephit in a few minutes anyway."

"Should I add defector in yet?" she asked quickly as she keyed in, ready to answer.

"I'll deal with that when we dock." He said quietly.

"This is a stolen Mephit shuttle, Station Mallorn." Jake answered, trying to keep the female voice even. "Requesting permission to dock with five refugees."

"Understood, shuttle." The male voice said evenly. "Please follow the docking beacon on channel one-one-seven. Do you require medical assistance?"

"Not immediately." she answered with a glance at Nathan to make sure the instructions on how to dock were understood. "Instructions understood, Station Mallorn."

Nathan nodded easily, and switched the docking beacon receiver over to the proper channel. He followed it in easily, docking without any difficulty. Once the shuttle was docked he powered it down and walked back to the Mephits. "Come on guys, time to meet the neighbors." He grinned, before taking Jake's hand in his. "Let's do this." He said with just a trace of nervousness showing.

"Remember guys, you're bats." Jake added with a serious look at the two boys as he leaned close to her mate, then hugged Nathan tightly. "It'll be better than staying." she said firmly before taking a step towards the door to lead the way out.

There was a green light in the corridor between the ship's hatch and the station hatch. "Decon and scan." Nathan nodded. "Standard for unknowns." He said, as there was a pulsing light and a strangely antiseptic smell in the air, before the door opened and a uniformed Tiger followed by a Lynx approached them. Behind them, they could see a half-dozen soldiers.

"I'm Captain Setzen, first officer of Mallorn." He said extending his hand to Jake. "Welcome aboard. If you'll come with me, we'll get you started on entry visa processing." He said politely.

"Thank you, Captain," she smiled though her stress and nerves and shook his hand firmly. "I'm Jake Clawson."

The Captain blinked at the name that didn't seem to fit the gender wearing it. "Refugees from the Mephits are always welcome." He said, recovering almost immediately.

"It's a long story," Jake sighed softly. "And a very long month."

Nathan hesitated, not sure how to introduce himself. Using his father's name would lead to too many questions too quickly, but anything else was a lie. Well, not everything else.

"Nathan Moonstone." Nathan said extending a hand that the Tiger shook warmly. "The three white bats are Trace and his sons, Dar and Ker." He said easily.

"A pleasure." The Tiger said, as he shook hands with the somewhat surprised bats.

"This way." He said, leading the way through the relatively quiet station. The traffic in the hallway seemed a mixture of Felsin, canine and large winged reptilian types that the three bats tried hard not to be seen by.

"Dragons?" Jake asked, utterly fascinated by the large bipeds in their rainbow of colors that so frightened Trace and his sons.

"Dracons." Nathan nodded. "And they're the descendants of dragons, or demoted dragons depending on which origin story you hear."

"Oh," she nodded, watching every one of them that came by. "Seriously cool."

"They're the oldest race in the Alliance." Nathan said remembering his few lessons on alien races.

"And the most honorable." The Captain added with a fond smile. "Here we are." He said as they entered a conference room with padded chairs around the edge. "Since you seem to be the leader, Jake, I'll start with you." He smiled and pulled out a pad and light pen. "You said your name is Jake Clawson, correct?"

"Yes, sir," she nodded and took the opportunity to claim a comfortable place to sit.

"Would I be mistaken if I guessed that you were male originally?" He asked curiously.

"Up to about a month ago," she nodded. "Change courtesy of the Mephit," she couldn't help the growl as she pressed up against Nathan.

The Tiger nodded. "Do you wish to remain female?" He asked, as he made notes.

"No!" Jake didn't bother to hold back the forcefulness of that response. "The kits need to be born first, though." she added as his brain calmed down a bit.

"Sounds like you should be seen by the Medical Officer, after we finish here." The Tiger said, making a note. "Planet of Origin?"

"Aristal. A R I S T A L." He said softly. "It's in a different galaxy."

"I take it your presence here is due to Mephit abduction?" He asked, recognizing a typical Mephit operation.

Jake simply nodded and leaned tightly against his mate. "Yeah. We got taken together."

"Do you have a planned destination in the Alliance?"

"Felsinor," Jake said softly.

"Reasonable considering your companion, and the fact that you're feline." He smiled. "They'll handle the rest of your processing then." He smiled, and turned to Nathan. "So is Moonstone your real family name? I know that family, and I don't recognize you." He said pointedly.

"My mother was Nareena Moonstone." He said quietly. "My father was Ebon SwiftClaw."

That caused the Tiger to blink in surprise. "Blessed Mother, they died fifteen years ago. Her father never mentioned grandkits."

"Why would he?" Nathan rumbled. "He disowned her for marrying my father. For marrying a freak of nature. And he had little use for this freak of nature either." Nathan said, his growl reaching a dangerous level even as Jake squeezed his arm.

"Whoa, Nathan." The Tiger said backing away. "Didn't realize it was a sensitive subject. Well, that makes you a Felsinor citizen. Where have you been for the last fifteen years then?"

"I was kitnapped by the SG, and held at Citadel." Nathan said quietly.

"Citadel? Dear lord, you were one of the ..."

"Kitten Commandos. Yes." Nathan said bluntly.

The Tiger blanched a little. "If you'll excuse me, I need ...."

"To confer with higher ups." Nathan interjected tiredly.

"Yes. There's food and drink in the little kitchen adjacent to this room. Help yourselves." He said as he walked out, looked a bit distressed.

"So it begins," Jake closed his eyes and leaned against Nathan, as much in support of him as himself.

"Better than expected actually." Nathan said quietly, putting his arm around Jake and let the mutual embrace comfort them both a little.

"So you're twenty, twenty-one, local time." Jake finally murmured.

"Round about." Nathan nodded. "All the different calendars, it gets confusing."

"Strange, if you don't account for the calendar lengths, we're nearly the same age," she chuckled softly. "Always figured you were the older one."

"Probably has to do with my being a ten year war vet when we first met." Nathan chuckled.

"That and everybody at the Academy was older than me," she chuckled softly and stretched up to kiss him gently.

"I had just turned sixteen before I transferred over." Nathan smiled before accepting the kiss eagerly and felt them both let the rest of the universe slide away until it was just of the two of them and the gentle pleasure and loyalty they shared.

"I'm sorry I took so long." The Captain apologized as he came back in the room almost an hour later. "It took awhile to find the person with the answers. It appears that Felsinor has established a general amnesty for Kitten Commandos who leave Mephit service. This was established because the World Government decided that the Kitten Commandos had no choice about joining, and therefore weren't responsible for what happened subsequently." He explained.

Nathan nodded, more than a little surprised. "That's good. So everything from that part of my life is considered closed?"

"Closed and sealed." The Tiger nodded. "Actually it's more than sealed, since there's no criminal record. Honestly, I don't see anyone could ever have blamed kits who were brainwashed by the SG for what they did."

"Thank you." Nathan said softly. "Should I assume that someone in Military Intelligence will want to talk to me at some point?"

"Probably after you've gotten settled."

Jake smiled and hugged Nathan tightly, turning the Tiger's face to kiss him soundly. "Even better than we thought," she grinned.

"Information gained from someone who's settled in, tends to be more reliable we've found." The Captain smiled, and then turned to the three slightly nervous white bats. "Okay, now what's the story with you three?" He asked curiously. "I can't find a race listing for you at all."

"The Mephits don't want anyone to know about us." Trace said quietly. "We're descended from the original inhabitants of the world they call they're homeworld. But for all purposes, we're a slave race now. We're called the Chiran."

"A slave race? Well, that doesn't surprise me." The Tiger said. "So how the five of you end up together?"

Jake took a deep breath before diving into that overview. "Nathan crashed on Aristal five-something local years ago, and ended up getting assigned as my pilot and partner in Protector Academy. A few months after we graduated, the Mephit came to get him back. Since they grabbed him while we were in the air, I came along too, with the jet." She got out in a rush. "Trace was assigned to bring us meals and such, and over the next few weeks we sort of became friends. Their main focus was to make Nathan breed, and after a few serious disasters they decided that turning me into a female in heat was their best bet. That much worked. Letting him run loose with the fate of his kits in the balance got them a blown up cruiser and us in that shuttle."

"Mephits have shown before that their understanding of concepts of loyalty and family is flawed." The Tiger nodded, before looking at the five. "So are you planning to stay as a group, at least till Felsinor?"

Trace and his sons traded looks and then nodded to Jake.

"Yes," Jake answered for the group again.

"That's good." The Tiger nodded. "You'll all need to get physicals to complete your entry paperwork. I'll show you to medical when we're done here." He smiled. "Oh, and unless you have a particular attachment to that shuttle, I'm going to trade you an Alliance standard interstellar shuttle for it. That one doesn't have a proper transponder, and will probably just cause you a lot of grief."

"And Intel would like to get a look at a Mephit shuttle." Nathan said knowingly. "The weapons and targeting console needs replaced. But I can fly any shuttle you've got." He said casually.

"I bet you can." The Tiger said quietly. "It's not part of the entry visa paperwork, but all of you should probably give some thought to careers." He advised helpfully. "Any questions before we go to medical?"

"Just a personal one." Nathan said quietly. "You said it was known that my mother died. Does anyone know where?"

"Her father may know." The Tiger said quietly. "But if you don't feel up to approaching him right away, try Calla Moonstone. She's your mother's sister, and is a Healer in Dashkar on the east coast."

"Thank you, Captain." Nathan said softly.

"The shuttle trade works for me," Jake nodded and stood. "Medical now?"

Trace looked up at the Tiger. "Captain, what is our status?" He asked, looking at his sons.

"Refuge aliens, Trace." The Captain said with comforting smile. "The Alliance has a long standing policy of accepting aliens who want to be a part of it. And the Felsin are especially known for accepting refugees."

"Thank you, Captain. I wasn't sure what to expect. We know little of the Alliance that can be trusted to be true."

"I'm not surprised." He nodded. "Yes, we can go to medical now." He said standing and opening the conference room door to lead them down the halls again to about the same response as the first trip, though Jake's curiosity now extended to the facility itself as well as the residents. It wasn't hard to miss his interest in stripes either, especially on other-than-felines.

"Yeah, I really missed on the number of species." Nathan observed quietly as they walked. His attention was largely absorbed the Dracons present. He'd been fascinated with them since he was a kit. He knew that Cazi was half-Dracon, though he'd never decided what that made him.

"Rruuuph?" Jake's head abruptly jerked back as he spotted a creature he was completely unprepared for. "What it that?" He pointed to a creature with the body of a heavy built chestnut horse but the upper body of a Tiger instead of the horses' head and neck.

"Tiger-taur." The Captain explained, as Nathan came up blank. "Lieutenant Loros Cellandro of Monocera, to be specific."

"Not a common race, I take it?" she asked curiously, her eyes never leaving the unusual creature as they continued to walk opposite directions.

"The Monocerans are relatively new to the Alliance." The Captain nodded. "There are two other 'taur races that are within Alliance boundaries along with a number that visit from outside the Alliance."

"Anything that's a female Xanith on the bottom, and a tom on top, built like that?" Jake asked in utter fascination.

"Not that I've encountered." The Captain said simply. "Monocerans are always same sex on top and bottom, and I don't recall seeing a mix in any of the others."

"Oh," she nodded, putting that myth origin theory away.

"The real sight though is the winged Monocerans." The Captain smiled. "Even knowing it's magic, it's still impressive to see them fly."

"I bet," her large amber eyes went wider. "Even with magic ... wow."

"Wow is right." Nathan said quietly, as he watched a flame red feathered avian go by. "Phoenix Avar?"

"Not exactly. There's actually a race that calls themselves the Phoenix." He smiled. "They live on a desert world in sector 227. Relatively reclusive on average, but magically talented."

"And very beautiful." Jake murmured, her eyes glued on the avian to the point of walking backwards for several paces before it turned a corner and out of sight.

"Better look out cousin." The Captain teased Nathan easily. "Your mate is a definite xenophile."

"Good thing for me." Nathan chuckled and hugged the lean shekat. "Not like I'm not watching some of them myself."

"Xeno-what?" Jake asked curiously, still watching the variety greater than he could imagine pass by.

"Xenophile." Nathan smiled. "Someone who likes or is fascinated with alien species."

"Oh yeah, I qualify," she chuckled a bit.

"Is interspecies dating permitted?" Trace asked curiously, as he watched a Black Wolf Lupo walk by.

"Yes, the government has better things to do than worry about who's sleeping with who." The Captain said easily

"Don't tell me they had issues with that too?" Jake shot the white bat a startled look.

"It was normally considered in poor taste." Trace said quietly. "But it served a purpose then, so they didn't discipline for it."

"Good," she swallowed a bit nervously; remembering how close her actions must have come to endangering him.

"Here we are." The Captain said, guiding them into the very high tech medical facility. "Hi Doc. Got five visa physicals for you."

"Good thing I'm not busy." The dark brown Otter was no taller than Jake and grinned as he walked over. "Doctor Simon Telar, Alliance Medic Corp." He said by way of introduction.

"This would be Jake Clawson, Nathan SwiftClaw, Trace, Dar and Ker." The Tiger introduced the refugees.

"SwiftClaw?" The Doctor raised an eyebrow at the Captain.

"Nareena's kit." The Tiger said softly.

"I'm deeply honored." The lean doctor said to Nathan as he guided him to one of the scanner beds. "I'm glad to see her gifts were not lost completely." He said gently, as he took notes on a pad while the scanner whirred.

"I'm really more my father's son." Nathan said quietly.

"That is what you've been told." The Otter said firmly. "Do not believe everything you are told. Reasonably good health, though I strongly recommend several weeks of vacation. Your body needs time to recover."

"I'll try, Doc." Nathan said quietly. "Anything else?"

"Exercise your metamorphic abilities more often." He said looking at Nathan. "You don't use them often enough."

"Yes, sir." Nathan said, getting down when the doctor waved him down.

"Jake, if you'll get up on the table here." The doctor patted the padded surface.

A slightly nervous pause preceded any movement, but she laid down before a second prompt was voiced. Nathan moved over next to his partner as the table whirred and the doctor checked out various readings.

"Are you aware that you're pregnant?" The Otter asked Jake delicately.

A deep sigh escaped the shekat's lips. "Yes. I was also a tom about a month ago," she closed his fingers around Nathan's.

"That would explain the defunct nanotech still in your system." The Otter nodded. "With your permission, I'm going to give you a shot that will help your body clear out that residue. It's perfectly safe for the developing kits, and will keep them from picking up any of the debris."

"All right," she nodded and tried to relax. "Can you tell how many yet?"

"Still a little early to be sure." The doctor said, as he prepared a hypo. "Another month, and your doctor should be able to tell. And you want to find a doctor you can trust, as soon as you settle somewhere." He said as he pressed the hypo against the shekat's arm with a hissing sound that didn't hurt. "This is not likely to be a normal pregnancy."

"That is an incredible understatement," she actually chuckled. "Half breeds with a mother who was male two weeks before conception? Yeah, it'll be odd."

"Actually, not as much half-breeds as you think." The doctor said looking at Jake's readings. "Genetically you're very, very close to being Felsin. But I was speaking more of the fact that you were male until just recently. I'm not convinced that your body is entirely ready to be pregnant. That is why you need to see a doctor regularly until the kittens are delivered."

"I will," he promised, not all that surprised to hear he was nearly Felsin.

"Okay, I'm all done with you." The Otter said with a smile. "And what I told Nathan about a vacation goes double for you." He said as he picked up a crystal that popped out of a slot in his desk. "Give this to the doctor you choose." He said. "It's your medical record to date. It'll give your new doctor somewhere to start."

"All right," Jake nodded and accepted the crystal.

"Okay, Trace. You're next." He said, watching as the white bat came over reluctantly. "Honestly Trace, I'm not going to hurt you." He said reassuringly, as Nathan patted Trace's shoulder.

"Well, I've never encountered your species before. Would you say you're in good health?"

"Yes, Doctor. I feel completely normal." The white bat said, omitting the fact that he was very nervous.

"That's good. I'll use you as a baseline then, at least till I actually encounter others." The Otter said easily as he ran more detailed scans. "No unusual implants, no signs of what I'd call a disease in progress. I'd say you're in good health. You can get down. Are Dar and Ker immature members of your species?"

"My children, yes they are. They are both ten, which is four years from maturity for my people." Trace explained, as he helped Dar up on to the scanner. The youngster seemed very interested in examining the scanner while it examined him. "Do not disassemble the scanner, Dar."

"Yes, Trace." Dar said politely, trying to sit still.

"Okay, Ker next." He said, as the one hopped down and the other hopped up.

"Okay, Captain." The Otter turned to the Tiger once the last scan was done. "You can go ahead and issue entry visas for the four that need them."

"Thanks, Doc." He smiled. "So, did the five of you want to grab a meal and some sleep before heading on to Felsinor?"

"That sounds really good," Jake answered for them without even thinking about it. "Shuttle rations were getting dull."

"Follow me then." He smiled. "It's not gourmet, but it's better than rations."

"I'm sure it will be," Jake grinned and followed into yet another room, eager for a real meal to silence her body's grumbling.

"Have a seat." The Captain gestured to the six seats around a large circular table in what appeared to be a private dining room. "Dinner will be along shortly."

"Thank you," she smiled at him.

"My pleasure." The Tiger smiled. "Have to look after my cousin and his mate. Even if I'm not sure how grandfather is going to react."

"Thank you." Nathan smiled. "I honestly never expected to get a good reaction from Mother's family."

"I'm not surprised. Grandfather was very angry when Nareena defied him." He said quietly. "She was supposed to be his successor. But her death hit the family harder than anyone expected. The price we pay for our extensive family Bonds I expect."

"Was grandfather upset?" Nathan asked softly.

"Nathan!" The Captain said shocked. "Of course he was. Losing a kit is never easy, no matter what angry words have been spoken."

"Sorry, I don't know these family things very well. I spent most of my life in Citadel." Nathan said quietly as Jake put a reassuring hand on his leg, squeezing it gently. Trace patted Nathan's arm comfortingly from the opposite side. "Thanks guys." He smiled at Trace and Jake.

"Things will work out, cousin." The Captain rumbled, as two Sheltie Canem waiters came in carrying trays with plates on them that they quickly served out to everyone. "Hope everyone likes pasta."

"Definitely," Jake grinned as her nose twitched at the delicious scents drifting from their plates. "Smells great," she added before twirling a sizable mouthful around a fork and digging in.

"Much better than rations." Nathan rumbled as he dug in. The three white bats wasted no words before digging in.

"Gods, that was good." Nathan rumbled as he pushed back from the table some time later. "I'm going to be so glad to get somewhere where I can cook on a regular basis."

"I think we all are," Jake nuzzled him in a significantly better mood. "How far is Felsinor from here?"

"We're on the Alliance Frontier, so you're still a couple weeks out." The Captain said easily.

"Ug, I'm going to be very glad to see a sky again," Jake made a face. "Still, the rations can't be as bad as Mephit ones."

"No, they aren't." Nathan grinned. "I've had both. Alliance Field rations are more like Haven's."

"Oh, better than my cooking, then," she teased with a bit of a smirk at their long-standing joke.

"And they're easier to prepare." Nathan chuckled. "They cook themselves."

"Even better," she smiled and leaned against her mate with a soft sigh. "Still going to be a long two weeks."

"Don't suppose you've got a film library we could download some stuff to the shuttle from?" Nathan asked his cousin curiously.

"Well, we don't have the first run stuff this far out, but I think we can give you something to keep the trip from being completely dull." He smiled.

"Even better," Jake brightened a bit. "Are monster movies popular?"

Setzen grinned broadly. "We've got monster movies from a good dozen worlds." He chuckled. "Depends on exactly what you're looking for in your monsters."

"Ummm, action comedy." He made a best guess at just what his favorite kinds of movies would be classified as here.

"Action comedy monster films?" Setzen repeated curiously. "I think there's some that would fit that description."

"It's a best guess," he said sheepishly. "Seriously non-realistic ones, whether or not the graphics are good. We called them Grade-B movies. Monster movies designed to be laughed at."

"Oh, those." Setzen chuckled. "The Terrans seemed to spend a great deal of time producing such films. They've become quite popular. We do have a fair number of those."

"Cool," she grinned and nuzzled her mate. "What about everybody else?" she prompted the bats and Nathan.

"As long as they're not training films or military documentaries I'll be happy." Nathan chuckled. "You've seen how eclectic my taste in films is."

The three bats exchanged glances. "Late twentieth century Earth Science Fiction?" Trace said hopefully. It was something he'd grabbed from the occasional discards from raids the others went on.

"That we can do." Setzen smiled. "I'll have the films loaded while your shuttle is being fueled and supplied."

"Thank you," Jake smiled at him. "Boredom is a terrible demon with this many creatively destructive minds on board."

"I'll bet." Setzen chuckled. "And you're welcome. But honestly, the shuttle you brought here is worth a lot in terms of Intel."

"And Nathan and Trace a fair bit more," she added softly, leaning against her mate as she realized that while she was the only one that didn't have any clue about the Alliance, none of them knew much. "Add cultural, legal and tourist info to that upload, will you?" she glanced up. "None of us are exactly natives when it comes right down to it."

"Already done." He smiled. "My cousin has only a passing knowledge, which is more than the rest of you."

"Are there any other bats in the Alliance?" Ker asked curiously.

"Not that I've met. But that could just mean there on the other side of the Alliance. You should check the ADRC when you get to Felsinor." Setzen suggested.

"Thank you."

"I'm sure we'll all be spending some time up to our ears in it," Jake chuckled softly. "That's going to be a lot to absorb in the next few weeks."

"You don't have to absorb it all before you get to Felsinor." Setzen smiled. "Felsinor is very supportive of refugees."

"I know," Jake chuckled softly and relaxed a bit. "After the culture shock I had at Protector Academy, I'm in no mood to do it again."

"That makes two of us." Nathan smiled. "Protector Academy was my third culture shock in about eighteen months."

"What's culture shock?" Dar asked curiously.

"Getting dropped into a society you know next to nothing about and are expected to function in, usually fairly quickly." Jake supplied. "What you're going into is probably going to be a significant one."

"Oh." Dar said quietly, thoughtfully exchanging looks with his brother.

"Stick to the metropolitan areas." Setzen suggested. "City folk are more understanding about cultural differences."

"As long as they aren't ones from the wilderness," Jake murmured. "That can get nasty in a hurry."

"It can, yes." Setzen nodded. "But Felsin are normally more accepting. We're all refugees when it comes right down to it."

Jake nodded, not bothering to mention that didn't always matter. It sure hadn't on Aristal.

Nathan yawned broadly, which caught Setzen's attention. "Why don't I show you to temporary quarters while your shuttle is being readied. You can catch some sleep, and get a shower if any of you want one." He suggested.

"That sounds good," he nuzzled his mate. "He's far too polite sometimes."

"Which I'd call the Moonstone blood showing." Setzen chuckled, as he led them out of the dining room and down the hall.

Unusual Partners: Foreign Tiger 4: Alliance Station Mallorn

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Written February 10, 2003 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Galactic Alliance, Haven

Primary Races: Felsin, Kat, Mephit

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F). Slash (M/M). All Original Characters, Crossover, Gender-shifting, Mpreg, Relationship (Cross Species), Relationship (Established)

Pairings: Jake Clawson/Nathan SwiftClaw/Trace

Blurb: Escaping Mephit clutches does not end their problems, but at least the kittens will grow up in friendly territory and their first encounter with an Alliance is a real eye opener for everyone.

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