Valkyrie and Avon
by Fur and Fantasy
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"See, the ailerons connect with the rounded side up. You can tell by look or feel." The lanky Gray Fox Kantin calmly explained to his frustrated companion.

Val looked at the large model again, thinking that it made more sense when Avon explained it than when the instructor did. "I see, that makes sense." She said quietly. "Does now at any rate. This stuff just makes more sense when you explain it."

"Sometimes it's like that." He smiled at her. "Think you'll pass the test now?"

"I think so." She said with a hesitant smile. "I really appreciate you taking the time to help me." The reddish shekat said with much warmer smile.

"Anytime, Val." He smiled back, hesitating about whether saying what came to mind was a bright idea or not. "Want to go to dinner?"

Val looked at the time and realized that she was indeed hungry. "Sure, Avon. Dinner sounds like a great idea."

"Carstello's?" He offered.

"Sounds good." She said agreeably.

"Then give me a minute to change." He grinned and pulled a pair of jeans and a black T-shirt from the dresser and turned to the small bathroom.

Val closed up her books and papers and stashed them into the shoulder pack she carried before he came out.

"Leave it, you can swing by later to pick it up." He offered with a sharp nod to the backpack.

"Okay." She said easily.

"So, how'd you end up working for Halycon?" Avon asked conversationally as he pulled his small car out of the parking lot in front of their barracks.

"I convinced one of their recruiters to give me a test flight." She shrugged. "I like the freedom."

"You've got to be good to get sent to Academy by them."

"To work for BrainStorm you have to be the best." She said proudly.

"That you do." He nodded agreeably.

"I've seen you fly." She smiled. "You're at least as good as I am." She said openly.

"Perhaps." He smiled as a slight blush showed under his red fur. "But I'm a Protector, as good as that sounds."

"Could be worse." She chuckled. "You could be an Enforcer."

Avon blanched. "That wouldn't be worth the pass. Unless Feral was for target practice."

"You'll have to get in line behind the Commander." She snickered.

"And probably half the pilots on both sides." He chuckled. "How that Kat manages to stay alive is beyond me."

"According to the Commander, the same way he got his job: dumb luck and good politics." She shrugged.

"So how'd you land in Haven?" He asked at a red light. "I'm pretty sure you're not from around here."

"I stumbled in to one of Halycon's remote test sites. They couldn't figure out what to do about the security problem so they brought me to Haven R&D, where I talked them into hiring me." She said quietly. "How about you? You local?" She asked curiously.

"Tenth generation." He grinned proudly. "The Thortons came with the first Pelletiers."

"Their current generation is certainly attractive." She grinned mischievously.

He nearly missed the green light before recovering his composure. "The Nordecki did very well in that too." He almost managed not to stammer.

Val simply blushed shyly at the compliment. "Thank you." She said quietly.

"You're welcome." He smiled softly at her.

She relaxed back against the seat feeling strangely comfortable with Avon, more so than she had with anyone in a long time. She looked back at him, and the strangest thought came to her mind. "Avon, are you seeing anyone?"

"No," he shook his head quietly. "You?"

"No." She said simply. "I think we may be the only two in the Academy who aren't." She chuckled. It was an exaggeration, but not by much she thought.

"Too close to it for my comfort." The Gray Fox shook his head. "Though at least I'm saved from a lot of grief 'cause most folks don't realize a Kantin can successfully date a Kat."

"Why couldn't they?" She asked a little surprised, since she knew a number of Kantin/ Kat pairings at the R&D park.

"Beats me." He shrugged. "I never worried about educating them. It works to my advantage too often."

"Oh?" She looked at him curious. "Not interested?" She asked, letting her fascination with Avon get the better of her natural reticence.

"Not interested in just anyone." He shook his head. "I've had my share of flings and adolescent relationships. I'm looking for something a little more substantial to put my efforts into this time."

"One-times are kind of limiting." She nodded, having found them rather disappointing.

"Know what you're looking for?" He asked as he pulled into the restaurant parking lot.

"Exactly?" She blinked. "No, not really. But it really has to be someone who can be a friend as much as a lover." She said trying to pin down something she'd never given much thought.

"Top of my list too." Avon chuckled as he got out. "Right over willing to over look my quirks."

"Oh, what quirks are those?" She asked curiously as she got out.

"Oh, like I'm a born Protector, with or without a badge." He chuckled, a little embarrassed. "I can't leave a problem or injustice well enough alone, even if it's a good idea for me."

"I like that quirk." She said warmly. "It's better than mine; I'm a test pilot, and that's never likely to change. I enjoy the rush, the thrill. My boss at Halycon says I'm an adrenaline junky." She chuckled.

"He'd be terrified if we did actually end up partners." Avon laughed. "I'm just as bad. Ever been storm riding?"

"I don't recognize the term." She said, curiosity lighting her eyes. "Sounds like fun though. What is it?"

"There are a few large canyons that have strong winds even on calm days." He grinned as they waited to be seated in the festively decorated building. "During heavier weather, you take specially reinforced gliders out into them." He shivered in excitement. "It's a rush like nothing else."

"That sounds like fun." She smiled broadly. "Any place nearby?"

"Kyder's Canyon and Blood Valley are both within weekend trip distance." He nodded as they followed a small cream colored Kantin waitress to a booth. "The best spots aren't that close, though."

"Depends on what you're traveling in, doesn't in." She smirked, as they sat down.

Avon rolled his eyes. "Well, I don't have access to a private jet, so it's all by car, or commercial flights."

Val giggled lightly. "There are perks to working for a major corp." She smiled. "But I was figuring one of the best places would probably be close enough to a Halycon facility to grab empty seats on a commuter flight."

"Assuming we can rent a 4-weel drive or hovercraft, sure." He nodded as he glanced over the menu. "Several of the best."

"No problem, Recreation has those at most sites." She smiled, looking over the menu. "What do you recommend?" She said indicating the menu with a look that distinctly said 'I don't know any of these.'

"Mmm, do you like spicy food?" He looked at her seriously.

"I don't think I've had much that qualifies." She said seriously, though a little curious. "How about something for someone who doesn't have much experience?" She asked casually.

"The chicken enchiladas and fajitas are flavorful, but not very spicy." He commented, considering the menu with a critical eye. "Tacos, and the taco salad are milder, hardly spicy at all. Especially if you go with the chicken and not beef."

"How about spicy, but not requiring the fire department?" She grinned, taking 'spicy' to be a new challenge.

"Well, add hot salsa to anything, instead of mild." He chuckled. "I tend to avoid the spicy stuff myself."

"Oh, well maybe I'll stick with the not so spicy the first time." She said shifting gears as it appeared there wasn't a challenge.

"Really, it's mostly about which meat, and what shape you want it in." He chuckled softly. "It's all good."

"That's good to know." She smiled.

"So, what do you usually do for fun?" Avon asked a little awkwardly as he set his menu down.

"Male-watch." She said bluntly, though a teasing smile began to sneak out almost immediately. "But seriously, study the various jet projects that BrainStorm is prototyping, figure out which ones sound like fun to test pilot."

"Besides all of them?" He chuckled. "Not much into nature, then?"

"Actually, some of the designs aren't much fun." She smirked. "I never really gave it much thought." She admitted.

"Well, maybe you'll come camping with me over the Founding Day weekend?" He offered hopefully. "Unless you have plans or something."

"Nope, no plans." She smiled. "I think I'd like that."

"Even been camping before?" Avon made a soft yipping drawl.

"Not that I remember." She said, smiling at the happy sound.

"Well," he grinned as the soft chortle of yips continued. "It's kind of like wilderness survival, but without the unpleasant parts."

"It sounds like fun. Just the two of us?" She asked, obviously intrigued by the idea.

"Right now, though I'm sure we can round up a few others, if you'd like." He offered with an uncertain almost-whine usually only heard from small pups.

"We don't need to." She said quietly. "I'm sure we can take care of ourselves."

"Just offering," he relaxing a bit. "Not everybody wants to go out alone with just somebody who likes them."

"I think I can trust you to behave." She chuckled. "At least, unless I don't want you to." She smirked mischievously as Avon lost his voice and turned bright red under his brown- gray fur.

Val looked a little confused. "Did I say something wrong?" She asked nervously.

"No, Val." He was quick to assure her. "I just ... that you'd even suggest you wouldn't want me to behave ... I really like you, like that." He whispered, his fluffy, multi-colored tail wrapped tightly around his waist.

The reddish shekat relaxed noticeably. "I'm glad, I was afraid I'd misread you. I do that sometimes." She said quietly. "It wasn't like there wasn't anybody in my dorm to help me prepare for the test." She chuckled.

"But no one you'd prefer to study with, or play with." He said a little hesitantly.

"I wanted to study with you." She said certainly. "Hadn't decided about the other, till now."

"Glad you like my company." Avon tipped his slender muzzle sideways to the right about forty-five degrees with a greeting yip-whine.

"I'm happy you like mine." She said sipping her muzzle to the left about forty-five degrees, with as good an approximation of the greeting yip-whine as a feline could manage.

He replied by a soft, but extremely excited, yipping and stretched across the table to touch noses.

Val matched his gesture touching noses across the table, as her purr became noticeably audible.

With a momentary hesitation, he shifted his muzzle slightly and dropped it to touch mouths.

Val opened her mouth slightly, moving into a clearly inexperienced kiss as he whined excitedly and slipped his tongue between her teeth briefly. Then he reluctantly backed off to sit down.

He was breathing sharply as he spotted their waitress approach.

"If you won't know what you'd like, I can order for both of us." Avon offered in a breathy whisper.

"Please do." She asked quietly, her own breathing heavier than normal.

Avon took a moment to regain his composure before smiling at the waitress. "I'd like the enchilada dinner two and the fajita dinner one for Val." He ordered. "With two KatCola's to drink."

"Yes sir. I'll bring the drinks shortly." She smiled at them before turning away.

"Thank you." Val said quietly after the waitress walked away.

Avon nodded slightly as he tried to find his voice again. "Val ... would ... would I be out of line to offer you my bed tonight?"

The reddish shekat smiled shyly. "Not at all."

He nodded and took a breath. "Val, would you spend the night with me? And many more if you wish it."

Val reached over to gently brush his cheek with her hand. "I'd love to." She said softly.

"Thank you." Avon sighed as his eyes closed and he leaned into the contact.

"Thank you." She responded warmly, as she realized that physical contact with Avon actually made her feel better.

He smiled over at her with a relaxed affection. "I don't know how to explain it, but you make me feel very good, just by being around."

Val chuckled. "I was just thinking that touching you." She reached her hand out to hold his. "Makes me feel very good. I'm more relaxed than I've been in a long time."

"At this rate, I'll be working for Halycon before my commission is up." Avon chuckled slightly.

"You're good enough to." She smiled. "But I don't know if it would satisfy your inner Protector." She chuckled quietly.

"Me either," he sipped his cola. "But there's always part time, and the reserves."

"True, they work out all sorts of things for qualified people." She said sipping at her drink.

"And Special Ops," he chuckled softly. "I did get an offer from them."

"So did I." She grinned.

"What unit, or general interest?" He perked up.

"Rapid Response, Espionage and general interest." She smiled.

"Sounds like fate's trying to get us together." Avon chuckled and smiled at their waitress as the meals arrived.

"She's a fickle one though." Val smirked. "Gotta keep your eye on her. She has a bad habit of screwing up at the last minute."

"Usually only when you rely on her." He chuckled back between bites.

"Yeah, that's generally a bad idea." She grinned. "This is good." She smiled, indicating the meal.

"Glad you like it," he smiled back. "I like a variety in my diet, when I can manage."

"The cafeteria at R&D is more varied than the Academy." She smirked. "And better too."

"Are you sure you're not a recruiter?" He looked at her suspiciously, but his tone was amused.

"Only for my own benefit." She grinned. "I'm not usually this comfortable with people."

"Well, have you considered coming to my side of the same?" He asked seriously. "A pilot of your caliber is always an asset."

"I'm not a real follow-orders sort of person." She said quietly. "You don't know how hard it is for me to play the rank game." She whispered.

"Hard enough you don't belong in Academy." He murmured with a nod. "We'll find a workable medium somewhere."

"No, I'm going to finish Academy." She said stubbornly. "I've never failed at anything."

"Oh, you'll finish. Top of the class, I expect." He chuckled softly. "It doesn't mean you should really be there. Academy is almost a natural environment for me, me going was as normal as breathing. You're there because you have to be, to get what you want. Not because you like it."

"Oh, well yeah. They thought it would be good training." She shrugged. "Parts are interesting, but sometimes the officers take themselves way too seriously."

"Upper management frequently does." Avon chuckled. "Whether they wear uniforms or not."

"Guess it depends on which upper management you know, some of them are very nice." She said with a soft smile.

"So are some ranking officers." Avon chuckled softly. "Have you asked him?"

Val blinked. "Asked who what?" She asked surprised.

"Asked whoever you've got a crush on out on a date." He smiled gently.

"I did, but he was really distracted. I think something was bothering him. Or maybe he just wasn't interested." She said quietly. "But his boyfriend was missing for a long time, and I guess he's still recovering."

"Ah, yes." Avon nodded, remembering the mess of a few years before. "That does make things more complicated."

"He's still really nice and all, but I don't know he doesn't seem that comfortable with female flirting. Not like he does with the Tiger." She smiled.

"Sometimes it's like that," he smiled sadly. "Attraction isn't always mutual, or possible all the time."

"But its much more fun when it's mutual." She said, giving the Grey Fox a warm smile.

"Oh, that it is," he rumbled back, finishing his drink. "And will be."

"I certainly hope so." She grinned, sipping at her drink.

"Are you done?" He glanced over her basically empty plate. "Or would you like desert? The deep fried ice cream is most interesting."

"Oh, I think that sounds too interesting to pass up." She smiled.

Avon chuckled and caught the waitresses' eye. "Two ice creams, please."

"Coming up." She nodded and left.

Val looked at Avon curiously, as if trying to figure out how to ask something.

"Does it help when I ask what's up?" He offered with a soft smile.

"I know some of the old families are fussy about who their kits date." She said hesitantly. "Is it going to upset yours, that I'm a nobody with no real heritage, or even family that I know where is?" She asked very quietly.

Avon smiled. "The standing rules have always been that we date, and mate, whoever makes us happy, with the understanding that it is possible we may be called on to sire or bear a kit with a different partner if it is deemed necessary." He regarded her gently. "The second part hasn't been used in five generations, but still may be if there are issues with the inheritance."

Val relaxed considerably, smiling slightly. "The second part doesn't bother me." She said quietly. "I just didn't want to get you in any trouble."

"I won't, whether we have kits or not." He said gently.

"Let's both finish Academy before we get into having kits, okay?" She smiled and leaned over to kiss him gently.

"Of course," he chuckled as the waitress set a bowl with a ball of deep fried grain flakes in it.

Val looked at it somewhat curiously. "So this is what happens when you deep fry ice-cream." She commented curiously, after the waitress left.

"Only when you coat it in flake cereal first." He smiled and jabbed his fork into the middle of the sphere to hold it steady as he cut it in half.

"Flake cereal?" She said looking at it more closely. "Oh, I thought it was what ice cream did when fried." She chuckled.

"Unprotect, it melts." He cocked a grin as he dug into the hard ball of vanilla ice cream and fried flakes.

"Kinda wondered how they'd manage deep frying something frozen." She chuckled as she picked up a spoon and dug in.

"I always wonder what the person was on that thought it up in the first place." He chuckled between bites.

"Yeah, why would you roll ice cream in cereal flakes?" She smirked. "It's good though."

"Cause it keeps it from melting." Avon chuckled. "But fried ice cream? How'd those two end up in the same sentence."

"Probably the same way as the Arctic Fireball, somebody was being clever." She grinned.

"Or extremely board." He chuckled softly.

"That would explain the Fireball pretty well." She grinned.

"What is that, anyway?"

"One of the more popular mixed drinks at R&D." She smiled. "Our polar research crew came up with during the big polar storm about five years ago."

"Sounds interesting." Avon shook his head. "Always dangerous to leave creative types to get board."

"Especially when you've got a chemist from a family of winemakers involved." She chuckled.

"Oh, my."

"According to what I heard, he turned an entire chemistry lab into a distillery to produce various alcohols and liquors."

"Did he manage anything that doesn't produce a hangover?" He chuckled, half serious.

"I don't recall anyone mentioning anything, but I wasn't paying that close attention. I don't get hangovers." She said simply.

"Lucky you." He grinned. "Must make mornings after a little dull, though."

Val looked at him strangely. "I've never heard anyone call a hangover exciting."

"I meant for you. With everyone hung over or sleeping it off, it must get a little dull."

"Doesn't have to." She said, with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

"That's all the reason I'll ever need not to get drunk around you." Avon shook his head and laughed as he stood. "Come on."

"What, just because my adopted mom is a stylist who's taught me some really neat things about fur dyeing." She giggled, as she stood.

"Which I'm sure you put to uses never intended of them." He chuckled and went up to the register to pay.

"I only used temporary dyes." She chuckled, and snatched the bill deftly. "I'll pay." She grinned, handing it to the cashier with a large denomination bill. "For helping me prepare for the test."

"As you wish." Avon gave her something of a bemused smirk as she was handed change back. "I don't think I'll be starting any fights with you if I can help it."

"You can pay next time." She smirked, as they left the restaurant.

"So long as we're still on suck pleasant terms." He smiled and loosely draped his arm around her as they walked to his car.

"I'm certainly hoping this lasts." She smiled warmly.

"I think we have a good chance." Avon leaned over to kiss her softly before opening the passenger side door.

Val nodded, got in and once Avon was in the driver's seat she kissed him gently. "Guess it's a good thing I didn't get jet aircraft mechanics right away." She smiled.

"I'm not going to complain." He cocked a smile at her and backed out.

"Me either." She said as she leaned back in the seat relaxing.

Valkyrie and Avon

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Written April 3, 2002 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Todd McCall

Setting: Haven

Primary Races: Fox, Kat

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F).

Pairings: Avon/Valkyrie

Notes: Set in the Affairs of the Heart and State universe.

Blurb: Just a bit of conversation in a growing relationship. Sometimes, things just make more sense when someone else explains them.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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