Wings over Crystal Castle
by Fur and Fantasy
G for Gen
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The noon-day sun sparkles high overhead,
Turning clear crystal spires a deep blood-red.
Not far to the north, a call rings out,
Carried on the wings of the Wind of Fate.
"Alert the Dragons!
 The spires show blood!
 Dragons ready!
 Riders fly!"

Far to the south, riders dawn armor,
Pull harnesses tight.
They know, like their great mounts,
That one mistake now,
Is death in the fight.
"Merciful Rauhnee, Defend us."
They whisper as they take to the sky.

Silky Threads that burn and kill;
Crystal walls that never be still;
The flash of fire;
Screams of pain;
From brave beasts and riders;
Ever vigilant,
In a war against Death's rain.

The battleground, now, is their heart; their soul.
The crystal walls hold treasures untold;
Of past,
Of present,
Of furture untold,
Of eternities' hold,
On life,
On death,
On power to hold.

So they fight.
Fight the silky Thread with fire, fang and claw.
Weary and hurt beond flight or fight,
But still the go on with unbroken might.
For crystal walls,
And Dragon souls,
And the power of knowing their place,
In a world of fear,
And hard survival,
It is they the people cheer.

The sun is setting,
The moon shows bright another night,
Against the crystal spires,
Once again Clear and defended so well,
Weary Dragons lock their wings and pray they make it home.
There will be time, later, to count and morn the dead,
Time to eat,
Time to drink good wine,
Time to laugh, and play, and sing,
But now,
There is only time to sleep.
Rest for some, only for the night.
Rest for others, for an eternal night.

The battle is over,
The Dragons have won,
Their world safe for another moon,
Untill Death sends Its' silky Threads
Down upon their world at noon.

The thundering bugal shatters the soft night
From the living,
To morn the dead,
And honor them for the life they gave,
In service to Queen and Wing.
But never for long is the Death Song sung
By those who fight for life.
For this is a war without end,
And the price for life,
On this world of strife,
Is death.

Wings over Crystal Castle

G for Gen

3 KB, Story is Complete, Series is Finished
Written September 9, 1992 by Rauhnee Ranshanka

Setting: Dragonriders of Pern

Primary Races: Dragon

Contents: Gen.


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