WorldGate Atlantis Prolog
by Fur and Fantasy
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"What's wrong?" Siren asked softly, rousing to the feel of the tense Foxbat in her arms. Still sleepy, she had learned to wake up quickly when he did, a skill that had come into use more and more often as time passes. Even without the 'path gifts of many around them, had been threw enough of these moments with her mate to recognize when something important had crossed his sleeping mind and would bring the powerful Avatar to wakefulness and action at this unnatural hour once more.

"Genius breakthrough," he mumbled with a nuzzle and stroked her pup-rounded body lovingly even before he opened his large brown eyes and began to process the information coming in. "We've entered the interstellar age."

"Oh my," she rumbled softly, smiling as she realized some of what was going on. "One of our people finally got a working drive?"

"No, one of military projects happened." He sighed and shifted to get up. "An alien device to travel the stars with, but not a ship. It's ... unclear ... exactly what it is right now."

"Do you want me to come with you, while you figure out more?" She offered, sitting up next to him.

"No," Jurnix slipped from the bed and leaned now to kiss her. "You need your sleep," he countered with a tender hand on her extended belly.

"Try telling her that," she chuckled slightly, kissing him back. "Do you want me to come get you for breakfast? I'll be surprised if you remember to come on your own."

"You already know me too well," he chuckled and drew a playful hand up her body to cup her face. "I'm sure Gaia and the others will appreciate the break as well."

"Three years, if I hadn't caught on to that part, I'd have to wonder if I'd been paying attention," she smiled, putting her hand over his. "I'll take it that means yes, by the way."

"Yes," he chuckled and leaned forward to kiss her again. "Come interrupt us for breakfast."

"Okay, love," she chuckled, returning his kiss tenderly. "I'll make sure you don't keep the others in the lab until lunchtime. Good luck, okay? I hope it's good news, in the end."

"So do I," he let out a breath and reluctantly let her go to get dressed as he roused the others on his investigation team.

"Yes! We are saved!" Bermi cried in delight as the equally pregnant Bat and Lab came into the largest briefing room late in the morning with drays of fruit, meat and various finger foods and juices on trays between them. Jurnix didn't look up from the intense whatever he was focused on but he did send a tender mental caress to his mate.

"Just hurry up and eat," Siren chuckled, "while I pry the taskmaster away from his task."

"Good luck," the Cheetah grinned and happily dived into the meats section and passed a tray of mixed content over to Gaia.

"I've seen him like this before," she chuckled, smiling as the rest of them started eating before she started over towards the concentrating Professor and Ginny left to start her shift in Medical.

"So," she asked, looking over his shoulder curiously, "any luck figuring things out?"

"Some," he nodded, responding to her presence by instinctively leaning into contact. "It's military, an alien device they've had for a long time but only just found out how to work. It will bear careful watching at a minimum."

"Does it bear any 'bad luck?" She asked mentally.

"*No, it is a transportation device. A world-to-world teleportation system Jake believes is in a network of thousands.*"

"*That's one way around the problems we'd never thought of,*" she mused. "*Speed?*"

"*A few moments,*" he thought quietly. "*The problem is that it is alien technology and Jake understands it better even at this distance than they do after ten years of study as only the government can do it.*"

"*From what I've gathered of how the government works out here, that's not necessarily saying much.*" She shook her head and sighed. "*And no way of getting your people involved? Maybe even Jake?*"

"*We're working on it, but we're too late for the first mission, among other things. It will not be as easy as it could have been.*"

"*Somehow, I'm not surprised by that. Are they ever around here? Any idea how much damage has been done?*"

"*Not yet,*" Jurnix admitted and nuzzled her lightly. "*It will be some time before we are sure.*"

"Just make sure you don't work yourself sick, okay?" She murmured, returning his nuzzle gently. "Need to take care of yourself these days."

"Good luck," Bermi piped up again. "He's obsessed on taking care of everyone else too much."

"He takes care of us, we take care of him." Gaia added from her lounging spot along the outside of the room, her form that of a shimmering purple dragon about her natural size. "It's how JIG works."

"Whether he likes it or not, some days," Siren nodded, kissing him lightly with a chuckle. "So hear that? If it gets to the point of needing to drag you to bed some night, I'll have enough backup to do it."

"*Like you need any backup,*" he murmured privately with images of just how effectively she could distract him from his studies.

"I so did not need that mental image." Gaia groaned.

"Le'me guess, how Siren got so big." Bermi snickered.

"Among other things."

"You eavesdrop, you get an earful," Siren smirked back, sticking her tongue out at Gaia. "No matter what ear you're listening with."

"It wasn't intentional," Gaia tried to protest. "It's how we work in here, no shields on the upper lanes."

"In that case, you might have a point," Siren chuckled, nuzzling her mate again. "Sounds like you might want to keep thinking about those distractions for when nobody's around to be jealous," she stage-whispered.

"She's just trying to get out of responsibility for seeing her hundred-something boss fooling around," Jurnix smirked at his squirming protégé.

"Don't know why," Siren chuckled, nuzzling him again. "I'd imagine we put on a pretty good show. I know you do."

"Okay, that is way more information than we needed to know." Jake broke his silence with both hands raised in surrender.

"My work here is done," Siren chuckled, kissing her mate lightly. "I'll head out before a mutiny starts, unless there's anything else interesting going on I should know about?"

"No, you know the interesting bits." Jurnix laughed, shaking his head. "Now go take care of yourself."

"You too, love," she smiled, rubbing his back lightly before she started out for her day's work.

"So, any idea what you've gotten into, Dr. Markye?" Lt. Sywing smiled sweetly at the lean Ring-Tailed Mongoose she was guiding into the levels below the top-security military tracking station that inhabited the top eight levels of the Mount Cheerin facility.

"That it's blacker than black," he chuckled and played the part he had prepared for so rigorously at the Jurnix Institute for the Gifted for the last year. "And needs my talents enough to track me down and offer enough to make it worthwhile."

"Well you have the first part right," the Mink nodded as the elevator door closed behind them and she placed her palm on the scanner. It flared bright red for a moment before the elevator began to descend. "You'll be scanned into the system in the SGC after Medical and the General are done with you."

Jake took a deep breath and focused on the painfully familiar design of a military research lab after so many years away from them and the memories of the life he kept trying to forget and couldn't. Somewhere in his mind he wondered if the way his long black and rust ringed tail wrapped around his body was more about concealing the fact that he wasn't in uniform in the complex than any feelings about it.

At least this was a good lab. Quality equipment, plenty of space. It would be fairly easy to settle in once the military types stopped staring at him so much.

"Hi there." A deep male voice snapped Jake's attention around towards the door.

"Hi," he assessed the solid-gray Pit Bull with Sergeant's stripes on his cammies that had just walked in.

"You're the new tech?" The Pit Bull asked, looking him over appraisingly.

"Research specialist," Jake corrected him on reflex with a slight nod.

"Makes a difference to you?" He asked with a bit of a chuckle. "A big difference, at least?"

"Techs are the guys who fix the gear," he shrugged. "I got hired to figure the alien stuff out."

"Trust me, if they need somebody on it, you'll get fixing the gear. Same way I've gotten 'figuring stuff out' once in a while. Though maybe if we're lucky, they'll leave us to our jobs now that you're here. Joe McGinnis, by the way," he said, offering a powerfully built hand to the lean Mongoose.

"Jake Markye," he accepted the shake. "And I know the system." He agreed ruefully. "I'm just two degrees and a lot of experience away from my days as a Tech."

"Point made," Joe chuckled. "You're base personnel then?"

"Civilian," he nodded. "One of those folks I always used to hate." He added with a chuckle and leaned back against a table. "It's weird being back here without my stripes."

"I've learned not to hate the civilians too much," Joe chuckled. "After all, one of 'em's why I've got this job. What branch were you in?"

"Flyboys." He laughed easily. "I went from aircraft maintenance to the Witherspoon to the front line with my unit in the Sudan. Got discharged by a bullet."

"At least you lived to talk about it. Lot of good guys who don't last long enough for the discharge. Still, better ways to earn one than that." Joe leaned back a bit, looking down at the Mongoose with interest in his eyes. "So you managed to go from a med discharge from maintenance, to coming back as research on one of the highest clearance projects ever. That's got to take some doing."

"A lot can happen in seventeen years collecting college and R&D credits and sticking my nose where it doesn't usually belong." Jake nodded with a rueful sound. "I can't say I was too surprised when I was approached, though I thought it would be for a stealth project, not this."

"Well, it might not fly, but this could end up being a lot bigger. How much have they filled you in so far, on what's happened around here?"

"Not much," Jake admitted. "I know the centerpiece is called a Stargate. Some alien device that was dug up a while back and allows exploration of other worlds. And this beast is blacker than black."

"The blackest I've ever heard of," Joe nodded. "And the scariest part, I can't blame them for it in the least."

"Not with the row the whole Avatar thing created," he shook his head. "The public is so not ready to know about aliens and off world exploration that doesn't involve spaceships and the rest of this."

"At least the Avatar issue came out for the best in the end. This? I don't think there is any way to find out the major aliens out there don't like us and have it work out well. At least not any better than it's going right now. At least the riots were minimal when those Isles showed up and things really hit the fan."

"Knowing about this place, I have to think that the fact that we have off world alliances and enemies helped push the government to accept Avatars. Like them or not, they're probably the most powerful creatures on this planet. I've seen what some of them can do. They could do some real damage to our enemies out there if they're willing."

"And don't think they don't know it, even if it hasn't really helped spook the nastier ones," Joe grinned slightly. "We've got a few working on the exploration units. Not too many, but enough that it's a little more even when a fight breaks out somewhere."

"Good to hear," he nodded. "I never was sure if the military would let prejudice or their value win out. It's gone both ways in the past."

"Well, I don't know that I'd want to be going through West Point as an Avatar," Joe admitted, "but from what I've seen, useful usually wins out. Especially at the day-to-day level."

"I wouldn't want to go threw West Point as a girl either," Jake shook his head. "Prestige is way overrated below a star."

"Tell me about it," the Pit Bull snorted, shaking his head. "Of course, if you're looking to make the fast-track up the ranks it's still one of the better ways out there. Me, I'd rather have a CO who worked up from the bottom."

"Yeah, there's a reason stripes are more respected then bars. The guys I really respect are the warrant officers. Talk about working up from the bottom."

"Not that I'm about to disagree with you, but aren't you flyboys a little short on those?" Joe asked with a chuckle.

"Yeah," he snorted and rolled his eyes. "Only branch not to see the wisdom of it. I've worked with a few though, and they're the best out there."

"Well, you're in the right place here then. We've got our politicians, but most of the people here are perfectly fine with pulling their weight and working their tails off to get where they do. Especially field commands."

"Kind of a miracle at a flyboy command." Jake chuckled dryly. "But they have to happen somewhere out of the jarhead zone."

"Y'know," Joe smirked, "some guys'd consider those fighting words. But I know what you mean. Way too many leeches to deal with in the service, and that's when you're not wading through swamps. But when you've got something like this, it's not as hard to keep the political sorts the hell out of it."

"Too few paper-pusher posts, too high a risk of getting shot at?" Jake chuckled.

"Well, you remember the old recruiting joke? 'See exotic new places, meet strange new people, shoot same?' The places are more exotic, the people are stranger, and when they shoot back it really takes the fight out of you."

"Oh, that one is good." He laughed hard, shaking his head. "I know a couple folks who'd kill for the opportunity to go play with you guys. Too bad they'd never pass the security check."

"Damn shame," Joe chuckled. "The field teams usually end up better off when somebody new shows up to help. Legal troubles, or just not black-ops types?"

Jake had to pause to think about just where that fell. "Jurnix pet project issues. Ever heard of a guy called Kris NightStorm?"

"No," the Pit Bull admitted. "Avatar, from the sound of it?"

"One of the early ones," he nodded. "Physically invulnerable, violent as hell, not really bright. But point him at an enemy and unless the target was a better telepath than you the target was very, very mashed. He's been in the 'care' of one of Jurnix's students since he caught him twenty-five years or something ago. The big danger is that without Sandy, he's largely uncontrollable."

"No offense, but we really don't need him out there with us," Joe said, shuddering a bit. "Too good a chance that she'd get shot and we'd be stuck with him until he calmed down, if that happened. Besides the security issues, it'd be risky as hell."

"She's hard to kill, but yeah, that's kind of why I said they'd never make the cut. He's a useful weapon, but it's creepy to have him around."

"Sounds like it," the Pit Bull nodded. "So you're an Avatar too?"

"Minor one," he nodded a bit more warily.

"Lemme guess; tech related?" Joe asked curiously. "Trust me, last person who's going to worry about it is me."

"Yeah, I can tell what they do, how they do it, how to fix and use them ... stuff like that."

"Well, that'd be a good guess why you're in here, instead of one of the other people who want in," Joe nodded. "Handy gift. You'll probably hear it from somebody else, but I am too. A little more of a brute-force approach than yours to making things work probably, but similar."

"You're on a team though, I bet. You do not look like the lab type."

"Hell yeah," the Pit Bull grinned. "Not that I mind a lab, but I'd really rather be out in the field. I'm a lot more useful there, honestly."

"You'll have little competition from me," Jake grinned a bit. "I can do field work, but I'm not fond of it."

"Well, good to know we won't be bucking for each other's jobs. Hope you like it here, Jake," Joe said sincerely.

"If what I'm hearing about the things you bring back is true, it's going to be an interesting job." He chuckled slightly and nodded. "Short of a real jerk in my immediate command at least."

"Not too big an issue in here," Joe reassured him. "At least not from people who are SGC. Might not talk too much tech with the guy heading up the SG-1 team though. Colonel O'Neill's got issues with it."

"I think I can remember that," he chuckled. "I'm not inclined to it anyway."

"Sounds like you've found the right job then," Joe grinned. "Hope you like it here."

"I expect I will." He nodded, pausing for a moment for a subject. "So what team are you on?"

"SG-4," Joe explained. "We've got nine now."

"What do they have you guys do out there?"

"Exploration and first contact, mostly," Joe said, thinking about it a bit. "Bring back anything interesting we can find, of course, especially if it's technological."

"Sounds like it could be fun, or an absolute nightmare." Jake chuckled a bit. "At least it's not as likely to get you killed as standard black ops."

"Not if you're lucky," he agreed. "And if you're not, you're likely to end up dead fast, instead of captured, tortured, and dead."

"Another plus in my book. Definitely." He let out something of a breath. "How often do researchers get sent out?" He asked curiously.

"Once in a while, but not when we're heading out for exploration or to make contact. You might get sent along if they know the mission's purpose is to retrieve some piece of tech and they want it checked out on-site. Mostly it's the Xenobiologists and Xenoarchaeologists and such that go out to did up sites after they're secure. We don't find many abandoned worlds with much tech that can't come back to be studied."

"Hay, it's fine by me, trust me." Jake raised his hands. "I'm not the adventurous type when I can help it."

"And you sign on for a project where you'll be studying things that weren't even made on this planet," Joe smirked. "I think you just waived all rights to being able to help it."

"I'm still doing my part on that," he chuckled with a grin. "I'm not on a team after all."

"Everybody has an adventure around here sooner or later, Markye," Joe grinned back. "There's no way around it."

"McGinnis!" A big Flame Ridge Courser poked his head into Jake Markye's lab and barked at his only enlisted teammate. "Meeting in twenty with the General."

"Yes Sir," the Pit Bull nodded. He didn't snap to attention, but he was definitely not as relaxed as he had been a moment before. "On my way, Captain." As the Courser turned and started out of the room, he turned towards Jake.

"Sorry, duty calls. See you later, okay?" He started out after his CO at Jake nodded and caught up quickly. "What's up, Kyzer?"

"Something big he won't talk about." The large rust-furred canine shook his head. "My bet is it has to do with that frozen gate he and Major Cathi blasted threw a couple years back that has all the science types buzzing."

"That would be big," Joe said quietly, nodding. "Are Kerning and Sharpfeather there already?"

"We're getting Kerning now." He answered. "Sharpfeather is on her way already."

"Was there an announcement I missed, or you just spotted her first?" Joe asked as they started into the gymnasium area and headed for the ringing echoes that indicated their diplomat-healer's likely location.

"I spotted her first." He chuckled and banged on the racquetball room door.

"Well, at least I wasn't that wrapped up in the tech talk," the Pit Bull chuckled. He waited quietly after that, as the ringing stopped, replaced by the thud of the ball bouncing on the ground. The door opened to reveal a very large Black Bear, wiping her brow as she looked down at Kyzer and Joe.

"Business?" She asked seriously.

"General wants to see us in twenty." Kyzer nodded. "Grab a shower and meet us in conference room 2."

"I'll be there," she nodded, turning to apologize to her partner for cutting their game short, and taking off for the locker room.

"I'll never get over her hobbies," Joe murmured, shaking his head slightly with amusement. "Should we go catch up with Sharpfeather, see if she's heard anything more about it than we have?"

WorldGate Atlantis Prolog

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Written October 16, 2004 by Rauhnee Ranshanka and Karl Wolfemann

Setting: JIG, Stargate (generic)

Primary Races: Bat, Ring-Tailed Mongoose

Contents: Furry. Het (M/F).

Pairings: Jurnix/Siren

Notes: Ring-Tailed Mongoose:

Blurb: Three years after they meet on the Shrouded Isles Siren is heavy with their pup and Jurnix's eye snap open on the night that changes the future of the world.

Disclaimer: All things taken directly from the sources listed under 'Fandoms' belong to the owners of those shows. No harm is intended and we're definitely not making any money. Now, the things we created are ours, and if you see 'Non-FanFic' up there, it's probably all ours.

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